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Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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06/02/2021 04:19

Simple answer, join the MLM Advertising Team work and Earn Big. Only Team work give biggest return money for your tiny small money. So, am again and again join team work and Earn Big with my small dollars.

Now, am joined Tirus Team for my 2021 Incomes.

I hope, you also interested in MLM Job, So, Just join now and start work.. if you have any doubt, ask me.

Tirus Join Link :

Monitor Link :

Are you looking for a one-time investment business opportunity that is both profitable and easy to achieve? It does exist and I will allow myself here to present the Marketing plan of Tirus, a company offering an advantageous marketing program that can bring in up to $72,000 !
Tirus Ltd is an investment fund registered in Hong Kong since 2016, which offers a simple, fun, duplicable and global marketing program.

Tirus was founded by two entrepreneurs with more than 15 years of experience in SMEs and who have given themselves the mission of creating a company accessible to all, via a generous compensation plan, based on the principle of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing ) and mutual assistance.

What are the sectors of activity of Tirus LTD?
Tirus ltd does business in over 16 cutting-edge business sectors, mainly affecting:

Real estate
Online games
Online training
The Basics of Tirus
With Tirus, when you invest $10 in the "Easy" license, you have the possibility to cash out a profit each time 2 rings are completed.

Watch the video for an overview of Tirus

Closing ring 2 generates a total of $90. $ 50 is reinvested in ring 3, $10 is reinvested in ring 1, and you cash out $30.
Closing ring 4 generates a total of $450. $ 300 is reinvested in ring 5, $50 is reinvested in ring 3, and you cash out $100.
Closing Ring 6 generates a total of $2700. $ 1500 is reinvested in ring 7, $300 is reinvested in ring 5, and you cash out $900.
Closing Ring 8 generates a total of $13,500. $ 9000 is reinvested in ring 9, $1500 is reinvested in ring 7, and you cash out $3000.
Closing Ring 10 generates a total of $81,000. You cash out $72,000.

As soon as the tenth ring of the "Easy" license is completed, the loop starts a second tour, but this time without having to pay again for each of the rings. As a result, the incomes will be higher in the second and third round.

If you want to earn even more, in addition to the "Easy" license, you can start the "Medium" license for $50. Obviously the payoffs are much higher.

Are you ready to start with the Easy License? If you own a "Perfect Money" account, you can register directly by clicking here.

Now let's talk about the "Fast Money" Program
The fundamental difference between the "Easy" license and the "Fast Money" License is that there is only one ring to complete and bigger incomes with the "Fast Money" license.

Let's take the following scenario to illustrate the difference.

To get $30 of incomes with the "Easy" license at $10 you must complete rings 1 and 2 (8 places).
To get $200 of incomes with the "Fast Money 25" at $25, I must complete the "Fast Money 25" ring and the "Fast Money 75" ring (8 places)

So, for the same number of places to fill, I will earn $ 200 with the "Fast Money 25" and $ 30 with the easy license.

If you go higher (150 and more), it's much better, because with the "Fast Money 150", you only need to complete one ring (4 places) to get $300 + ($150 of reinvestment).

How Much For A "Fast Money" license?
There are 6 "Fast Money" matrixes available:
Fast Money 25 matrix
Fast Money 75 matrix
Fast Money 150 matrix
Fast Money 300 matrix
Fast Money 600 matrix
Fast Money 1200 matrix
You get reward each time you close 2 rings
How much can I get on completion of rings with Fast-Money licenses?
The performance level is as follows:

The Fast Money 75 earns $225 ($25 is reinvested in Fast Money 25 and you collect $200)
The Fast Money 150 earns $450 ($150 is reinvested in the Fast Money 150 and you collect $300)
The Fast Money 300 earns $900 ($300 is reinvested in the Fast Money 300 and you collect $600)
The Fast Money 600 earns $1800 ($600 is reinvested in the Fast Money 600 and you collect $1200)
Fast Money 1200 earns $3600 ($1200 is reinvested in Fast Money 1200 and you collect $2400)

I don't see the Fast Money 25. Why?
The "Fast Money 25" brings in $75, but the $75 is fully reinvested in "Fast Money 75". The "Fast Money 25" exists only to finance the entry to the "Fast Money 75". All the "Fast Money" matrices are independent of each other, except the Fast Money 25 which is linked to the "Fast Money 75".

