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Project Funding Question

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Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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26/10/2018 15:33
As many know I am still searching for best way to put up business online. I try to avoid crowd fund based on disaster experience in past where literally project stopped when developers completed it to 95 %, where remaining 7 people were hostages of other 2, and project failed because noone can have co-owners that literally decide not to work on project, but they are willing to be on papers? Huh? And yes you cant change papers without to be noticed on web, that is some serious fail and 7 of us was forced to loose money based on several others. 

This time I want to be only owner or only with professional people that are really ready to work on that, because I dont want to loose more money or time on great project that was never even launched yet, but it should have been before 1.5 years ago.

Still I have questions....... Is project funding in MTV opened to only system portfolio projects; or also to outside ideas of other people?

If is opened to other people, like me, I am then willing to present my project that is totally 100 % sustainable but its one totally new world comparing to other sites currently online. Only problem is next: What benefits would owner of crowd fund project have? And to who would be company registered? MTV? If so, do project owner has some rights on legal papers, as guarantee that he will stay in payment grid of his own project idea?

Thanks. Never was into some outside crowd fund so I am curious how that works here. I dont want to go into real life crowd funds because I dont like their payment system and we all know how guvernments rob people with payments they give but later you overpay that money with percentage, thanks but no thanks.

Anyway I am curious how works here + I see MTV has already big success with that, so why not to ask. I have still not give up, but right now I cant afford professional programmers on my own in very short ammount of time, its really costy project if you want to have 100 % secure code and working site I bet coding would cost cca 20 k usd. Unless I wait few more years, and I am not sure I want to wait so long.

Thanks in advance.
Traffic Value: $191.04425 Bosnia and Herzegowina
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27/10/2018 06:08
I don't think that is a possibility, to advertise and collect crowd founding money  for personal projects. I asked the same question for a project that i had and it was a no.
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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27/10/2018 06:24
Yes I know that (they allowed me actually to do that before 4 years but, nope, no thanks, never again).

My question was:

a) are on listing only company's inside projects


b) if outside projects also, are idea creators that present those ideas that would be registered as part of MTV, then also rewarded as part of structure of that project. (Rewarded as benefitial users or admins, or whatever in that project). In short are you in papers of that project as idea creator (since money is collected anyway from crowd-fund, and if youre not in papers, what guarantees you that you will receive constant money rewards, and do you have any personal guarantee?

Personal note:
I am aware that money from project would be split on investors, but my idea is setup anyway to split profit (yes I know that people earn ONLY pure profit, not profit in general -> what that means, that meant that if company earning 1 million monthly, and company has setup to take only 1 % of pure profit, then investors get only part of 1 %, after that goes divided into hosting, protection and other costs, in short 10 000 USD would be divided to investors, after all site costs and bills payed, cca 7k lets say.

I know all that and i have solution how to put crowd fund co-owners into project and reward them, thats not the problem. As I said I have think on all, I created most unique platform you can imagine. Every single flaw on internet is corrected. You can put inside as much co-owners you want, they will be paid.

Question is, even after you put in listing idea, even if you must pay for that idea (not a problem, I am ready to contribute nice ammount of money too), but will I be protected somehow to 100 % earn part of pie of pure profit? Somehow from papers or structure? I am aware MTV would register project as their, but probably project creators, are in papers or somehow protected to have guaranteed money flow until project works (kicks in fine)?

Hope I described now more in details. But thanks for answer.
Traffic Value: $393.3966 Germany
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27/10/2018 10:09
There are many sites, others then kickstarter and co. that let you create your own project and receive funds, did you took a look at them?

I never checked them out closely, so I don't know if they might work for you.
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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28/10/2018 11:11
I didnt yet, option is either to go with trusted company like MTV in crowd fund, or do it alone, because with strangers obviously things get complicated if some of them loose desire to work. You just cant force them to start working on any way except to change papers, and if you change papers people would ask was it in project ??? People never think its in people, they always blame project quality, so yes I pay attention on details and I want professional people ready to work around me so that all stay motivated and respect project. And there is a problem, you can get rich people, but they will not help you work...... So what you get? Lot of work for someone else, while you do all? No thanks, I know some would say but project will see dayllight, but trust me its often not justice to work for other people or pay that price.

Its hard to detect who seriously want to work. My idea just got so much more complex and bigger that anything besides success is not an option. But I am scared that bills for my improved idea would grow over 40 k now.

