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12/03/2014 17:55
Is there anything we can do to our shares system to make it more appealing?

3,800,000 shares currently earn $0.19 of every dollar of turnover into the system. Or $0.00000005 /per share.

I wonder if we could simply split the shares 10fold. So for every 1 share you own now. You'll own 10 of the new shares.... And each share would then pay $0.000000005 (extra zero) per dollar of turnover.

So you're earning exactly the same amount. You hold the same percentage of MTV. Nothing really changes. But you now own LOADS of shares.

And then, on the new shareholder marketplace (when we rebuild it) ; we allow share prices to be valued up to 5 decimal places... And see if we can't allow instant trading.

* So by making loads of shares, we're making them more affordable individually... Rather than $0.15/share at the current price. They'd be $0.015 per share.

And a $0.01 increase in price of the new shares. Would be the equivilent of a $0.10 increase of the current ones.


So nothing is actually changing in the above idea...
I'm just wondering if we can increase the value of shares, by making them individually cheaper... And whether that would stimulate more trading (buying/selling) -- perhaps lower the transfer fee from 3% to 1% also.

Change weekly dividends, to daily dividends.

Again, no overall difference. Just more attractive. *

However, one functional consideration here...
We could only announce dividends every $2000 of turnover. Otherwise for someone owning 1 share; they wouldn't earn the $0.00001 that our balance system can accommodate.

* So it may not be a daily dividend; but "per $2k of turnover dividend"... So every time someone invests $2000 into the system; shares automatically payout $0.00001/share to their owners.
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12/03/2014 18:04
I prefer idea 2. Daily dividends. And if you want to make it really more attractive: find a way where shareholders earn 25% in stead of 19% of every invested dollar.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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12/03/2014 18:16
I like idea 1, as it would be great long term to stimulate market activity and also allow for small shareholders(with only cents, dollars invested) to own shares (when the price climbs). But I don't think it should yet be implemented when the share market gets rebuilt, because I'm sure many would just see the price 10xtimes less and think "UGH, MTV used to be 0.70, now it's already at 0.01$???!" . Yes fundamentally it would change nothing, but people don't follow news so I'm sure many whiners would appear again. And I think that the higher the share price the more attractive/valuable it seems? Let the price go 1$+ then if there is huge demand for owning shares you could do this split.

Daily/2K$ dividends sound appealing. And the more frequent dividends could create an effect where people would gamble more because these daily dividends would be smaller and not enough to invest . Kind of like the 194% daily payments were.

Oh one more thing colasander reminded me about:

Right now the daily revenues don't amount to anything for shareholders. Sure, more fast track payments for investors whose investments then pay dividends, but some direct revenue contribution would be so much better. Especially when we get bigger and lets say that non-investment revenues surpass investment revenues it would only be logical for shareholders to receive dividends from all products' profits of the company they own.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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12/03/2014 18:23
Shareholders earn 19% of turnover. That's a huge profit margin for any business.

Paying more would be difficult; as it would have to come out of the investors returns, or require the portfolio to make even more money per dollar of product cost... And either of those things are going to have a negative pressure on turnover.

Paying shareholders 25% compared to 19% is only a 31% increase in value. So $0.15/share would technically be worth $0.19

And to achieve that for the 186% plan, would mean a 180% return. (And $0.06 less per dollar invested, added to instant results)

And for the 250% plan...
It becomes 244% return, with $0.06 less per dollar invested added to instant results.

-- So actually in this example, not massively painful for investors... losing 6% of their full return. But does dig into our already small daily revenues. And only limited impact for shareholders.

Debatable whether it's worth it or not.


Alternatively, that $0.06 (6%) could create 1,200,000 new shares. And finance another debt swap zipper

* Clearing our current fast track queue, for less than 4cents a share lol... but we better not go there. Still a touchy subject wink -- at least until we get the share price up!

However... the potential value in that comes a bit later. If the share price is $1.00 per share. And we initiate a swap, we can clear $1.2m worth of debt like that. Without really pissing anybody off... As you're issuing shares at their CURRENT VALUE. So best to save that for later; once we've accumulated debt for starters, and also had time to build the portfolio up to justify a bigger share price.
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12/03/2014 18:24
Personally I think the # of shares should be left alone. It would just feed the trolls more (as they'll just see the number of shares increased / price of shares lowered 10 fold and go wild from there).

