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RP and pm

PaidVerts rework is live!

We are glad to announce that PaidVerts rework is finally live!

These are exciting times ahead - mainly what is in it for you is that by being active and a longterm member of PaidVerts you will now be getting bigger ad issues.
PROVE YOUR VALUE in many ways!

For more info on the main changes we suggest you to read through:

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Traffic Value: $844.21961 India
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07/08/2017 12:26
can we buy rp via pm, yes or no?

i just click add money in PM, see options and confuse
Traffic Value: $770.93652 Ukraine
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07/08/2017 12:32
Yes, you can
Traffic Value: $14.24011 Venezuela
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15/08/2017 04:32
Since I can't open a New topic I think I can ask here...

If someone could explain to me why the RPs are not making dividens and what does it takes for them to start making passive earnings again?
Traffic Value: $294.60488 Philippines
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15/08/2017 05:03
No money for pay dividendsgrin.No money no honey same..hahhah
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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15/08/2017 05:57
If you want passive earnings then refer new members to paidverts cool
Traffic Value: $12,691.63746 Australia
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15/08/2017 07:23
Leshuga ... why they do not pay dividends currently is because the site is not profitable enough to provide them. 

Even if we were to do so under current situation they would be so small for so many and with the nature of humans, people would complain about that too. 

Dividends will return only when the site is returning sufficient profits for it to be both beneficial for members and sustainable for us. 

As dguy says, want passive income here - promote our sites with your referral link. This helps increase overall daily profits we can share with our members directly as well as giving you instant commissions when members under you make purchases, play games etc. 
Traffic Value: $14.24011 Venezuela
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15/08/2017 12:14
Got it smile thanks.
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