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24/01/2020 17:05
(This is a rough idea--please add, subtract, and adjust anything that can attract and/or bring more value to the user while also minimize costs and/or bring more profit to MTV.)

This idea is to create an additional reward system perhaps temporarily to further boost the system.  It would be in addition to achievements (claim rewards coincide). It would be most beneficial for very active hardworking members who will do tons of cash offers(and perhaps more programs in future) in addition to wanting a lot of extra free/discounted traffic/exposure to their other programs as a reward.  These would be members who want to start with little to no outside money and want extremely generous and one-of-a-kind rewards--primarily traffic/exposure to their programs as well as other lucrative rewards.

To have some kind of weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual qualifications where members have to meet requirements for these periods of time(non calendar) to earn higher level regular addition, also include drawings with earned tickets to go to each time frame(calendar). Reward the very highest daily offer-earners with progressively more drawing tickets--make it an ongoing contest w/leaderboard.  (back to regular rewards)-- everyone(after they qualify the first week) will receive weekly rewards--the amount depends on their qualification-level to get regular higher rewards, user needs to keep up that weekly level of offers through each time interval(month, quarter, etc--quarter=90 days since user began reward program)

To get rewards:
Requirements could include(like a checklist):
--member must maintain a certain level of cash offers each week.  Perhaps make it some kind of average of what all members made the week before(or earlier?) and make that the baseline. (take off both extremes before averaging)
--member must use a portion/percentage(perhaps 25%) of that money earned from cash offers to buy bulk ads or other traffic ads. Perhaps have an auto purchase balance for those who opt in to this rewards program. In addition they receive a standing discount on all non bulk ads as long as they stay qualified--the discounts get better the higher qualified they are.
--If they don't buy bulk ads, they still have to click a certain number of ads daily on PV and PTCS.
--In  the future if MTV gets a traffic exchange, the user would be required to surf a number of pages a week like 200-350 or so--make it 1:1 earning ratio for just for these required pages for the week even if they aren't upgraded. Then normal 2:1 or whatever thereafter.
--maybe in future add a simple old style lower paying, yet profitable PTC for MTV and require them to click 10 or more ads a day--create an additional army of consistent clickers/viewers from this rewards program to new programs MTV brings out.
--require a certain number of pages per week of outside promotion of MTV programs on quality traffic exchanges (similar to some AR teambuilds out there)....could turn some of these future promoters as "referral prizes" in drawings--see below
--any other ideas, but not too many to bog down participants, and use the best ones that are worth it.
--if these requirements are too much, perhaps make some an option and attach extra drawing tickets to them--giving those in countries that don't get a lot of cash offers additional opportunity.
--as they reach higher qualification(regular rewards), they earn vacation week(s) from having to do these requirements--to prevent dropping  from quarter qualification, to monthly qualification for example. But also have a path to "catch up" if they don't have vacation weeks.

REWARDS--would be milestone based for regular reward side of this but also have free drawings with earned tickets to include more costly and unique more one of a kind rewards:

--free banner ads
--free text ads
--free cheap traffic ads
--free targeted ads--perhaps higher level drawings only
--login ads--one day login ads or (example of the rare annual drawing could be multiple straight months worth of login ads for the days where no login ads were purchased or rewarded out to others--guarantee a certain minimal amount though)
--free paid sign up referral to a program of their choice(limited) outside MTV--perhaps get MTV volunteers to sign up if its something they were going to sign up anyways--don't know how hard this would be or if possible.
--free long term paying active referral in PV and PTCS--semi annual and/or annual drawing
--taking from above promotion requirement--funnel potential not yet joined referrals of quality TE's through MTV and have them join under prize drawing winners. (winner might just have a wait a little after winning)  This could be a valuable prize even if they are a non upgraded referral because they could very well being a very active referral.
--one lifetime 720 banner(change out allowed), prominently rotated on all sites as long as they continue in their active progressive qualifying--won only in semi-annual and/or annual drawing.  Perhaps have it so member can "compound' them and win more in future--but they must keep up their qualification or they lose it all--they cannot "catch up" on this one. (perhaps have lifetime smaller size banner prizes on lower level drawings as well)
--free traffic exchange credits, start pages, as well as free premium upgrades(a mix toward regular rewards and drawings, depending on value/cost) --future maybe?
--free PTSU credits--future maybe?
--other ads
--cash--higher amounts at higher level drawings of course
--perhaps try not to add bulk ads as a reward to avoid debt or have it only in highest level drawings.
--perhaps on the highest level drawings with the bigger prizes, offer more than 1 of each unique prize--maybe 2 or 3, but limit 1 of each unique prize to each individual winner.  That way it gets spread around more, but still gives them a possible chance to win one of each prize if they have far and away more tickets than any one else.

--additional:  drawings only: perhaps give a "choice between" on some rewards(non free ones)--example: extreme 70-90 percent off discount on certain (non bulk) ads/banners; another example, reward with an 'option' to be able to buy a certain number of MTV royalty positions in the future but locked in at todays price. --the option would have an expiration date of like a year or 2. could also have a choice that includes a game incentive--not free but still very attractive.

I suggest being as generous as possible with rewards and make it hotter when needed to attract more people.
Also try to use this reward system for filling in any under utilized spaces.

I think keeping ALL ticket drawings open to everyone including the most minimally qualified(weekly) would be important as to encourage latecomers, but keep all other weekly rewards(regular) to their respective qualifing-group. (back to ticket drawings)-- as they earn, sprinkle tickets randomly to the lower daily earners, but go heavy including a higher percentage of the higher-level drawing tickets(semi annual/annual) onto the higher daily earners.

(when referring to regular rewards time interval qualifications, I mean 7days, 30 days, 90 days, 180 days and 365 days after someone actively begins the rewards program.  With regard to drawings, it would be set time intervals throughout the year beginning at very start of the rewards program itself)
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