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Bitcoin balances are live on PBG!

Get extra cash completing tasks with Offertorro Until 24th May!

Through 18th-24th May you will receive 10% extra cash completing offers from OfferTorro!
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We will then randomly select 1 individual who will win $100.


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13/06/2018 22:52
It's not been quick, but it's finally happened!

Next up Kongregate.

Well done MTV.
Traffic Value: $6,068.9465 India
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14/06/2018 00:30
yeah now only forward direction is there in our business till we reach billion dollar company some day tongue cool
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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14/06/2018 00:53
@Ajay  Like your optimism mate.  Maybe one day!  

In the meantime it removes our exposure to fluctuations between USD and BTC...which is a huge step forward as far as I'm concerned.

This now makes PBG attractive to promote, as there is no potential (apart from hacks) that it will lose MTV money. 

Let the referring begin!
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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14/06/2018 01:09
...and for info: 

(from wikipedia)
Kongregate is an American mobile, PC, and Console publisher and web gaming portal. The website features over 110,000 online games and 30+ mobile games available to the public. In 2010, it was purchased by Gamestop Corporation[sup][3][/sup] which was then acquired by Modern Times Group MT AB in 2017.
The portfolio focuses on mid-core games spanning a wide range of genres. Kongregate is the home for several idle/clicker games, including Adventure CapitalistCrusaders of the Lost Idols, and Anti-Idle: The Game.
On the web portal, users can upload Adobe FlashHTML 5/JavaScriptShockwaveJava or Unity games with integrated high scores and achievement badges

(from Kongregate website)

  • 100K web games uploaded
  • 15 million active players
  • AdVenture Capitalist (an idle/clicker game) has >20 million installs

...just sayin' wink
Traffic Value: $6,068.9465 India
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14/06/2018 02:02
so should we consider Kongregate as the biggest from that type of game lister? smile
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28/06/2018 03:44

how to withdraw playbitcoingames and how to add withdraw address
DomingoX6 - Forum moderator
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28/06/2018 12:34

All your deposits must have at least 6 confirmations before you can cashout.

You can add the address in the cashout page, maybe you can't see it for the resolution of your phone, try to request the desktop version or use a computer.
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28/06/2018 14:55
hello why bitcoin withdrawals on PV are high? is there a possiblitiy in the future to reduce it? its higher than withdrawals on bittrex or other exchanges.
Traffic Value: $6,068.9465 India
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28/06/2018 16:34
it is not just with bitcoin it is with all payment processors that fees are a bit high so as to cover the payment processors commission and as a small security for bitcoin volatility
Traffic Value: $968.7814 Philippines
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29/06/2018 01:48
so that means paidverts is not that profitable for the members you can earn a very little amount because of fees, referral commission, maintenance everyday etc.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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29/06/2018 03:50
For the lower lvl users who can't get much BAP turned into $ per day, that is probably right (provided you don't cheat the system by hiding your cash balance &/or spending your BAP balance - no I won't say how, again.) Actually, only in one way of looking at it.

$0.365 per year isn't too much that using the BAP Market you should be able to make profit with a decently low amount...I have yet to do the math but maybe even $0.005 per Group day aka $1.26 per year, maybe even lower.

BAP fee is not a loser as it just recovers some of what you get via cliocking AA ads, much less the other BAP you can get.

In fact, if you were to sell your extra BAP from AA alone, you can recoup more than the cash maintence fee.

Warning math paragraph, tl;dr: Only Click 8 AA ads daily, and any ads you get, for a year and at current market rates, net ~$1.55+:

As long as you click your 8 AA ads everyday, and you still incur a 100 BAP and $0.001 per day fee, and never get any ads (not possible, and cash ads vs BAP market would make the end result better) in 365 days, you have 20 BAPmin per day so, 7300 BAP, sell that at 5 BAP/RP = 1,460 RP. Now, you can either hold them to have a supplementary source of income or sell them at thepretend going rate of $0.0013 each wich would get you $1.898. Have to subtract that $0.365 tax, so you get $1.543. Cashing that out would take some %, but you'd still be up quite a bit, and this is with only clicking 8 AA (not the Daily BAP reward which for me is 92 aka 4.5x that amount) and not getting cash ads which is a better way to convert your BAP. No investment, save 8 AA ads everyday.

