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what do I have to do?

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10/09/2017 13:52
1.on this account few years ago I had balance, but now it shows this $0.00
Here is some notes from my account
Royalty Positions Owned: 5,415
Total Dividends Earned: $15.93783
Week Invested Paid Due Timer
Feb09-Feb 15,2015 $1.00 $1.702 $1.702 -6 - -9 days
What should I do to continue working from now?
2) As I lost my (this) account , I created new one, so now I have two accounts. What should I do?

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10/09/2017 14:19
If you had any balance it was either eaten up by daily 0.001 maintenance fee or sw@pped for RP the last time it happened, which was a long time ago.

If you in the meantime opened a new account, but now recovered your main, write to support and discuss it with them how to deal with it.
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10/09/2017 18:20
On 16.11.2015, your balance of $ 14.51 was swapped to 5414 shares (royalty positions).  You still have it and can be converted to cash, but the value of rp is very low right now.  You will receive barely half of your original amount if you sell it now.  Wait for a while and the price of rps may go up, and you may even end up with a profit.

I don't know what you mean by 'lost your account' while posting from that account.  Support team can help you in that matter.  Send a ticket.
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