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November 6th - News

Free spins for PPMG and PBG can be found in your email!

We have just sent you an email to give you a number of free spins on 2 of our external sites: and

There are no strings attached and we are offering free spins for the first 1000 people who use the promo code.

Not using the code is equal to saying "NO" to free money.

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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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06/11/2017 17:17
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When set you will need to enter it once per session when making actions/accessing areas of our websites that deal with money, shares, BAP, account settings or investments.

If you lose your PIN/enter it incorrectly 3 times, the only way to reset it, is by contacting our support, who may require additional identity verification.

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Today the programmers gave us a new and improved version of Paidverts, for the next round of testing.
During the previous round we noticed a lot of game-related bugs among other things which should be ironed out right now.
Hopefully this will be the final version (except for the need to improve the texts on the website and some design-related improvements) and we can actually prepare a solid date to push the reworked and improved version of Paidverts.

The launch of the rework will come with a nice promotion that will make it that much more attractive to return to/join Paidverts.
We will also renew all of our promotional material on Paidverts and use the new layout, this will definitely have a positive effect on those that once used Paidverts, but left later on.
It will show that there have been actual changes, which will likely spike some interest to come and check it out.

The reworked version has a guide for new users (But everyone will get it once logging in) that will make Paidverts much easier to understand and use.
Over time we are going to add elements that will point out features like the offerwalls, for which we have a very nice idea, but we will need some help from the offerwalls as we are planning to build an add-on that will filter any and all new offers that a certain person with a certain demographic/profile can perform.
Should be very interesting and make it that much more effective and profitable for both the user and the platform.

Talking about renewing promotional material and design.. We have finally hired a person who has been contributing to our team for a very long time, for which he never got properly compensated.
I am talking about Orlando (orlan12fish) who has helped us a lot with the social media channels, promotional material, video´s and ideas for the reworked paidverts design.
It was scheduled to happen way sooner, but ever since our income severely reduced since around May, we simply had to start cutting where ever we could, which is also where we had to cut the salary of Domingox6, who is now also back on the payroll.

Last month we had a pretty good month which allowed us to reduce some of our debt.
We are very positive about the upcoming months and we are putting in a lot of effort to make sure that things fall in place.
Given the fact that these guys are from Venezuela and Guatamala, it doesn´t require a lot of cash (in the overall grand scheme of things) to properly compensate them for their time and efforts, but it adds a lot of value to the team.

From now on our social media channels and promotional material will be improved even further and with a great amount of discounts and events that we have upcoming we aim to reach our goals.

We will also renew all of the promotional material of all of our websites and improve small elements of our current structure to further optimize and increase traffic and profitability.


Today we want to introduce you to one of the things we’re looking most forward to as part of the rework – PvP (player vs player) battles!

This rework is a perfect time for us to add to the game something that has not been done to an extent we wanted to – a bigger feel of competitiveness and strategy, as well as making the core of WarZone less repetitive and more exciting.
We have been looking at tons of options to achieve that and have after careful consideration narrowed it down to something we feel will integrate extremely well into the core experience.

WarZone is a dangerous and competitive place – not only do you fight to proceed through battles and increase your power, now every 10th battle will also be a test of your strength and how well you fair against other players.
In PvP battles you will get a chance to fight with one of several opponents, who will be similar to you in strength – who you choose to fight is up to you as you might have strengths over someone. To aid you in your choice basic information about the strength of the opponent will be shown. Who do you have more chances to beat? Detailed explanation of how battles are calculated will be available in-game, but in short:
–Your support units will become your fighting force
–Your Level, and various upgrades will be a part of battle calculations

Once you’ve made your choice a battle terrain will be chosen randomly – Land, Air or Water will become battles where that type of your support units will fight spectacular battles. Are you more proficient in Land, Air or Water battles? OR will you try to aim for a more balanced army? How you build up your upgrades throughout the game will determine how strong you will be against certain type of enemies. Will most players be focused on Land, Air or Water battles? The best thing is – we don’t know! How players build up their armies will be something that will vary over the course of time and will make battles interesting throughout!

