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How are the RPs doing?

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25/02/2021 15:56

of course you wont agree , you are one of those market killers
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25/02/2021 16:18
@jordy186 i'm not that big but all i have is because i invested. I don't see the point of your dissapoinment. Rp are anyway very cheap so why are you upset, buy some, todaya dollar, tomorrow another one. This is valid here or anywhere else, the problem is in your garden, don't blame others.
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25/02/2021 16:27
I'm not saying this for myself. I make plenty of money here and am buying shares for 'free'. It is those that will see the market manipulations and stay out that you should be concerned about. And you can't really complain about the company not paying off its debts when you are sucking the life out of a potential profit center.

It's just like those people who left when the things were bad and the sites that banned us. Those were sources of revenue that we can never get back. Those are the things that made our road back even harder. Why work so hard to shoot yourself in the foot just to gain a few more crumbs? It is shortsighted.
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25/02/2021 17:36

selling any amount of anything if profit (or even loss) is own decision, smart or wrong. People would not sell so often if fees bigger? Just saying.

Also if bigger fees bigger revenues, so less trading does not mean less profit either. Depends how you look. Thats why I said its all on setup of the system.

I do not know how is setup right know so can not comment it. 
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25/02/2021 19:07
Em, @dguy, that's some twisted logic.

"Choking" the market with big player bids is killing it, but putting restrictions on how & how much of their own posessions people can place up for bids will make it flourish??

That's... em...
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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25/02/2021 20:24
we could also see if there is a way to move those people from the market to another place where they can invest.

besides the daytrading(or maybe its better to say 6 months trading right now) there is nothing they can invest into on MTV. It was designed as a crowd funding program , where you could make profit by funding projects. but in the past year there is nothing new coming. The only running project is the cryptofund but no new people can invest into it and it seems like a never ending project. thats why i said in a message a few weeks ago already that its time to pay back everybody and open a new project so (new) people can step back in. 
Why dont we have projects to fund ?
When will we get new projects ?

It would be nice to see some kind of perspective here to make MTV great again instead of only cutting the costs and do almost nothing to move us forward. and as said earlier. The administration is not communicating enough at all.
I do know everybody is working hard behind the scenes but to be honest in the past year or 2 basicly nothing has changed or improved besides the debts reductions.

I know the administration wont change the rules on the market but there is enough possibilities to get the market moving more. And yes those big players also could help more to keep the market moving instead of locking it everytime when it starts to move again.
Sorry for everybody that say then you can step in and buy for a dollar today and tomorrow and build it up , but that doesnt make sense if the market isnt moving. If you are looking for several weeks with the same person on the top. I understand you want to make money but in this case you guys are really the ones that can make the difference to get the market moving again just to hold on for a little while to the millions of shares you have. And if you really want to make money with the shares you all should be more smart to hold on to them instead of locking the whole time on a much lower price then really needed.
Honestly if all those players with like more then 100K shares take their shares off the market for a while and let the market do its work with the smaller players you will see the market will start to move faster up then down and we will see more people with smaller budgets on the market which will help MTV also to make more profits on the trading.
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25/02/2021 20:51

I thought everybody here is trying to earn more money. Am I right?

As I see it, it's basic math guys, at a higher RP price it may look shinier to those who like to brag about their huge holdings and the fantastic trades they make, that sounds like fishermen stories to me, btw, but I'd rather keep pocketing bigger profits on each daytrade than brag about anything. I just don't have an ego that needs to be satisfied.

I'll break it down like in kinder school, so you all can understand what's important here and what is not.

If I buy RPs at 0.0005, sell at 0.0006 the transaction makes 20%, minus 3% house fees, that's 17% of profit in my pocket
If I buy at 0.0006, and sell at 0.0007 that's 17%, 14% profit
If I buy at 0.0007, and sell at 0.0008 that's 14%, 11% profit
If I buy at 0.0008, and sell at 0.0009 that's 12.5%, 9.5% profit
If I buy at 0.0009, and sell at 0.001 that's 11%, 8% profit

And the higher RP price goes, the lower profit gets on every transaction, then at some moment you have to have two or three points between your bids and offers to make any profit, and you're likely to get burned with any market fluctuations that come.

On the other hand, if RPs were to go down to 0.0004, to sell at 0.0005 your final profit would be around 23% 
And at 0.0001, you make 47% profit per transaction.

See, when RP price is less, you make more profit! Do you guys get it???

I'm not saying to take RPs down that far in any way. Between 0.0005-0.0007 the market was settled in a comfortable cycle fast enough to make a steady profit, much better than the banks, and many unsafe hype sites. Why someone with a working neuron in their brain would want to make smaller profits per transaction, even when choking the market by trading a big volume in one go??? 

So tell me, please someone of those who want to buy RP's back, or to have less shares available by setting the number on the server, or those who yearn to go back to the $1 era, explain to me the  obsession of having a higher RP price. How does that help you in any way to make better profits than this?
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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25/02/2021 21:38

Why would someone buy $1000 worth of RP's today at .001 when there is a very good chance the whales could push the price down to .0008 tomorrow?

Which is more. 1% of 1000 trades or 1% of 100,000 trades?

Finally, when Neobux was allowing our ads, I think I was pulling in something like 50 referrals per day. I can't remember the number but it was pretty high. They banned us many years ago. So what is 50 per day times 365 times 3? That is how many potential referrals we lost from one site. Sure, they may have come through another site but many sites walked away from us and never came back when we had the other guy running the place.

