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14/10/2015 11:24
Estimado compañeros y usuarios de MTV.

Hace días que vengo recibiendo vuestras comunicaciones de este foro hispano. No he querido dejar de pasar el día de hoy sin unirme al él y comunicaros mis pensamientos acerca de ello.
Alguno me conoceréis por otro motivo, me hubiera gustado a través de mi nickname Loscar, pero por alguno razon tengo problemas de login.
Desde los inicios de MTV, quise que se instalara de forma constante y como segundo idioma de la pagina el español.  Creo que ese deseo pronto será cumplido y la pagina vendrá en esos dos idiomas. No obstante, esta nueva herramienta, viene muy bien para poder tener un dialogo permanente con el mundo Hispano.
En próximo posts trataré de anunciaros algunas ideas que estamos desarrollando y tambien daros una explicación sobre algunas de los problemas que han surgido en estos últimos meses.
Recibid mi mas caluroso saludo y bienvenida.

Future (Loscar)

[Translation by Catt:]

Its been days that I have been receiving your messages in this spanish forum and I didn´t want to let today pass without joining you and communicate my thoughts about it.
I would like to have posted this message through my loscar account, but somehow I am having login problems with it.
Since the beginning of MTV I wanted spanish to be installed as the second language of our site. I believe I will see that dream come true soon and the page will be able to be used in both languages. This new tool will come in handy to allow us to stablish a permanent conversation with the spanish speaking world.
In my next posts I will announce some ideas we are working on and also explain some of the problems we are going through in these last months.
My welcome and salutations to all.

Future (Loscar)
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14/10/2015 11:34
If there is someone kind to translate this, that would be great!
Traffic Value: $6,536.65854 Bulgaria
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14/10/2015 11:38

"Dear colleagues and users of MTV.
For days I have been receiving your communications of this Hispanic Forum. I did not want to pass up this day without joining him and announce to my thoughts about it.
Some know me otherwise, I would have liked through my nickname Loscar, but for some reason I have problems login.
Since the beginning of MTV, I wanted to be installed steadily and as a second language, the page in Spanish. I think that will soon be completed and the product will come in these two languages. However, this new tool comes in handy to have a permanent dialogue with the Hispanic world.
In upcoming posts I'll try to announce some ideas that we are developing and also give an explanation of some of the problems that have emerged in recent months.
Receive my warmest greetings and welcome.
Future (Loscar)"
Traffic Value: $8,225.67952 India
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14/10/2015 16:30
Traffic Value: $95.15524 Venezuela
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14/10/2015 19:51
About time!
Traffic Value: $837.89177 Spain
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14/10/2015 20:56
[edited by mod team: please restrict spanish posts to the spanish thread as we put in the rules.. one one topic for each language. In addition, if Carlos ever wants to share his facebook, he will do it himself, please DO NOT disclose his data in the forum without his previous authorization]
Traffic Value: $960.97608 United States
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14/10/2015 21:03
Marc, PV, MTV and Jo have all posted their FB Accounts here before.
To my knowledge, Carlos has never done so.
Do not post other people's contact/social media in the Forum unless they have first posted it here themselves and made it clear they wish to be publicly contacted/connected.
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