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How are the RPs doing?

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Traffic Value: $3,214.90294 Netherlands
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18/10/2015 12:11
At this moment the system has come almost to a stop. Marc and his team are doing their best, but for the short term that isn't a solution. Maybe in the future we will get some ROI from their actions today, but that is uncertain. I believe that is one reason why people are selling at the minimum RP-price.

I also invested in PokerAM. At this moment that gives me a lot more ROI than the RP's in MTV. That is an other reason why people are selling at the minimum RP-price. There are other attractive alternatives to put your money.

I think MTV/PV should be made more attractive and competitive in the market to retain members now.

Two suggestions:

  • I believe there is a lot of money in the development fund and we are waiting for money from blocked PP account(s). I suggest that a big part of those funds should go to PV ad issues to increase the daily ad issues and thus add to the higher daily results (people will start buying more ad packs). This way the FTQ starts getting attractive again and people will invest again (and development fund will get it's money back)
  • Furthermore Portfolio RP's should be taken out of the system to increase the weekly dividends for the remaining RP-holders. This will stop a lot of people selling their RP's for the minimum price.

That's my humble opinion from the back seat.  grin
Traffic Value: $444.99543 Denmark
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18/10/2015 15:32
I think you are right about some short term solutions to boost system and peoples interest. Not only money-wise, but most important spirit-wise. Show the users, that no matter what conditions are, the management will take actions to change things. Long term who knows... Maybe there are no long terms, if we do not even have short terms.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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18/10/2015 18:47
I don't think we have lots of dev funds.

And, dividends would only grow by 20% via taking out 20% of the RP's....which are needed for refunds, and to sell at 3c+ for bigger PV Ad Issues, besides, they can't sell them for cash anyway, with that blockade as well.

I'm sorry, while your first part about their are better short term opportunities out there, and that all we can do is hope the Team gets more out there and we promote what is being created (Multi Player Games, Cheap RP's, most Ads have a 5min-1hr turnarorund, Credit Cards etc),

The rest is not fully understanding the system. Your plan ruins the long term health of the site. It's like Jo did with the Swap. The ball rolling wasn't ready either for a Swap at either time or after it. We couldn't keep up the momentum long enough, so we'd be at an even worse state than we are now.

I truly believe we have a strong ability to get better. It's ok to be discouraged and even cashout short term, esp if you can come back with more. But, a main component of coming back rolling besides the Paid Staff using the dev funds, is for the community to still trust the site. Which means, don't ruin us short term, being the Tortoise, even with a couple broken legs is fine.
Traffic Value: $17.09028 Bangladesh
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18/10/2015 19:03
[Edited by Mod Team: Please refrain to post the same in several topics, it is against forum rules - hispanomc]
Traffic Value: $402.25802 Macedonia
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19/10/2015 00:20
Update end of server day 18-Oct-2015

Available RPs @0.01 10,538,534 RPs or $105,385.34

Compared to this morning's 9,805,412 we have "gained" another 733,122 shares for sale.

Share transfer volume(18th Oct): 62,632
7 day average(since 10th Oct): 181,598
Share transfer total (since 4th Oct): 3,677,193
Traffic Value: $402.25802 Macedonia
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19/10/2015 00:22
RPs for sale (100k and up)

