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FTQ repayment

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Traffic Value: $366.33482 France
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31/07/2017 21:47
Hi everyone,

Sorry if the question has already been asked but I bought a FTQ investment yesterday and I noticed that the one that was supposed to be partially repaid today was not, he's stil owed 7898 $, as he was yesterday.
Aren't the daily revenues supposed to be used to repay those in the FTQ ? Or has it been stopped for a while ?

Thank you for advance for your explanations.
Traffic Value: $93.136 Brazil
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31/07/2017 22:18
@ Yesnico

Fast Track Que vulgo FTQ are not being paid for long time.
Think  twice, 
The guy  that sold it to you would rather waited one day to take his money out.
 Instead he sold it to you, deducting a reasonable premium/penalty…and pocket the money from you…..simple as that
orlan12fish - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $1,618.40694 Guatemala
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31/07/2017 22:37
Fast Track Queue's payments changed their structure due to insufficient revenues to cover the running costs of the company. Meaning that the dates shown on the FTQ page are no longer valid.

You can read in full the details from 14th July 2016 News:

Just as you said, FTQ stopped for a while until we generate enough income to pay off the debt
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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31/07/2017 22:44
"Aren't the daily revenues supposed to be used to repay those in the FTQ ?"

NO. Not anymore. Not Exactly.

Once we get PROFITS, not just results (think an avg of $2500 showing up on results for a few weeks min b4 thinking payment will start again).

The FTQ debt is a HIGH priority.
It is preventing us from lots of progression from Legalization to Bigger Advertisers and so on.
In fact, while we still are working on getting our products more attractive and trying to market them to grow the userbases (and in turn revenure), Marc has cmmited to paying down the FTQ himself with his own funds (when he can get them), if needed.
Traffic Value: $366.33482 France
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01/08/2017 16:16
OK so I basically got scammed, right ? -_-'
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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01/08/2017 16:21
Traffic Value: $366.33482 France
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01/08/2017 16:22
Glad to hear that. ^^
It'll just take way more than the 77 days previously announced, right ?

When has it stopped being paid if I may ask ?
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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01/08/2017 22:04
Company is not making enough revenue to pay both runnning costs AND FTQ.

However, the whole Crew understands all that and also realize our potential and as such, even though we are in the "pink" still, there is no worries, we will make it through.

So much HAS already been done to reduce running costs and so many products with real potential have been launched and are growing, with more updates in the future.
Traffic Value: $93.136 Brazil
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02/08/2017 00:17
@ Marc
It’s clear this guy Yesnico fell in to the trap. 
You may say he should know what he did not know when he bought.
Unwarnned user should get a warning notice by the time they buy the product that  there will bee no repayment at the product anniversary.
Doing so he will know the risk he takes
Traffic Value: $366.33482 France
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02/08/2017 15:50
People should not even be allowed to sell their FTQs...
But Jack19583 is right, it should be clearly stated that FTQ is dead.
Traffic Value: $7,212.45963 Malaysia
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05/08/2017 12:10
Yesnico are you sure about your statement should not even be allowed to sell their FTQ?. you can sell you FTQ in FTQ market...just state your deal
Traffic Value: $2,209.45324 Macedonia
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05/08/2017 14:38
But who will buy it? Who will bury his funds in something already deep in the grave?
(Sorry for my terms, but that's how I feel the last year at MTV).

and @Druth8x:
How can you be such an optimist and still "defend" the entire project?
What about your 10.000$ invested in shares, bought at 1c (was it?) and being stuck here for 2years already (and God knows how many more) until you just repay your investment, and not to mention profit of of it?

@Yesnico (and others like us):
Yes, we are being INDIRECTLY sc@mmed.

Sorry for saying so, but you gotta know that we all invested money here, and we care about our money, not the problems the company has it (yes, we are being selfish and jealous here, call us what ever you like to, I don't care  for a long time now).

Admit it or not, we AREN'T making any profit from this program anymore, and even more - we can't repay our base investments!
That's the core thing of being sc@mmed, whether you like how it sounds or not.

I realize that we were in deep shit after banana-man, but Marc, you shouldn't have promised and project numbers and profits for the users, if you weren't 102.5% sure that's really gonna happen.

Last but not least, you know what's the worst part of all this ???
Losing trust and friendships from real life friends.
I convince few of them to invest (couple of hundred dollars) and now, no matter how hard I try to explain them the situation with MTV - they DON"T care, they lost trust, faith in me.. I can't look them in the eyes anymore.

This is the sole purpose I have so much hatred in me for MTV.
Traffic Value: $56,564.16117 Germany
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05/08/2017 15:24
This business was being built by a man that used it as a way for him to make money and a man that is honest is trying to save it. It was a business built on always needing new money and not shying any costs to let it seem professional.

I think that it's clear that we are stuck and it's also clear that in order to get out of there we need more revenue. However I believe that we all believe we are such a big company but really we are very small. We have over 2M+ users but most don't even respond to what we offer and we have always been relying on our own crowd to make us money. In a way that is ok but in a way it isn't.

