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Several ad options still not working

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17/05/2018 22:47
I have seen the problem mentioned by other members in a couple posts, but no response was ever offered except to say submit a support ticket. My support ticket has been in for 10 days with no response.
When will the Cheap Traffic and New User ads be fixed? They either need to be distributed or refunded. I can't even check the status of any of my cheap traffic campaigns, because they all show 0 clicks delivered and all of the campaign links just give page errors.
These products generate a good amount of referrals and are great products when they work, so please check on this.
I am missing some opportunities. downer
slosumo - Administrator
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19/05/2018 08:23
Sorry, I've just been swamped the past week and didn't manage to get to tickets this past week.

I've forwarded this to the programmer to check it out and ensure it is fixed ASAP. Will let you know here once done!
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