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Missing deposit for a week

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Traffic Value: $4,428.2217 Romania
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06/11/2018 17:49
I have a missing deposit for a week on STP payment processor. Please help, Thank you. Support Ticket: #270927
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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09/11/2018 17:59
This is weird, no reply from MTV? You entered correct info? Have you tried to contact STP too? They can cancel deposit if something went wrong. I suggest to PM STP.

From my experience, I lost once $ 50 with STP, withdrawing to bank. Never saw that money. Both sides said not their fault. Since then for sure STP was not anymore my prefered choice. Still I suggest to PM them to cancel deposit. 10 days is way too long, I would probably react even after 1-2 days.

Do not wait any longer. PM STP about problem.
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