Since you can’t micromanage everything, your units will wage these battles on their own, and you will be able to see how they are fairing in a real-time simulation!
As in the real world, random events might happen in simulations that might turn a fight around… even if you are losing or winning. It’s never over … until it’s actually over…
Every PvP battle fought (lost or won) will reward you with a PvP point, which you will be able to use to specialize your support units in several areas. Upgrades will give you bonuses in PvP battles, support power or DPC.
However, winning a PvP battle will grant you an additional sizeable score boost based on the strength of your opponent. You will see these as simulations, but you must understand that it’s your actual units waging these battles – and win or lose, you might face some loses of your support units.

The PvP battles will help shake up the rankings and challenge you to adapt your strategies if you want to maximize your progress. As you might suffer some support unit loses, battles will also affect your WarZone progress – but in the end it’s well worth it as the bonuses you will get from fighting will make you that much stronger for all future battles to come!
We hope this gets you as excited for these upcoming changes as we are, and if you have any further questions we’ll be more than happy to share more details about how it will all work smile


My Traffic Value Wagering Competition with a little additional bonus!

From Wednesday the 8th of November until Tuesday the 14th of November we are having a My Traffic Value Wagering Competition.

The games participating are the ones we used during the previous competitions, namely:

-Compound Boxes
-Coin Flip
-Shootout Champs
-Rock Paper & Scissors

The prize pot will consist of 10% of the profitability of ALL of our games during this week, but this time the minimum prize that we will be splitting is $200.
This means that the number 1 will win AT LEAST $50.

The prize structure will look the following:

#1 25%
#2 17%
#3 13%
#4 11%
#5 10%
#6 7%
#7 6%
#8 5%
#9 4%
#10 2%

We wish you all the best of luck!
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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06/11/2017 22:45
Good update and great to hear Orlando and Domingo are being properly compensated for the work they do. grin
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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06/11/2017 23:43
I don't know if you have enough testers, nor if you have a way to do so, but if you haven't yet, consider having Upgraded Membership PV members test things out for the team as well.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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07/11/2017 02:45
A couple bugs?:

1. CFE Day 2 with no Daily Ranking
2. Did we lose our Adhitz (or alternative) account? Why do I not see ads in those spots (this is on PV and CFE and WC). WC doesn't have the top right banner but does have the "middle" banner.
Traffic Value: $9,606.72522 Portugal
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07/11/2017 04:55
Why don't we create our own coin, MTV coin.

I see so many shit coins being created everyday with no real projects at all...

But we have a real project, with an ICO distribution here, for every RP you own, you get 1 coin or 2... That would increase our RP value, expand our business into another market and so on...

Just a big dream or share your toughts?
Traffic Value: $6,862.65364 India
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07/11/2017 07:23
Incredible newspost Marc, I hope reworked PV & WC will create history in the coming days/months with huge revenues. Keep up the amazing work DEV TEAM MTV/PV.
Traffic Value: $43.5935 Canada
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07/11/2017 12:26
captcha has taken over paidverts again. It covers up the middle of the Paid Ad while we have to click and click and click signs, cars, roads, complete waste of time and paid ad is not getting the attention it deserves
Traffic Value: $14,823.02214 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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07/11/2017 12:37
Unthink, you obviously didn't read Marc's post from the last update, 29th October, where he said:
Turning shares into a crypto I've heard a lot of people say.
But mtv is not a blockchain based project nor has it got a decentralized use case, which are the 2 reasons which give a crypto currency its value.
Traffic Value: $15,380.8699 Belgium
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07/11/2017 13:39
You can change to VisualCaptcha in your Account Settings..
Traffic Value: $43.5935 Canada
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08/11/2017 07:52
visual .. does not work at all for me. Trying to change to the Visual..... just caused problems, and difficult to change back
Traffic Value: $15,380.8699 Belgium
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08/11/2017 08:02

