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Listing that is not for making money?

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15/09/2018 14:52
Hi there.
I'm having some $$ in my PV balance and I would like to re-invest them here, rather than withdrawing them.

What I'm interested in, is whether we are allowed to create Listing (and afterwards open a topic for it), that are not meant to make the user any money, but rather offer them some discounts, coupons, codes etc. ?

This is the point number 2 in the Listing options, so I wouldn't like spending my 'precious' 6$ for something that will eventually be deleted smile

I would like to promote an e-commerce store, which practically won't make you any money, but would rather make you spend money there cheese LOL

MarcdeKoning - Administrator
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15/09/2018 15:10
Listing for the monitor? No.
Advertising it? Yes.
Forum - Questions - Listing that is not for making money?
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