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06/01/2018 20:53
On 2/01/2018, I retired in Bitcoin the amount of 40.67336 USD (ID GuUkIh2YGI76) that was canceled but the money disappeared from the balance of my account.
Where's the money? Why was my withdrawal canceled?
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06/01/2018 20:58
i think you need to write a support ticket to get the question answered
casio8978 - Forum moderator
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06/01/2018 21:12
did you checked your bitcoin wallet if cashout arrived?
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
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06/01/2018 21:53
Do note that we usually don't help on the forum, but you were indeed paid.
We manually removed the balance due to a server error we have been dealing with for a while, but you're paid.
Traffic Value: $1,020.25923 Serbia
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07/01/2018 13:09

Problem is buddy, that btc confirmations take forever these days (I'm waiting for mine for 5 days already).

So the money is sent, your should be able to see it in your wallet.

If not, that's because they're waiting for it to get confirmed and that takes a very long time lately, as I said.

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