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Wednesday Mar 5th News

Perfect Money back to being operational!

Our perfect money issue has been solved!

All cashouts have been processed and all new ones will be processed within 24-48 hours max again.
Thank you for your patience!

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05/03/2014 10:48
Todays fast tracks have been sent.

PaidVerts Launch Countdown:
13-23days (15days until the $2000 speed bonus expires)
The share price is continuing its march upwards! It's gone from 9cents to 13 in the last 24-48hours. And there are only a few shares listed for sale at 13 and 14cents; which means it should hit 15cents any day now.

This is likely the last opportunity to grab yourself some super cheap shares... As when PV launches, the price will compound again!

And on that note, Paul and Daniel tell me that they expect to have "most things working by this weekend" - and then we'll have a full week timetabled for testing, deployment and refinement prior to launch.

So it seems they're on track for their $2000 speed bonus. So that's good. PaidVerts will therefore hopefully be online two weeks tomorrow! Thursday 20th March.
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05/03/2014 11:34

8 days ago I sent the money via Bank wire to update my balance, but I still do not see money in my
available balances.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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05/03/2014 12:32
I've sent Carlos another reminder to check again.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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05/03/2014 15:47
Share price is now up to 15cents... This is the breakeven price for all investors in the 186% plan prior to the debt swap a month ago;

Balances.... sell shares for 27cents per share to break even.
125% plan... sell shares for 21cents per share to break even.
186% plan... sell shares for 15cents per share to break even.
250% plan... sell shares for 11cents per share to break even.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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05/03/2014 16:17
15 cents. That's nice! That's a great return on the shares I paid two cents for and is a classic demonstration that you should be a buyer when others are sellers.

It only took about a year and a half but I think I finally doubled my investment here ninja
Traffic Value: $32,405.21707 Ukraine
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05/03/2014 16:23
he-he, it seems like you're just genius, Jo
Traffic Value: $385,783.27887 Switzerland
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05/03/2014 16:28
It's all about timing, some people earn more, some less. For example right after debt swap I bought shares at 2 cents each, so assuming I can sell them for 0.15 I just made ~750% ROI cool grin(after 35 days) 
Traffic Value: $84,466.07763 Pakistan
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05/03/2014 17:51
haha kamil really you make a lot of profit from mtv current month
Traffic Value: $40,205.23673 United States
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05/03/2014 18:22
Pistas rápidas de hoy se han enviado.

PaidVerts Cuenta atrás:
13-23 días (15 días hasta que caduque el bonus de velocidad de 2.000 dólares)
El precio de las acciones continúa su marcha hacia arriba! Ha pasado de 9cents a 13 en el último 24-48 horas. Y sólo hay unos pocos acciones cotizadas en venta en 13 y 14cents, lo que significa que debe golpear 15cents en cualquier momento.

Esto es probablemente la última oportunidad de agarrar a ti mismo algunas acciones muy baratas ... Como cuando PV lanza, el precio va a complicar de nuevo!

Y en esa nota, Pablo y Daniel me dijo que esperan tener "la mayoría de las cosas que trabajan por este fin de semana" - y luego tendremos una semana completa timetabled para ensayos, el despliegue y el refinamiento antes del lanzamiento.

Así que parece que están en camino a su bonus de velocidad de 2.000 dólares. Así que eso es bueno. PaidVerts serán, por tanto, espera que sea en línea dos semanas de mañana! Jueves 20 de marzo.
Traffic Value: $386,747.05153 Netherlands
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05/03/2014 19:25
How are you seeing the share buyback exactly Jo? Is a part of the portfolio for this buyback fund and will it with that money buy shares, or is it something else?
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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05/03/2014 20:33
Share buy back would just use some of our excess development funding - assigned as a "cost" of the product on the portfolio - and we buy up the cheapest shares with it.

Then we have a product on the portfolio, that lists the dividends that those shares earn as a revenue. And also any resale value if/when we sell them.

*Furthermore it could potentially be expanded, to dip into the daily results. Assign share buys as a negative daily revenue, and share sells as a positive one. But that'd be secondary to the primary mechanism above.
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