Although sharing dividends every X amount of turnover would be nice. smile

Just my opinion. tongue
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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12/03/2014 18:33
I wouldn't worry about the trolls with regards to quantity of shares. It can be explained in a single sentence.

But my theory comes from selling socks compared to selling cars... If you have a car that costs thousands to make; your profit margin is limited by affordability of the price... However, if you produce socks costing 1cent each; your profit margin can be WAY higher; hundreds, even thousands of percent. Just because everybody can afford socks pretty much, even with your margin slapped on top.

And i'm thinking... people will see the share price in a similar way. They'll see a 1.5cent share price. And because its so "cheap" and they can afford to buy loads of shares... they'll try to raise the price to 2cents (a 33% increase)

So physically the price only went up half a cent... big woop! But in the grand scheme of things; they've jumped the price up a lot. But because the values are smaller... It makes more people potential traders / speculators.... using their financial WEIGHT to move the price (and move the price in the direction we're looking for!)
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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12/03/2014 18:36
And talking about perspective...

With the new system, we only have to grow the share price up to $0.07 ... rather than $0.70 now. That just sounds way easier!

Or for the swap last month, that's just $0.027
Traffic Value: $108,789.63106 Poland
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13/03/2014 08:04
I think that 1st idea will not change much, because it has influance only for shareholders (bigger ones ~100,000 shares). For shareholders who earn ~5$ per week this idea is meaningless.

2nd idea is much more better because this change will involve every investor and i think it will increase turnover. There will be a problem with people who dont read news and dont understand changes but i dont think is there any way to change it.People are just lazy and its natural.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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13/03/2014 09:15
That's the point though, nothing is actually changing. We're just adjusting peoples perspective; to try and make more people see our potential. (And highlight just how undervalued our share price currently is)
Traffic Value: $114,601.66988 Spain
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13/03/2014 10:21
bad ideas, this is not necesary.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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13/03/2014 11:03
We're going to try this... because nothing is fundamentally changing. Shareholders earn the exact same. And own the exact same thing. All that happens is you'll own 10x the quantity of shares you do now.

And I have a strong feeling the new "look" will work wonders with our share price. Just for the simple reason... most people don't consider what a share price means. They just look at it; and think "will it go up or not?". And "does it look expensive?"

If you see a share price of:


Which looks like the better bargain?
Obviously the $0.02 value.

And which looks like it has more potential?
Again, the $0.02 value. As you can easily imagine in your mind that increasing 50x

But can you imagine increasing $0.20 by 50?
Do you even know what 50*20cents is? (Without investing a lot of mental energy thinking about it)

And what would you rather own?
2000 shares at $0.20... or 20,000 at $0.02 --- More is always better! As if the share price does increase; now your earnings multiply by 20,000x rather than 2000x.

And finally... if you see a share price of $0.02 vs $0.20 -- which appears more risky?
... With $0.02 , it can't seemingly get any smaller. But $0.20 can drop a long way! (Obviously both are capable of the exact same thing; but one appears better than the other)

And that is all i'm getting at here...
Seeing as our user base is money makers; people looking to get rich! They need to have that potential highlighted to them.... And penny shares are an age old way of making millions from nothing.... So let's replicate that.

* And we have to rebuild the marketplace anyway. So introducing a power of ten is effortless.

* Plus I quite like the idea of receiving frequent dividends; in the shareholder section, we can operate a "countdown"... the amount of turnover required for the next dividend payment... And then if we have a good day; say $10k gets invested over the course of the day; then shareholders will get paid 5x that day. Much more dynamic!
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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13/03/2014 11:29
And as touched upon previously...

1) We're going to try and enable automatic trading. So you don't have to wait for the admin to approve transfers.

2) I'm going to reduce the transfer fee from 3% currently, to 0.5% ... to try and encourage more users to profit from quick buying and selling.

3) I'm going to add a cost to "bidding" - as this is a negative force on the share price, that we somewhat want to discourage. So I think we'll add a non-refundable 0.25% fee on any bids you place.

