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04/07/2019 13:10
yesterday there was server issues so the ad issue got sent out couple hours later, its your own responibility to click them within 18 hours BUT you can also purchase a recycle time upgrade to extend the timers of your ads.
Its all calculated that 18 hours is the best for sustainability of the website.
Usually they come within a time range of 3 hours when slosumo arrives at the office but its also possibe that there are more urgent things like server problems to take care of before the ad issue can be sent out.
Did you know the website also works verry well on a smartphone ?
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04/07/2019 18:26
" Its all calculated that 18 hours is the best for sustainability of the website."


Also the recycle time upgrades are not worth it even for the highest BAP groups, unless you expect many days over that time when you can't login and click in time.

I'd also love a more consistent schedule, which a 3hr usual time window is ok, that way we can reach more users. I don't think anyone who advertises, save for rotators/ptp, need w/in 24hrs and/or every 24hrs. Many of our ad views have to wait for the Ad Issue or at least 1%/SUU in order to get hits, and some of the biggest campaigns have to wait a few days/weeks for the rest.

Also, it's not just group ads, random ads show up from time to time, so even if you are sent a $1 random ad, you have to show up w/in 18hrs to view it. All of us Recycle Upgrade members have to for years on PV show up 2x a day hoping for an ad. Maybe there should be a pause on the recycle? Also an opt out of random so all you get is the Manual that Andraz sends and any that you opt in to? Also, maybe an opt out of Weekends? Also maybe an opt out of times of day?

Thus, get in the habit of showing up 2x a day ~12hrs apart, Thus, btwn sleep and life and then btwn life and sleep. 
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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04/07/2019 22:15
really getting tired of you druth8x

I am almost scared to write in the forum and shortly after read your comments. You always have to say something and you always think to know better. 

It would be nice addition on the forum if you can "Mute"  people
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05/07/2019 05:32
Well, I don´t know how you run your online business, but is it really so hard to show up twice a day for a few minutes to click some ads?

You can do it while sitting on the toilet or while watching tv while the commercials are running while sitting in the tram... if you can´t buy the 24h Upgrade. The ROI of this upgrade depends on your clicking habit.

And in most PTCs I was a member of you don´t receive your ads once a day, but the ad appears once it is confirmed, so you have to check the website a couple of times a day.
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