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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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01/06/2018 21:24
** Security Tip **
Secure your account with 2 Factor Authentication: Go here!

Lock any payment option you don't use: Click here - Read what it does carefully!

We will reply to this thread throughout the day with any news and any other information!

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PIN security feature has been added. You can set it up here!

When set you will need to enter it once per session when making actions/accessing areas of our websites that deal with money, shares, BAP, account settings or investments.

If you lose your PIN/enter it incorrectly 3 times, the only way to reset it, is by contacting our support, who may require additional identity verification.

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We´ve split $1699 between the top 10 wagerers of the wagering competition.
With the bottom user wagering as little as a $1000 in total bets, while getting a prize of $34 as a bonus.
Totally worth it for anyone who does the math regarding house edge and such.

PRIZE POOL (50%) - $1699,0425
Rank Username Total Wagered ($) Reward Pool Share (%)

#1 PMoney $39,553.84 25,00% 425
#2 jyo $17,663.8811 17,00% 289
#3 enamul0321 $12,760.81 13,00% 221
#4 LinksLINK $6,140.40 11,00% 187
#5 tarzan99 $5,046.20 10,00% 170
#6 rafi77 $3,594.46 7,00% 119
#7 rinictg $3,574.773 6,00% 102
#8 khonholam $2,265.17 5,00% 85
#9 nurnabi79 $1,935.94 4,00% 68
#10 volkan3377 $999.20 2,00% 34


Currently we are experiencing issues with many of our payment processors.
It seems creditcards and banks are on a rampage and trying to take everyone out of the game.

We have issues with cashouts on Perfect Money.. They do come through, but it takes 2-3 weeks to get a bank withdrawal through their "trusted exchangers".
Payeer doesn´t allow bank withdrawals atm.
Okpay doesn´t allow us to log in and only yesterday they finished their move to moneypolo, which should have been finished over 2 months ago (To be continued)
STP: Bank issues (Should be sorted soon)
Neteller: Bank issues (Should be sorted soon)
Payza has been frozen by the US..

I have been doing all I can to solve the other issues we had and I have been moving around funds as much as I can.. But this could get real ugly, real quick.
Especially as people are not using crypto all that much to invest in any of our businesses or play games with.
We will stay on top of it and try to manage things the best we can.

The money in Payza is highly likely to be lost.
The rest we could exchange and lose 5-10% on in the worst case.
We will be very cautious with our moves.


There will be no FTQ payment for May due to a lack of profitability+ covering for any potential losses due to the payment processor issues.


In June we will attempt to finish the bitcoin balances on PBG and get Warclicks on Kongregate.
It would be 2 steps forward which should be promising for our overall business.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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01/06/2018 21:46
Thank you for being upfront with those issues.

I don't wan't this to become a ~$10K issue, in only 27 days, when it could be solved easily, and very cheapily.  I'd like Marc or Andraz to reply saying that they are keeping an eye on it, and I'll rest more easy. Thing is, it hasn't been getting more hits and esp not near enough, so with all the issues and upgrades you have planned it could slip by w/o getting addressed.
Traffic Value: $6,068.9465 India
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01/06/2018 21:48
warclicks is great but what would bitcoin balances in pbg be great for angel and btw is our goal of 100k daily active users in warclicks by year end still there?
Traffic Value: $6,068.9465 India
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02/06/2018 00:36
and instead of having good we had bad out of wagering competition -$4000 sad
Traffic Value: $739.34329 Belgium
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02/06/2018 14:05
Bitcoin balances in PBG are very important because this is the only way to secure our house edge. If it's tied to dollar value, the changes in the crypto prices are usually larger than our small house edge, so we earn and lose more money by the market fluctuations than by house edge. This is not how a casino is supposed to work, so that's why we want those balances wink
Traffic Value: $833.96024 Spain
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02/06/2018 14:48
Ok, Marc.

What do you think about Payoneer as a possible new payment processor? ClixSense uses it, for example.

In any case, Neteller (and its MasterCard) is the best option (from my point of view, obviously).
Traffic Value: $6,650.95153 Finland
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03/06/2018 08:18
I know this sound terrible suggestion but could MTV accept tether. since it is relatively close to USD value it would be good currency in that way as long as MTV can turn it into $ / BTC / LTC that is.. I am not sure how exactly tether works. 

Would it be possible to give crypto specific offers for BAP for example. Since Bap is basically Debt that is paid over long period this could provide a way to get some cryptos in.
Traffic Value: $261.94847 Bangladesh
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04/06/2018 15:14
You guys should have your own payment processor this 3rd party payment processors can't be trusted. Or send money to the credit card or bank directly especially for countries that don't accept bitcoin.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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04/06/2018 18:07
If it was only that easy, they would have.

They have looked into it and the logistics are too much (need to be legal first, for one).

The goal is still to do this, but we have to get a lot of money for that first.
Traffic Value: $13,804.15918 Singapore
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05/06/2018 16:00
would admin mind to reply my support ticket? almost 1 week no reply
Traffic Value: $6,068.9465 India
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05/06/2018 20:48
can anyone tell how much we earn per player per day in warclicks angel
Traffic Value: $1,843.08727 Romania
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05/06/2018 23:38
There is no answer from the support of PlayPerfectMoneyGames for over 3 months.
Is the normal login instead of the current deposit for login still in the works?
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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06/06/2018 10:36
The support of PPMG is active every day, almost 24 hours a day.
There is no other method of logging in in the works.
DomingoX6 - Administrator
Traffic Value: $2,272.07399 Venezuela
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06/06/2018 11:48

Most tickets receive a reply in less than a week, but some special cases could take longer.
Traffic Value: $390.26943 Serbia
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06/06/2018 18:08
My case is special obviously...been waiting 2x over a month.
Traffic Value: $6,068.9465 India
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06/06/2018 22:22
strange big volume of revenue for the first time in multistrike poker? gulp
Traffic Value: $13,804.15918 Singapore
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08/06/2018 10:48
Thanks for the reply DomingoX6.
I'm tired about support ticket. My case actually not so "special", but nobody wish to reply my support ticket sad
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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10/06/2018 10:10
Yikes.. -$4k in PPMG during the past 2 days :/
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