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20/08/2014 11:14
Jo, as you know, in the US, we have to file taxes based on the profit we make at MyTrafficValue and Paidverts. Since we don't receive a 1099 from MTV, what is the best (quickest) way to figure out how much profit you've made on both sites?
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20/08/2014 11:18

if you deposited say 1000 dollars you should not have to tax before you have taken out atleast 1000 dollars, then you have only profit to tax and much easier to calculate the %

i see no reason why we should tax before we get our total deposit back and when you know how much you have taken out and how much you deposited you only need to create a excel calculation included all fees that will be extracted from the profit

the other way is near impossible...
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20/08/2014 12:06
No idea! I would just keep it simple... Withdrawals - Deposits for the financial year... And declare it if the value is over 500/1000.

This sort of thing we'll look into next yera... We're just trying to grow this year. Next year figure out compliance issues.

But that won't be fun at all... we'll have to get ID from everyone. And all sorts. Definitely need more staffing before we think about that!
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