So if you want to buy 1000 shares at $0.01... you will need to put $10 in escrow + pay $0.025 in bidding fees.
- Then if you cancel your bid, you just get $10 back.
- And if someone accepts your bid. You get the shares. And they pay the standard 0.5% fee on the money they receive.

4) We'll enable share prices up to 5decimal places.
Traffic Value: $32,122.18249 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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13/03/2014 11:30
your reasons are well explained and valid but still, I like idea 2 better but I wouldn't mind if you implemented both ideas, I think that would be best, don't you think? increasing the shares 10x and paying dividends every 2k$(installing countdown until 2k$ turnover is collected would be nice, and timer like how many days have passed until next 2k turnover, avg. timer...) anyway, just my opinion
Traffic Value: $83,353.00715 Netherlands
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13/03/2014 12:42
#1: I understand your idea. Could work, but $ 0.20 for a share sounds like a bargain to me also. 5 decimal number prices is a good idea!

#2: I think it is better to leave it this way. Not daily, not 2k, just every monday. Monday is payday.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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13/03/2014 12:52
We'll get PaidVerts online, sort a few urgent installs and upgrades, and then we'll get to this.

But paying dividends every $2000 of turnover makes life easier. There are no rounding issues. And also its really clear to investors how much they'll earn;

Every $2000 of turnover, you will earn $0.00001 per share you own.

So in the countdown display; it can say something like:
Next Dividend Progression: $1800/$2000
You own 8,120,000 shares. Which will pay you $81.20
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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13/03/2014 13:21
That looks neat. As currently there's no telling how much you'll earn on next Monday before it's already there.
Traffic Value: $386,747.05153 Netherlands
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13/03/2014 13:24
Well, you made up your mind again. Once again not listening to the majoriy of people. But okay, we deal with it.

1. But about the fee for bidding. Please rethink about this. As it is better to have bids by people who want the shares, then sales from people who don't want the shares. The bidding side within a system increases the volatility, as it is easier for the people who want to sell their shares to drop them.

2. Are you maintaining a minimum price of 0.01? So the equal of the previous 0.10? Or is this minimum also going down with 10x. So near 0.001?

3. Instant trading sounds great!
Traffic Value: $84,466.07763 Pakistan
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13/03/2014 13:50
jo if u add the 5 decimal than it is sure the price will drop the shares and in this way all share holders face the huge loss why u want to do it ..... why u want share price become more lower than from now try to gain the price like as 1$... i think now jo mind is become the mtv level to like as a ptc site so that ptc users also able to bought the shares in this way i am sure jo u loss the all biggest investors ..
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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13/03/2014 14:48
We'll probably set a minimum sale price of $0.002 - just so the fees are always within our 5decimal place balance system.

The bidding fee is negligable; and I want to use it to stop pointlessly low ball bids. To encourage accurate and serious valuations of the business... Plus its a bit of compensation for the portfolio, considering we're slashing the transfer fees to 1/6 of their current rate.

And arslan...
I think you've got the wrong end of the stick. We're not devaluing shares; this should increase their value... This is just a standard stock split; instead of owning 1 share at 10cents. You own 10shares at 1cent... Absolutely no difference. Other than you'll be able to sell 1/10th of one of your shares if you so desire.

* But the very fact you're confusing a low individual share price, with devaluing the company. Kinda justifies the theory behind what i've been going on about!


But I really think by doing this simple act; we'll have a good chance at repeating the last 4weeks. Where share price went from 2-10cents+
-- And if it achieves that via the new system; we'll have instantly jolted the system to $1+ per share.

* So I suggest as we do this... list your shares for sale at $0.05-$0.10 or so. As you never know your luck, and if it works and somebody buys them; you'll make a killing!
And if not... you've lost nothing at all. We'll just keep growing the portfolio until the price climbs up in its own time anyway.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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13/03/2014 15:35
It is the seller that pays the transfer fee so by lowering it, you are also putting downward pressure on the shares (giving more sellers incentive to unload because the 'penalty' is smaller). This will especially be the case as transactions get larger and the share price climbs
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