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Deposit processor + Credit Card????

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Traffic Value: $3,781.28667 Argentina
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06/03/2018 20:08
Hello guys, I wanted to ask, if someone knows, if the deposit processor MTV work with has credit card avaliable.
I want to make a deposit through one of the processor with a credit card.
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06/03/2018 21:33
all which are available for MyTrafficValue:

1. Bitcoins (fees: 5%-10% + exchange rate fees +0.5% MTV deposit)
You can buy Bitcoins with CC e.g. at:

2. payeer (fees 8% deposit + 0.95% transfer + 4% MTV deposit)

(3. SolidTrustPay)
Listed for the list to be complete, but I advise to not use STP,
they are one of the worst payment processors available

For Paidverts some additional ways are available:

AdvCash (fees: 2.95% + 0.5% Paidverts fee)

Neteller (fees: 4.95% | 3.50% + 1.25$ PV)

Payza (fees: 3.5% | 4.00% + 0.59$ PV)

WebMoney (2.5% | 2.25% + 0.01$ PV)
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06/03/2018 21:42
bottom of page has link:

Directly from CC is not possible, but you can fund many of those with a CC and then use that to send here.
Traffic Value: $3,781.28667 Argentina
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06/03/2018 23:57
Thank you guys
Forum - Questions - Deposit processor + Credit Card????
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