I like the idea of marketing our products a lot and in the end it is a necessary step and important to reach new audiences and grow. We know it takes cash to do so and that money isn't here.

I share the concerns of a lot of users though and I don't understand why we would want to wait two years or so until the FTQ is being paid off. If we do that most users and investors will be gone. We can see the RP market suffer and this has also been one reason I sold a big chunk of my shares in the past as well. It simply seems as if MTV is a ship that is always leaking and that is always being fixed but that will never truly move forward because we are so focused on fixing everything instead of taking everything that works onto a new ship that is smaller and fits us better and letting the old junk we don't need sink.

All of this is not supposed to be an offense and I think this is very clear but at the same time I am still missing some more clarity. Like for instance a liquidity report but even more importantly an expenses statement that shows us very clear where the company stands. I am not sure if we still have $65k+/month in expenses but if so where does that money go to exactly? How much cash does each website need? How much do we have in expenses in other areas and how much are we expecting to earn (realistically) in the next year?

Can't we cut costs and use external free websites for communication and other stuff? Couldn't we for instance shut down certain parts of the website or delete data we don't need? Do we delete inactive accounts already?How much would that lower our costs?

Also I would like to know what happened to some of our projects like the BMF profit reporting tool and also to the marketing campaigns we invested into. How many new regular users did we get? What were the acquisition costs for each user and how much do we make with each?

Also we could consider asking ourselves if we shouldn't find external sales people that would try to sell our products and instead of paying them a salary do it commission based.

Another very important thing I am asking myself is why we as users are almost never asked for our opinion whenever a bigger decision is made? Why don't we have any voice and why are there never any surveys being done? Yes we have a management but still, who says that users actually want all the things the management wants?

Those are all questions that I am interested in and we need an answer for and I hope that we will get even more clarity.
Traffic Value: $489.01092 Netherlands
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05/08/2017 17:48
yah i can agree with your story there.

We see our PM  casino picking up and all money being added on the result card but why not pay off the projects ?

Where are the results from our so called best product warclicks and sumoroll ? 
Freemium was really the future and will bring us loads of money, but so far there has not been much coming in.

It would be nice to get clarification at least once a month a basic report in how we are doing , a goal for the next month.

We are now at the stage where no more new products are going to be build. What are we actually working on right now, what does it cost to revamp warclicks and what profit have warclicks gave us so far. Is it really worth it to actually spend another amount on new designs ??

There is just so many questions and basicly no answers and always some of the hardcore old members defending and disagree on posts.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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05/08/2017 18:36
A lot of questions, i'll make a general statement.

There is plenty of negativity already, so when we have no results on our freemiums, I rather just add the few $100 and not openly talk about it, because it is clear that many people have already given up on the business anyway, so let's stick to accounting and not so many negative messages on the forum.

Regarding the path the company follows, very easy to answer as well.
Although it will sound harsh and many will not enjoy the answer I am about to give, it is the honest answer to give..

In the past we have followed a lot of the user's wishes and compensated 100s of thousands of dollars worth of damage caused by the previous management, expecting that we would be getting good will in return from the crowd.
All of that has led us to where we are today the day..

No marketing being done by the crowd, very little support, a lot of negativity and even "scam alerts" for no apparent reason.

On top of that, a big part of the crowd rarely ever really pays attention to the updates and even if they do, noone has the same point of view as the management has nor do they have the same complete overview or are in the middle of the day to day process of the business.

We have made plenty of topics to ask for opinions, which got very little feedback, especially lately.

During the past 2 months our earnings nearly halved due to extremely lucky gamblers, loss of traffic and purchases in Paidverts and we have had a lot of losses because of bitcoin (paying cashouts at lower rates, shutting down bitcoin exchanges on bmf, paying big wins at extremely reduced prices..)

Where do you think this money comes from?
Where it has been coming from for a very long time.. My personal pocket.
I am constantly funding the business to keep it going and recently I took hits in the crypto currency market, I am really not that wealthy anymore.

We have never been in a surplus ever since I took this business over, it has always been running in debt.
We reduced that debt by ridiculous amounts, tipped into the profit area for 1 single day (Then we got hacked) and from that point on we went back to losing $10k/month.

So we basically never had a marketing budget, products never got the "love and attention" they deserved/required and this has led to us having
to cut our development, which will work full time for us until the end of this month.

With a team solely focused on marketing, support and expanding warclicks, we are very sure we can generate a surplus and grow from there.

This will allow us to pay off our debts, pay off the crowdfunded projects and pay off the fast track queue, ultimately.

I have been going through a lot of personal issues lately, a lot of it having to do with personal financial losses, having to cut back on our team and a few other things, which I really rather not discuss as I consider it the past.. But, this has definitely kicked me off my path for a bit.

I rather keep my focus on growing the business instead of writing my long updates.
By keeping it short and professional I have had a lot of time to work on improvements and marketing for my traffic value, which I expect to show its fruits in the near future.
Traffic Value: $489.01092 Netherlands
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05/08/2017 19:52
well marc.....these kind of messages do clear up.

all i can say is do it more often and also try to focus on getting the team (us/the members) more possitive.