Also, just the fact that you come to PV daily, you should also check cash offers as well. Our % are "best" in the industry of how much we give a % of what we get from the provider. AKA, if you do an offer as CS/NB you won't get as much cash for the same offer provided here.

~1.55+ for free (2,920+ ad views, logging in daily) per year might not seem high enough, esp how many clicks it is vs manual surfing, but I'd say it's reasonable. Besides, just 1 more click per day aka 365 per year, should net you much more (for me it's 4.5x more). Add in 5,500 ads if you are a group member (22 ads 250 days). If you qualify for APS you get another 250 per year to click. Both of those mean a bit more revenue (or lot depending on how high up you are).
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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29/06/2018 04:48
Here's data on BAP Reward how much you can get as a newbie/fairly new:
100 ads = 8 BAP (aka 5 group days, you can claim, not sure if AA count).
500 ads = 8 BAP 16 Total
1000 ads = 8 BAP 24 Total
10K ads = 8 BAP 32 Total (this probably will take a couple years)

7 days = 8 BAP
30 days = 8 BAP 16 Total
50 days = 8 BAP 24 Total
100 days = 8 BAP 32 Total

Combine these 2 above and while it takes a lot of work and its just a guesstimate anyways, but 100 days in, you are probably gaining 56 BAP per day which is nearly 3x of the 20 BAP you turn into ~$1.55. So, roughly, $3 more from 100 day to 365 easily taking into the first 100 days progression a net of $5.

But, wait, there is more:
Complete 5 Offers in the past 7 days (aka just under 1 per day avg, and yes you can save them up and say do 15 every 21 days) and you get 10 BAP per day, aka ~$0.775 more if you can do 5 the first day you join.

Also, 10 BAP more if those offers (or more) add up to $1, per 7 days (extending these long is not worth it if you have limited amount of offers avl). Another $0.775 per year, if you can maintain nearly $0.15 per day avg earned.

Which, ofc means that doing that many cash offers blows all this other math ($6.50) out of the water, as $1 per week means $52 per year. Still, even if you only do the 5 offers per week, and those offers are $0.01 on avg (I'm hoping you do the $0.008 as many as you can, and the $0.024 as well, which would be more than $0.05 per week...I get over $1+ per day, myself...just in $0.024 there are 6 daily avl, and more cycle through often enough, so more than $0.15, if they are avl to you). This is not counting other offers like surveys or the quizzes, which again are solid source of revenue and then can get you that $1 per week bonus as well.

On top of all that play CFE 5 times per day and net another 8 BAP per day aka ~$0.66 more. I login and get those plays in with Chrome.

In summary, for doing just what you do, you can quickly get a sizeable increase in BAP net gain, doing a bit more gets you even more (including just more income from those actions).

So, no, I don't think PV is a bad place for free members, not at all.
Yes, you really need to login daily and click for a few minutes, but it's possible to make some money at the end of the year (even b4 then, tbh), w/o putting in $.

All of this is possible for everyone, and I'd argue it's better to not be in the smallest groups, and instead sell all your AA BAP and Reward BAP into RP, hold the RP, and only sell when you have to. No sense in geeting dinged 36,500 BAP unless you can get at least $9.50 per year out of ads. That's $0.038 per avg Group day, none any other day. Which, means 48K BAP Group or higher, everyone else should use PV my alternate way of earning....which also means logging in once after tax is assessed and acquiring all the BAP you can, and after doing all the cash offers you can (well you can claim and sell BAP of cash offers you will get to that day), if you get group ads, that's ok (6 half cent?). Then convert all your BAP to RP. might have to do so at 6 BAP, if you don't want to wait.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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29/06/2018 08:54
The high fees are designed to discourage you from cashing out. It would serve you and us better if you kept the money in the site and circulated it through the site 'economy'. That helps us all grow faster. It is a better choice for you because reinvesting your earnings here is one of the better safe investments you can make on the web and much better than a bank
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