The closing of "Fast Money 25" triggers the launch of "Fast Money 75", and when "Fast Money 75" is completed, $25 is reinvested in "Fast Money 25" to restart the loop with new participants. The investor cashes $200 into his "Perfect Money" account, but can cash out several times $200, each time the Fast Money 25 and Fast Money 75 rings complete again. The loop feeds itself without having to pay again.

If you look at the image above, you will see that only "Fast Money 25" and "Fast Money 75" are linked together. All the other "Fast Money" matrices are independent of each other.

What happens if I can't find a partner?
In fact, if you don't find partners, you won't lose your money, but you will be entirely dependent on the signup overflow, and it might take you a few more months before you can cash out any winnings, hence the importance to work as a team and to recruit.

What Do You Mean By Overflow?
Here is an example of the signup overflow to help understand the concept. Currently I've started a $25 Fast Money license and a $150 Fast Money license, but I didn't started a $ 300 Fast Money, so if someone signs up for Fast Money 300 "with my referral link, as I am not registered for Fast Money 300 ", the new participant will be added to someone else's ring.

With Tirus, you are always the partner of a Tirus member even if you sign up without any referral link.

If you are interested in "Fast Money" and you are ready to invest $25 or more, let me know and I will be happy to assist you!

Ready to Work & Earn $72000 in The Next 12 Months?

If you own a Perfect Money Account, just follow these steps:
1) Click on Signup
2) Enter your Phone number with country code
3) Enter your Email adress
4) Enter user name (small characters)
5) Enter Password
6) Enter FIN code of your choice (5 Digit Numeric Numbers). Your FIN code will be required to Withdraw your profits.
7) Click on Captcha
8) Click on submit

When you're inside, in the menu, click on LICENSES
Confirm your acceptance of terms & conditions. Click again on License, and then select EASY ($10) to pay your licence (one-time payment).

Monitor Link :

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need assistance
To Your Success!

How to register
1.By clicking the link.
2.Click sign up.
3.Enter Mobile Number.
4.Enter email.
5.Enter Password – Confirm Password.
6.Pin code – enter any 5 digit number.
7.Last Submit.
Your account has been created

After this, open your email and verify the link that came from Bot.
8.Types Of Income.
We are telling you the business plan of the company, how you can understand the plan and how you can start working.
(3.1)Total Income.

You can start work here for $ 10
BTC, PERFECT MONEY You can take your money.
Work by adding just 2 people and you will get this great income again and again… Lifetime.
1. Ring Income :- $80.
2. Ring Income :- $400.
3. Ring Income :- $2400.
4. Ring Income :- $12000.
5. Ring Income :- $72000.
(3.1) Total Income.
$ 86880 will be received repeatedly.
Here is a package of 4 packages from where you will get income up to 5 levels.
Level 1 :- 3%
Level 2 :- 2%
Level 3 :- 2%
Level 4 :- 1%
Level 5 :- 1%
1.$100, AppleiPhone, WorldTour.
2.Diamond Ring, Apple Mac book, Car.
3. Gold Bracelet, Gold Watch, Apartment.
4.Tour, Mercedes Car, House.
Traffic Value: $2,036.3384 Peru
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06/02/2021 16:38
Do you have any email? 
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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07/02/2021 02:36
Welcome to Tirus Team..

My Email ID -
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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12/02/2021 07:08
Welcome .

More than 70 Peoples interested on this topic and 5 Peoples Registered.

Every week webinar meeting going in online.

So, Join as Free and Ask your all doubt and get answer from top leaders who one earned money from the tirus system.

I am in Easy Ring with 10 Dollar Perfect Money.

I hope, this team go very well and I wil earn more than 100 X good money for my advertising cost.
If everyone advertise his/her link in online, then surely we get big.

Monitor Link :
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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14/07/2021 09:41
got autofilled and now 2nd round with 30$ Ring

Join and get Auto earning

Monitor Link :
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