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Question about Achievement Points System

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20/09/2018 06:08
I did some math and this is what I got:

Does this mean the only 14,110 members have points, when there are 14,763 users who have earned in the last 48 hours?

*Edit: "...that *have* Achievement Points"
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20/09/2018 06:47
WOW I just looked and when we have a Group Ad Issue we have under 11K clicking any ad?

Which means a lot of users are getting the APS ad that shouldn't?

Lots of inactive users have APS, but they are included in the 100% APS.
So, just staying active, or coming back, means you get an APS 50% issue.

I hope this is not as intended and been busy with WC and failed to see that APS should be calculated with only active members. OR, they want to rework it but are too busy and just letting it make us TOP APS users get less and less.
Traffic Value: $283.24108 Philippines
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20/09/2018 07:48
I think gained Achievement Points should have an expiration date, for example three months.
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20/09/2018 09:09
Attention!! Adsgrow is scam and hacking into our account i got hack and lost more then 100k bapssad if any1 doing something with that i want to join the fight
Traffic Value: $398.43558 Germany
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20/09/2018 09:52
Wrong Topic, what do you mean by hacking? "Stealing" the Money in Adsgrow or trying to hack PV Accounts?

All of these PV Copy Cats will fail sooner or later it was like this in the past and it will always be the same, probably. I just use them for Free Advertising.
Traffic Value: $139.48404 Hungary
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02/10/2018 08:21
i have a negative expirience with APS, humanity, engine:

1 first of all i sent support question what does mean i am in top 5%;i wanted to know how or how many points with i can be in top 1 %. after a week support said they forward message to the headquarters because they dont know the answer. after around 2-3 weeks nothing reaction so i sent other letters.. finally i closed it without any useful info. so no one could tell exact info about aps stat.. nice .

2. in this weekend i had a street accident so i could not enter more than 24 hrs because of being in hospital. sunday i asked my family take a login to the site but i knew its late. i sent a letter to support to tell my personal problem and ask restore my logined day stat because i am online everyday since i registered here, mainly since counting the login day. they said its impossible.. i said i can accept if you dont WANT but dont tell its impossible because when there is a system error you can anytime restore user datas. and as i said i am here since many many years so i have some expirience what and how can you restore or modify.. and really should not take much time to find out how much days i am online.. i was online since count start.. 

3. recycle ad system:
You have received $0.633 of $1.00 worth of recycled ads since 10/31/2017 - 21:39:07
do i think wrong it should be closed or paid back because of system fault?
i mean everybody knows and see this wont be completed.. why is it not disabled? how much users' money is standing in this upgrade without being completed?

anyway, i wish to say thankyou for your humanity and your helpful in my weekend situation. this shows the real values instead of how much dollars spent by users.. 
Traffic Value: $1,274.48527 Romania
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02/10/2018 08:26
Honestly,the system is working how its supposed to.You are not allowed to skip days i think.I know,you have had personal hardships in your life but that is how it is intended to work.Unless you miss logins because site is not working ,then it is the pv fault.About the recycle feature,i have it since last year i think.It also does not guarantee nothing except that you will get recycled ads when they will be available.
I mean maybe rules should be amended or something,but at our current level things work how they are supposed to.
Traffic Value: $283.24108 Philippines
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02/10/2018 08:50
Yeah, personal events happen that stop us from logging in. Happened to me to. I think it will happen to everyone in their own time.

I have been recommending APS should have expiry dates. Imagine a new member joining. Low APS. Maybe to 50%. He can't increase his level through log ins because a lot of people are always logging in daily. The only way to increase level is to buy a lot of ads or to play a lot of games, both requiring a lot of investment. I think it is a little discouraging for a new member with small wallets.

If APS have expiry dates, new members will have a fair chance. After logging in for 90 consecutive days, for example, they have the same logging in points with old members. They have a good chance of reaching 1% or 5%.
Traffic Value: $283.24108 Philippines
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02/10/2018 08:53
Regarding recycle upgrade, it's only $0.05, so I don't think anyone is losing a lot of money.

I have suggested before that Instant Ads (those 33 ads) should be diverted as Recycled Ads. It will clear the upgrades much faster, but I don't think the benefits would outweigh the cost.
Traffic Value: $283.24108 Philippines
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02/10/2018 08:54
I support your idea that we should now how many more points we need to get to the next level, just like the BAP levels.

They can say "5000 more points to reach top 5%".

Again, cost over benefits. Programming hours are not cheap.
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