EU funds are option too, but guvernment in Croatia is what is pain in the ass, I am just not sure I can trust them. Dedicated programmer is also problem, in such project you need someone you can trust. From past experience I think some programmers do bugs intentionally, and that is sadest thing you can experience. Could be I am wrong and code was just messy, but yes, when it comes to programmers next time I would make legal statement that they must fix any issue and stay dedicated to project. If youre not legally protected people will try to abuse you. Sadly we live in such world, and I am not person who allows to be manipulated. I am addicted to the perfection.

Thats why I came first here. All asked me why I was in Banana, well their purpose was to raise companies, but soon I realized they only did crypto trading and my happiness was down, next step is here, after that....... Dont know.......... 

Its hard to find some trusted crowd-fund company, best is to go all alone, but then again its superhard to get professional programmers that will not mess code intentionally, or abuse trust.

I am not afraid someone will copy project because even co-owners in final version before 2 years knew about 200 % less features and improvements I made in 2018. So yes project is worth but I need seriously good crew for that.

I just dont understand why MTV is not interested, or why I cant present into their crowd fund....... But well.............. Risk is low, and all is paid per results, so only cost is traffic, and we all know you pay hostings based on growth and results, so basic monthly costs are max 50-100 usd, i can pay that seriously on my own also. So total risks are almost none......... Thats why I never understood why people risk their money online while we can seriously create new era of marketing, together. So far I didnt have even chance to seriously present project, and thats what makes me thinking.

But well.......... Ty for reply.
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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28/10/2018 11:38
Did MTV say they are not interested or did they not reply at all?

Otherwise they may be willing to go 50/50 with you, like they did with Warclicks, if it is such a good idea?
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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28/10/2018 14:35
Maybe try these guys. I knew them from the past. They are good people but I can't guarantee they haven't changed since I knew them
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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28/10/2018 15:13

I tried all, contacted them all, support, forum, pv, mtv, and honestly this is last thing I can do, 2 times it seemed that things can come to the conversation, but I was put on hold every time when things should come to presentation.

Maybe is good that I didnt present till now because in 2018 I came to even better vision, and one more massive improvement. I planned to create 2 separated projects, now I realised I can put them into just one. What is best one road can have PayPal (2 features less), and other would be without PayPal, 2 features more.

And no its not copy of anything online, since I never saw AP of any site, never was admin, basically I draw my own AP, my own design, and my own math. That is how I was able to cut all negative fails of current internet marketing to zero and create totally sustainable marketing platform that all people will like. 

Only who would not prefer my idea are those that want fixed 120 % or 150 % return promises. But those guys are either delusional or they manipulate their referrals, because such projects with fixed returns are doomed on fail without new cash flows, or they must have other products that are money collectors. But I bet most people know that.

But I am not sad or mad, because MTV has own road, and thats fine. But well If they are open to all projects, and if they accept and are interested to explain how idea owners are implemented into this story, I would be interested, why not. That is all I need to know, if they accept, and how I would be involved as part of that project.

I joined banana exactly because of crowd-fund, I was ready to invest into good projects + raise mine, but we all know how that project ended, so I am interested how things work here because this crowd fund was involved little later. I have mine idea but I am willing to be part of any good one I see here on listing. I just dont know how things work for investors and for idea owners, and that is about what I want to know more.

After all I did 15 ways of internet earnings, so I need few minutes to see good deal.

Thanks, will see how things will go. MTV is anyway only company so far to who I presented this kind of offer. And that is only because we all have long long road here, mostly positive one.

I appreciate all help and reply's from all of you. I just hope Carlos or Marc or Slosumo would explain how things go with crowd-fund here more in details, I would appreciate. If they have any interest. In any way I am not sorry I started this topic, I am sure more people have good ideas that they are maybe willing to present into MTV crowd-fund, they just dont know how and how they will be connected in that idea later, that is exactly what I want to know more about.
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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28/10/2018 15:34
They accept only their projects, and all involved receive money until some return or maximum ROI stated. 

Thats in short how MTV works. Smart and cool based on what I saw. Still would be interested to know if they planning to create some global crowd-fund outside of their own projects, where they will have permanent cut. Thats the main question. But I bet that would be complicated issue, that is why probably involve onyl in house projects. Still I am curious if there could be some kind of good deal where both sides can be happy, and more great projects can be seen here if they accept outside ideas for funding too. Could be some legal thing, but that can be solved easy.
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