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Paidverts wagering competition, BIG PRIZES!

Paidverts wagering competition, lasting 1 week only!


From the 17th until the 23rd of September, you can win a piece of the 3 million BAP pool.

Who ever bets most, wins!

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23/01/2018 14:35
Can someone honestly confirm that this so called "BTC Exploit that is displayed as a banner in MTV is genuine?

It's about this site: and it claims to get you "free" btc (it even allows you to get 2 btc at once...) But in order to have it transferred to your wallet you have to pay a fee FIRST

This sounds very fishy to me and i don't think this can be real. My point: if this is scam then why is this banner allowed at MTV?

To add to this: i tried to do the exploit thing and it looks professional but for 0.15 btc you have to pay 0.00499 (almost 500000 satoshi!) first. I think this is an easy way to get rich... but only the site owners will get rich.

There is a userchat and guess what: repetitive chat messages....

So please remove this BTC Exploit banner because it is a total scam
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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23/01/2018 15:25
It's not up to MTV to validate the legitimacy of the advertisements that are shown.
We sell advertising, but we don't endorse the products that are being promoted.
This has always been the case.
Traffic Value: $15,174.80528 Netherlands
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23/01/2018 20:45
That might be true, however a legal business like MTV should - imo - behave that way and not allow obvious sc!ms, since this can affect the credibility of MTV.

But if this has always been the case, so be it. I thought i'd mention it out of a mindset that a professional business should avoid these sites/programs etc as much as possible: you don't allow porn either, then why allow these sites
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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23/01/2018 21:08
What you are asking is that we would review every website that is being promoted, even if they buy banners for a single hour.
We also have the monitor, which is a product I personally don't like, but since it was part of the current model, we kept it.

We have never endorsed what is being promoted, but porn/racism is simple to spot and to disapprove of in our TOS.
We are not reviewing companies, business models, websites etc though.
Traffic Value: $773.5176 Portugal
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24/01/2018 11:09
Unless big brands like BMW and Coca Cola start advertising here, pretty much 90% of the advertisements in PV are to scams
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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24/01/2018 12:39
Well, I'm not sure on that 90% mark, that's not unique to us as the whole industry is advertising for refferals or program owners advertising for members. It's a sad reality that more "HYIP/scammy" the more it gets advertised.

That said, just showing the website of a original style PTC website is not a scam (I don't like the buy ref systems on some/many but the earning through PTC/Cash Offers is legit)...and we get a lot of people advertising PTC sites. Also, except for the newbies to the industry, most HYIP are treated more like games than anything serious.

I think 90% is way too a hyperbole and not really applicable in that that's an issue that every website faces. Which, btw, I have been members of sites that do ban scams. There are even programs that can do the verification for you while the advertiser is trying to submit it.
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