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IOS/Andriod mobile download offers

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02/09/2017 08:53
I know this is more of a paidverts issue but I could not find an appropriate thread to ask.

On the paidverts cash offer pages each company has mobile download offers where in the instructions it says to simply follow the link given which will have you install that app on your phone, and then you need to open it.
I check all the time and scan the QR code and all that and even to try and make them work ill play around on the app for a minute or two.
The problem is I literally have gotten paid credit for like 2 of them and I have installed and launched dozens.
Am I doing something wrong or are they just lying about the steps so you download the app but never need to pay out? Sometimes one of them will actually state you only get paid once you get to a certain level or such, but most of them just say to install and launch.
It seems kinda BS. I know this isn't on MTV/PV side at all but is there a way to make these damn things pay out?
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02/09/2017 09:22
You will have to contact the company providing these offers, and provide proof you actually completed the tasks.

In my experience these offers rarely pay, unless you actively pursue them.
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02/09/2017 19:44
^Same here. Unless you actively complain, answer, prove that you downloaded it x10 times it's very rare to get paid ermm
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08/09/2017 09:04
They don't pay you. So, don't waste your time. I have also completed many offers but never got paid.
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