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Could you add Faucet to Bitcoins or Litecoin?

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Traffic Value: $1,687.19051 Spain
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31/10/2018 13:45
As many of you will know, there are pages with tap dr bitcoins, litecoin etc etc ...

Paidverts was always a page dedicated to launch advertising, everything worked well until paypal was disabled as payment processor, many pages have fallen by that decision.

There are many pages like freebitcoin, that every 5 or 30 minutes distribute satoshis, in freebitcoin give 30 satoshis per hour, in gives 10satoshis every 5 minutes, they can give more even with some games like lotteries and slot machines.

Surely many already know these pages are bitcoin taps.
Could be implemented here to raise a little Paidverts we take a long time down, cryptocurrencies are booming we could do something similar to raise this page.
This page needs fresh air.

In these pages you are given ads, when you finish visualizing them with 10.15 satoshis or whatever amount, just like our BAP ads, you could put Satoshis ads.
I think this would attract more people and activate the page more.

I am sorry for my bad english,
Traffic Value: $1,850.32389 Romania
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31/10/2018 16:55
A faucet was in the plans.Then it came Sumoroll but dont really know what went there.
Traffic Value: $1,687.19051 Spain
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31/10/2018 17:13
I do not know if it's already been talked about, I've been inactive for some time now, and every time I see this page falling down, it's time to renew!

The faucets is a good idea, the cryptocurrency is what is moving more in advertising.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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31/10/2018 20:47
SumoRoll seemed to fail and it had mobile ad revenue (which is higher than desktop).
I'm not sure who all the workers were on it but Andraz has no time to try it again as he is heavy involved in WarClicks and soon aonther game, as well as the rest of MTV/PV.
They've also looked into faucets and don't see the profit margin in them, for the owner.

That said, you are right that some must have some profit as they've been around for years.

BTW, is you English limited (not trying to be rude) or is the subject line question of this over my head?
Traffic Value: $1,687.19051 Spain
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31/10/2018 21:01
I do not speak or write very well English I'm sorry, I use the translator.

I think that the faucets would attract new users, the campaigns could be paid in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc etc, and could be used to visualize the ads in $ and in satoshis.

There are many taps some since 2012 working, and take advantage of advertising.

The cryptocurrencies are booming are the future, but of course this is my humble opinion.
Traffic Value: $1,804.70567 France
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01/11/2018 18:04
I might be wrong but I think I remember that Marc answered. He said that a faucet is not a good idea because if it’s cost. What he means by it is that earnings are low but bitcoin fluctuates a lot. So much that if you don’t monitor the situation you might end with a huge loss with just one day. What I personally want to see is video ads, app offers and ptc ads that are native to the website and not through a third person provider.
Traffic Value: $1,687.19051 Spain
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01/11/2018 18:13
If the ideal is to see ptc ads, videos, applications, but I do not see any of that here a long time ago.

With how big Paidverts was, I still remember seeing ads for $ 50. 25 $ etc etc with the Mega upgrade of 19.99 $. (More than 3 years ago of this)

It is a shame how this page has fallen, they should add new things and renew themselves, every day this is worse Paidverts .....
Traffic Value: $1,687.19051 Spain
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01/11/2018 18:22
Date Total Revenue
10-Feb-2015 +$35,589.35458
09-Feb-2015 +$41,808.75995
08-Feb-2015 +$25,645.12009
07-Feb-2015 +$17,839.4071
06-Feb-2015 +$14,586.99419
05-Feb-2015 +$19,988.13739
04-Feb-2015 +$24,006.89964
03-Feb-2015 +$37,473.49227

You only have to see the results of 3 years ago and now it is clear that something is wrong.

Date Total Revenue
01-Nov-2018 click to view
31-Oct-2018 +$595.46594
30-Oct-2018 +$3,049.11671
29-Oct-2018 +$1,443.1119
28-Oct-2018 -$4,260.1368
27-Oct-2018 -$258.49461
26-Oct-2018 +$179.89913
25-Oct-2018 +$122.55887

Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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01/11/2018 18:34
Previous results were FAKE based off of fake numbers.

YES, PV has fallen even from the turnover to real results, but it is not as dramatic as fake vs real.

Also, results does not show all revenue anymore.
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