Did you try changing preferred captcha hereI tried clicking a few ads in the Click Grid with both Visual and Google. Changing from one to the other was only one click. No problems encountered.
Maybe clearing your browser cookies can do the trick?
Traffic Value: $7,349.70862 Saudi Arabia
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08/11/2017 08:27
May be they are using iphone to watch the ads. For me visual captcha don't work with iphone at all. Is it a common problem?
Traffic Value: $157.2691 Venezuela
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08/11/2017 13:48
Is this business still alive?
Traffic Value: $249.68549 South Africa
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08/11/2017 14:01

Maybe if you log in a bit more regularly and not every few months, you won't need to ask unnecessary questions like that...........
Traffic Value: $157.2691 Venezuela
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08/11/2017 17:32

Last time i logged in stock prices were deep underground , i see they still are there.. im surprised this thing keeps going on.

There is a way to make money other than gamble your ass off in the casino? because thats the only money income i see this company has for paying the investors, paying ROIs off people's losses. You gotta love MTV... just a shell of what it used to be.
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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08/11/2017 17:38
 just a shell of what it used to be.

Money doesn't grow on trees like some liked to believe back then... or now aswell it seems.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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08/11/2017 18:14
The Casino House Edge is not paying the OLD FTQ (which has no new investors allowed), nor is it paying the dividends, it's not even covering a full staff.

Casino's are a legit buisness and all gamblers know going in it's not a way to "make money", but more spend money having fun (just like other entertainment) but if they do hit it big and can quit/ haven't put that much in throughout the years, they may get ahead and stay ahead. Heck even playing the lotto, you will end up behind, but the chance of hitting it big vs the "waste" of the cost of the ticket is worth it.

MTV, in and of itself, wasn't ever a place to earn money (save the FTQ - which is not legit due to Ponzi), though dividends will come back at some point when the site is fully healthy. AND, there were some Project Funded Products that you had a chance to invest in with some profit margins. Those might/should come back, esp if we can get our staff rehired.

Also, while the RP are ridic cheap, that means every point of movement is a huge % profit. So, if you want, you can make some money trading...if you are ok with whatever position you are left in, if it refuses to go the profit way for you.

You can also still vote for programs you know/think will still be paying in 2 weeks time.

You can also promote your ref links, through the monitor/banners....members with money are always on the lookout, and MTV is still a good place to get them.

Stop your dissing a program that has done it's best, and still here after all these years, and be proactive in making money.

And, you always have the option of stockpiling on ridic cheap RP and then coming back in 10 years and be amazed. It's going to take more than a few years.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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08/11/2017 18:21
Just a shell of what it used to be.. Because we severely enjoyed being paid with digits instead of cash.
Digits that were made up, not backed by any product.
And the thing many don´t know is that when I got this business, it had $1.300.000,- in debt which I had to be silent about or everyone would have jumped ship.

Now you have actual products, actual accounting, actual development..
And yes, the casino´s are our main income source as of now, but it´s also the thing that brought me here. I actually like the predictability of owning a casino.

But don´t forget that:
-Paidverts is chipping in very well as well and is in the middle of a massive rebuild.
-Warclicks is a very solid product.
It might just gross around $2000 a month as of now but there are major developments being made and the community is growing.
Then we have products like BarterMyFunds etc, which might not generate a lot of income, but add a lot of value to the overall business structure.

Given the fact that you showed up to a 2 day old news topic asking if we were still alive, I don´t consider you to be seriously interested in what is going on, but I felt like "proving you wrong" none the less wink
Traffic Value: $157.2691 Venezuela
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08/11/2017 18:42
Well, i dont know about made up digits, but i was able of doing 70 bucks from a zero investment account in paidverts...

I dont expect to do anywhere near that nowadays.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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08/11/2017 18:57
If you had perfect timing and got out quickly, yes.
But basically you were robbing everyone who came in later, really doesn´t make it any better than living off of gamblers who actually know that in the long run they can not win.
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