Username Royalty Positions
MikeMazzone 800,000
eduardoart 100,000
screwedz 170,000
m0hamed 200,000
ccarlosdulce 120,000
EthanCruise 330,000
eduardoart 100,000
EthanCruise 276,491
tjtan0929 1,602,458
bingoictu 103,541
eduardoart 100,000
arslan75 300,000
shaukat19 106,758
eduardoart 100,000
lorenzolegni 370,499
odion 121,824
eduardoart 100,000
invest_uearn 102,551
feroo 399,975
eduardoart 100,000
ccarlosdulce 170,878
ccarlosdulce 147,903
Total 5,922,878
Traffic Value: $62,710.15909 United States
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19/10/2015 00:26
Double FTQ tomorrow, PV ads and dividends with portfolio buyback should be a 'descent' start into Mt Mazzone.
Traffic Value: $14,436.60075 Turkey
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19/10/2015 01:50
I am buying shares every week day using my PV earnings smile.
Traffic Value: $588.70285 El Salvador
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19/10/2015 02:44
It's a good time to buy RP, I'm doing. I am thinking in the future, no in the present. It's a good opportunity to us (the Minority royalty position holder). The big holders dont lose anything but we can take the chance to grow up...
It's a good idea to buy 5 to 6 RP with our daily 200BAPs... MAybe I'm gonna do it...
Take the opportunity right now! We dont know what is going to happen later?
Investments are risks that we're gonna take to win or lose something in the life...
But is better lose fighting that cry doing nothing...
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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19/10/2015 03:49
I am buying shares every  day using my all earnings.
Traffic Value: $402.25802 Macedonia
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19/10/2015 08:35
I don't know, I got into some other programs just for fun, and my main idea was to invest everything I withdraw from those into MTV (those being "I am not sure when they might scam" and MTV "the long term one" )
But now I am changing my mind, I probably will just withdraw those to my bank account, actually, mostly because of the delayed cashouts... They just take too long, and waiting on a withdrawal means getting the money stuck for the time being, you don't earn anything on the wait (not that you earn anything by holding RPs either, right now...)
But I am still buying RPs with my PV earning, though, even in group 7, I cannot even buy 500 RPs weekly (that's $5)
Traffic Value: $24,334.30701 Italy
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19/10/2015 08:41
yep, 2-4 weeks for cashouts is destroying all the trust, and if people are scared they dont want buy RP.
Traffic Value: $1,069.25294 Taiwan; Republic of China (ROC)
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19/10/2015 10:21

Mermaid man says:"Buy more shares!"
Traffic Value: $24,334.30701 Italy
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19/10/2015 11:38
by the way, with 100k buyer's power average the queue will finish in 105days..
now the power of buyer is 60-70k/day, this means 5 months and half ( if no one add shares on the list). ( btw , 1 time a week the power of buyers is 150-180k)
if a person put his shares on list now it takes 160+ days for sell, and about 15-20 days to cashout = if you want sell NOW, you will have your money next summer if you are lucky grin
just some math/facts smile 
Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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19/10/2015 13:32
No facts there roidz.

The buying power average is way bigger than those 60k/70k.

I'll give two months max.
Traffic Value: $402.25802 Macedonia
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19/10/2015 13:38

but that "buying power" average is only because of this

October 13th 402,622
October 12th 361,754

Honestly, the biggest problem we are facing are the cashouts, I believe if they were in the 7 day timeframe, or at least up to 10 days, things would be much more different... 

Also, we cannot even talk about clearing the queue, the queue is growing daily.... Once it stops growing, then we can talk about buying power and clearing the queue...
Traffic Value: $24,334.30701 Italy
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19/10/2015 13:40
ok axiantor, we will see smile

if I had to bet , I'd bet for 10+ months because more time passes, the less people buy and most people will put on sale..but ok, we will see what happen..
i have no problem, my shares are on the first 50 of 300 pages grin
Traffic Value: $4,714.86897 Denmark
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19/10/2015 13:45
Withdraw your rp´s from the list, that would be helping you and everybody else. And then WAIT!
Traffic Value: $169.03014 Brazil
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19/10/2015 13:47
right now is the best time for PV, even with low ad issues, if you have money you can invest pv, take at least 2 months of ad issues(buy RP with 25%) and sell RPs for 30-31 baps when it starts to rise. And with 115% plan , while the FTQ pays 170-200% investments, we wont have too much added to the Development Funds. Totally agree with @druth8x
Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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19/10/2015 13:49
Yes, of course you have to take Mondays into account smile
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