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House edge

Final day to score a chunk of free BAP in the wagering competition!

January wagering competition has started and with it a chance for you to get a share of a 3 million BAP prize pool!

All you have to do is bet as much as possible on any of our games to qualify for one of the top 20 wagerer prizes. 

As of now it´s very easy to get into the list and win over 10% of bonus BAP compared to wagered bets (These are crazy odds and give you a big advantage over the house edge, resulting in about a 8-9% profit if you get into the list)

For more info and to play our games head over to

The competition ends at 23:59 Server Time.

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02/01/2019 14:05
Plz explain me means of house edge in game
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02/01/2019 15:04
Either you win less than a complete amount when betting (In CoinFlip, you win 97,5% on a successful bet - if that is the correct number) or you have a somewhat lesser chance of winning (HI-LO game, 10.000 number range, betting on lower or higher than half (5000), but numbers from 4750-5250 are invalid.)
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02/01/2019 22:26
Why we always loose in coin
flip it becoz i always  playfor long time or something else. 
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03/01/2019 07:29
That's right. The longer you play, more chance there is for house to win. If everybody would stop playing when they are ahead, the casinos would bankrupt. But people are greedy creatures. When they are on a winning streak, they want to win more and more, until they lose. And when they lose, they want to get back what they've lost. And that is the vicious circle the casinos count on.
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