As I said, I don't much care. You guys do what you want. That's how markets work but often markets work to their own detriment. Especially when monopolies and cabals form.
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26/02/2021 05:44
"Why would someone buy $1000 worth of RP's today at .001 when there is a very good chance the whales could push the price down to .0008 tomorrow?"

This, this, this!

Also, I am so scared to sell, or hope to buy, at any point this undervalued/low, and be behind the 8 ball, when it finally moves upwards.

I'd rather the RP be a valuation of the company, not a daytraders dream.

Whose money are you taking the daytrading profits from in the first place?
Traffic Value: $56,564.16117 Germany
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26/02/2021 07:14
People are willing to pay whatever they think the company is worth. The RP price will go up when the results go up. Even if there was more volatility now, the price would have to reverse at some point, so not everyone could cash out anyways. 
Traffic Value: $576.2635 Honduras
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26/02/2021 19:31

I'd rather the RP be a valuation of the company, not a daytraders dream.

That's the thing. Right now, there are some individuals dreaming about huge returns on their investment and pushing price up, not realizing we have not reached the right conditions for the market to meet their lofty expectations.

My way of thinking company valuation is realistic: FTQ has to be paid in full, MTV has to start paying dividends, and also release new investment products before people's company perception can grow and make RPs valuable again. Good and regular communication with us and thorough reporting like in the old times also help to achieve that. In the meantime, it's just patience and hoarding time for those of us who still have hopes. 

Think I'm wrong? Remember RP price was 0.0005, they pushed up to 0.0007-8, it went down to 6-5 range in a few days, they pushed it up again, again it went down to 7 and was about to reach 0.0006 again when they did the last push. Market will come back down given time, because most people see things like they really are, not how some few want them to be.

These market moves are just throwing away money, imho.

And the smallest investors are always the ones who lose each of those times. Those who don't trade, those who silently buy market price and hoard. They have to pay more for their RPs with no need and then, they see their investment go down and get dissapointed. Many of those leave and don't come back, losing all of us even more opportunities to grow.
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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03/03/2021 17:30

You need to look at bigger picture. Bigger price, bigger profit from purchases for system, and slower resales, so even if less purchases system does not suffer that much.

Only problem is to new people, cause they gain less for more money, but thats life. BTC has no mercy either right? Same is here, if reached 1 usd, people will buy it at that price. Why? Cause why not?

Sure you can wait till they drop down, again, but how long? Same as with btc, noone can say that will happen. To be honest, for me is same if 2 cents or 0.06 or i do not know. Its not I will calculate and wait.

Also other side, do not forget people, trading is made with YOUR money, so by default if math smartly written in backend, system needs to have for cashouts in that area anyway.

There is one positive side and one negative:

1. Since day traders doing that for smallest possible profit, once prices go up, they will hardly come down (they do not have profit in between) anymore.

2. If prices go up, people with new accounts will have less, but that is life.

Why every individual needs to watch himself?

Do not forget if price goes up you have benefit, if reaches lets say 1 cent, you already have massive profit. Also is they start to give revenues with time, less people will sell them, trust me its just how it goes, you do not sell cow that's giving milk  smile

So you can turn on either way, but in the end you can always search for profit inside.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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03/03/2021 18:58
"so by default if math smartly written in backend, system needs to have for cashouts in that area anyway."

There is no smart math needed if any cash in the system is just that - cash people deposited/purchased with on our system, that is now simply in user balances and we always account for.

If someone suddenly sold for $1m worth of RPs, well, somebody would have had to deposit that much to buy with. So there's always cash in our system to cover for any balances.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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03/03/2021 21:45
The best part of RPs being around ~.001 is that it makes it much easier to calculate exactly how many RPs I can buy after the ad issue. cool
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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03/03/2021 23:31
What I want to say I had one hidden project in mind with RP's, and those up raised prices didnt go hand in hand as I planned, but that's a life haha. It's important to look from positive side, and things will then look shiny.


Yes, I know that, thing is, do not know how big damage was caused before (on what was money saved/spent) in Jo's time, if all good then no problem, but if most of that pool spent from what users deposited, then its kinda problem (cause most of the old accounts already deposited before into RP's), so massive cashout could in theory cause the problem. But I hoped you would say that, so happy days for MTV/PV, because it seems that area is secured well.

I really do see big big player in RP's. That and Monitor area could be seriously good player's again. I do think Monitor area could have some extra thingies to be more attractive, in fact all can be setup on some unique way's. Not that is something not good there, its all about marketing and extra stuff.

But as I said, I believe some people will return here over time, those investments holding things a lot, once they are away I predict 200 % at least comparing to current state.
Traffic Value: $53,683.67577 Germany
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04/03/2021 09:23

The same calculation will be possible with 1 cent ...
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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04/03/2021 10:53
I don't get why you guys are so worried.
From my point of view it looks like Hoppa61 is fighting a losing battle.
People bought up his RP's at full force and he's very unlikely to ever buy them back.
Everyone knows we're debt free.
Everyone knows after March the results usually trend up.
Everyone knows we have a new game that will soon be sold for 8-10$ on Steam.
Everyone knows we are doing SEO which should naturally grow our traffic and income.
Everyone knows MTV is faring well with crypto price increases.

I'd say the small fish are in a winning position.
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05/03/2021 05:11
What's new game on steam? I'm thinking comming back
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Traffic Value: $12,275.095 Unknown
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05/03/2021 07:43
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