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30/08/2020 07:38
Hello Marc,

This is my serious business ideas & suggestions to create MTV TOKENS LENDING PROTOCOL on ETH BLOCKCHAIN since DEFI is a huge opportunity taking it to next level. And MTV RP shareholders to get 1:1 to get on the trading scenario in DeFi Dapps platform on ETH BLOCKCHAIN since MTV and RPs ar e limping for a long 5 years without any dividends which is very grave and frustrating for our investors in MTV PLATFORM. So, I strongly suggest to build an Defi Dapps as MTV TOKENS gets on stage with lending & staking protocol which will be a big relief for those shareholders.B cos we are deeply concerned and worried about the MTV shares since it's in loss & non-productive mainly related to RP market for more than 5 years & no dividends as it's an NON-PERFORMING ASSET. Whats your feedback about my new brainstorming idea? (FOR EX: LOOK AT Aave TOKEN(LEND). smile
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30/08/2020 14:09
The idea it's not bad I think, but first, token needs utilty. One token for doing trading only... It's nothing
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31/08/2020 19:33
i would suggest , if it is  to create , it should be Waves Platform , fix fee and very low fee , plus ithad  Dex  and to create a token very easy. 
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