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Several big improvements coming to PaidVerts in the following months

Today we shared some info on a massive improvement (simplification) of ad viewing procedure for PaidVerts that is coming in November, along with some other interesting points.

The changes are aimed at making your time spent on PaidVerts far more valuable and we are also preparing grounds for working on vastly improving PaidVerts for advertisers and earners in the coming months!

Make sure to check the first details in our latest forum post

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27/06/2018 03:55
Are you having to compete in an auction on bitcointalk for the ad campaign or have you agreed a fee?

I assume they are charging per impression and not per click?

What kind of stats do they provide?

If it's successful, is this something that could be opened up to project funding with users referral links used?

When do you expect the first campaign to start?
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