And i guess we are all in the same boat. I'm not one of the big investors but there is also loads of members that did invest into this company and did see their money going up in thin air.....or at least what it looks like now.

I have always believed in this business and thats why i stay here , keeping my paidverts account stable for months or maybe years now amd slowly move my shares up little by little untill i see an oportunity to invest again. I really hope this boat is going to move forward at least i am going to wait for it even if it takes another year. 

It seems like its going to take ages to become a legal business, maybe we should give up on that and go back to the roots how we started and become a crowd funding company again but then with a good management like we have now. If there is payment processors not wanting to work with our system then just get rid of them, cryptocurrencies is the future and definately not paypal.

Raise funds to promote our great products , but also use the revenues to pay off the investors. Even sell company stocks to members to pay off debts....get rid of it and make a restart 
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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05/08/2017 19:55
"Even sell company stocks to members to pay off debts....get rid of it and make a restart "

@ These Prices, heck NO!
Traffic Value: $489.01092 Netherlands
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05/08/2017 20:25
who cares druth, what is it worth to have them on stock anyway. its more worth to have a debt free website right now

take down the market temporary and sell them @0.003 or even 0.005
when all sold and debts are paid off let the website settle for 1 or 2 weeks and then reopen the market again and start with clean sheet. 
share holders have no company voice anyway so the only reason to have stock it to try and sell for better price and try to make profit

i dont know how much is needed to clear all the debts but marc and the team are holding 250M of the shares ...even at the $0.003 price it could be worth 750K , more then enough to pay off all the debts

with all the upcoming plans and reduce of costs and no debts we can have a verry bright future
Traffic Value: $14,823.02214 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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05/08/2017 21:18
What are you talking about jordy186??? Sell for $0.003 or $0.005??? RIGHT NOW the price is $0.002 so whom you gonna sell those 250 million of RPs to?
Btw. FTQ debt is around $215k.

But now I would like to respond to caciPakovska.
1. FTQ investments that were put for sale will be bought by the people who (still) believe in this project or, if the sale price is too high, they won't be sold, but that's seller's fault. I'm checking at least once per day the FTQ market to see if I can grab some cheap investments. Still, ALL of these investments will eventually be paid.
2. Tell me, what should Druth8x do? Complain and bash people here on the forum and do the same all over the Internet? It's exactly what people shouldn't do if they want their money back. Isn't that logical? Like Druth8x, I also strongly believe in this project and support this team in their efforts, but you surely know that already. I (literally) never found in any online business an admin like Marc who is so honest and transparent, even when situation is not good at all and he deserves huge respect for that. If there were anyone else in his place - your money would be lost long time ago and you would be listening lies and false statements that everything goes smoothly until one day that site suddenly goes offline, together with your money.
3. You are INDIRECTLY sc@mmed every single day from your government, institutions, all subjects on the free market, even your "friends".
4. I don't see that any of your 5 referrals invested anything into this site, so I don't know what are you talking about. Also, as long as I can see, you are one of the few lucky ones who withdrew more than invested so, again, what are you talking about?
5. That part about being 102,50% sure is amazing. What on earth is 100% sure? Only death! You can't predict everything, you don't know when something bad will happen if you don't have control over it. Marc is doing his best, in spite of all this negativity, and some of you don't even deserve to be a part of this project when things turn upside down.

I really don't understand how people don't see the potential of this project. Yes, most of us are still waiting to get our money back and yes, right now the situation is not the best one, but if you stay here long enough - it's very unlikely that you'll lose. 
Traffic Value: $520.60691 United States
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05/08/2017 21:58
I am going to have to say while everything does not look great right now. It at least making a little progress toward getting better. Marc could have said screw it many times over the last 2 years he been in charge. I just do a swap clear everything out and make a fresh start from there. No he choose to try make the company work even though he knew it would upset alot of people cause they were not getting their investment back as soon as they had planned. But in the long run it will be better for them if they stick around. cause instead of getting pennies on the dollar for their investments they will get their full returns. will it happen in the next 30 days. no will it take another year maybe. I hope not but setting here bashing the company is not going to help you get your investments back any faster. In fact it most like going to hurt you in the long run as people that might be looking at this company see what your saying and go well if the people already in the company dont support the team why should we join and support them.

IF you put a much effort into helping make the company grow as you do bashing it we all would be alot better off. you cant make money selling RP unless there someone going to buy them. I personally dont know anyone setting around with 275K willing to invest in this company. So i dont see where that would work even if Marc was willing to do it. That would be almost as bad as swapping out all the debt and giving RP in return. Just think if it wasnt for Marc and the team he put together since he been in charge most likely this site would have shut down along time ago and we would not be having this discussion. If we was all together in another company we be talking about how bad it was we all lost everything here.

So as long as Marc is willing to keep trying to turn the company around i am willing to support him.
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