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Traffic Value: $508.52197 Philippines
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05/09/2019 04:19
What if the company turn part of MyTrafficValue into a simple app.

I am thinking the forum can be turned into an app (which syncs with the website).

Maybe we can earn money from mobile ads and use the money to (1) pay backers if it will be crowdfunded (2) pay ftq and then (3) be an additional revenue source for MyTrafficValue to fund other ventures.

Members can help out by using the app and viewing organic ads.
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05/09/2019 15:26
I think there need to be more then just a Forum to justify an app, I don´t know if anyone would download an app to participate in a forum (I hate writing too much on mobile).

Maybe make the games more prominent in the app.
Traffic Value: $508.52197 Philippines
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06/09/2019 05:37
The point is not the format of the app itself, but to make money out of it so we can all help pay the FTQ.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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06/09/2019 06:22
I think you are overestimating how much traffic the app would get and how much you can actually monetize such an app with native banners - which are really the only thing you could put on it, as it would have no real user action or stop points, that would justify any other sort of ads (and make them actually convert/pay decently).

Let's assume 1k of our users would check the MTV app 10 times each daily, which already is a huge overestimation based on our current activity on MTV site.

With the typical eCPM you'd get for such banners, $0.2/1000 impressions would be the max you could expect really, meaning potential earnings of $2/day. ~$750 per year, and that's by overestimating performance. Keeping the app really basic, we could probably develop it for ~$1000, but then factor in some hours of system/admin work, potential upkeep costs here and there, and it can easily add up to another $1k+ maintenance per year.

Not saying that such app potentially wouldn't have other sort of value, but at this point it really doesn't seem like the best use of any of our time, as especially with limited programmer time there's many more things we can spend it on.
Traffic Value: $508.52197 Philippines
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06/09/2019 07:53
Thanks for the reply slosumo. That's the kind of reply I'm hoping for.

How about video ads every log in, or every page view, or every change of topic?
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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06/09/2019 08:10
Video ads don't really fit that sort of an app/use case well, and would result in crappy eCPMs. Especially if users would just visit it for that purpose to get an ad shown, it can be "detected" and lower the performance a ton, to a meaningless point.

Most of ad inventory these days use real time bidding to distribute the ads, and if performance of ads displayed is crap - i.e. tons of repeat users, no clicks, conversions... the performance will plummet.

Video ads work best on "unique content" that after viewing users tend to stay on the page longer, and the page content itself is related to the video ad. Example are preroll ads before games, or inline video ads on blogs.

Very simply put, things are typically very performant only if it "feels natural", if things are forced just to try and get some impressions the revenue will be shitty.

The only meaningfull position video or popup ad in such an app could potentially be placed is on first topic view/soon after login, but again, that would result in very limited impressions, and also have subpar eCPM, not resulting in significant revenue.

I appreciate the idea, but having worked on quite a few different ad usages in the past few years, things usually end up having a lot less potential/performance than it seems at first when it comes to ads. And also experimenting/optimizing things with ads, can be very time consuming, and in a lot of cases not worth it in the end after you sum up the numbers.
Traffic Value: $576.2635 Honduras
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06/09/2019 22:30
Slosumo, you should consider a way to provide video ads where the advertiser purchases youtube views and you just deliver them, without having to worry about CPMs or performance at all, since the views are paid upfront and you just deliver them. I know it's possible, because other websites have exactly that, and viewers can get paid for the views too. 
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