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May 15th - News

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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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15/05/2017 19:14
** Security Tip **
Secure your account with 2 Factor Authentication: Go here!

Lock any payment option you don't use: Click here - Read what it does carefully!

We will reply to this thread throughout the day with any news and any other information!

Click the "Show only administrator posts" button above this post, to see today's news notifications. That'll hide all the user comments and chit-chat. (You can press "Show All Posts" if you want to read through all that).
PIN security feature has been added. You can set it up here!

When set you will need to enter it once per session when making actions/accessing areas of our websites that deal with money, shares, BAP, account settings or investments.

If you lose your PIN/enter it incorrectly 3 times, the only way to reset it, is by contacting our support, who may require additional identity verification.

Marc de Koning, CEO - Facebook
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Programming update:

We've successfully launched a new Sumo Roll release. New version of the game contains all features on which we were working over the last weeks: Upgrade shop, In-App purchases, Boosts and Interstitial Ads. It seems that everything works properly, so we encourage everyone to try it out. Moreover we were working simultaneously on iOS release of the game and it seems that we're closer than ever to make it happen. Next step is to focus on the Referral system, which should enlarge the game community and iOS release. Below are the bigger changes which were made during the last week:

- updated Google Mobile SDK unity plugin,
- changed Google Mobile SDK iOS dependencies,
- iOS build testing,
- integrated new graphics,
- added handling local currency in IAP items
- deploy backend changed for: shop, boosts
- testing live sumo-roll release,
- backend adjustments after deploy progress:

-Testimonials implementation has been finished. Users are now able to leave any kind of opinion about the product and share it with others. This requires an administrator to review them and approve to prevent spam and unwanted content.
-Implementation of general Matrix functionality has been started. It requires a lot of work which is quite obvious because of the importance of this feature.
We've started on the first steps to refer users and general upgrades.
-Ads module has been introduced.
The whole thing is to give users the ability to create ad campaigns which can then be accepted by an administrator.
Ad campaign has to be configured for a selected ad spot, payment method and time frame. When administrator accepts user request, ad will be displayed accordingly.
-User profile viewing and editing is also available on both user and administrator side. Editing of every field can be configured in application settings.

Slovenian office update:

The past month's been a bit hectic, but nonetheless productive (especially for the long term good) over here. Issues with our programmer, finding a new designer, making the switch in most support handling to Venezuelan staff, myself being unavailable almost two weeks due to sickness and vacation – it all resulted in several things being delayed. But happy to say that we got through it and now back on track!

Our new programmer has started taking over WarClicks development, so we will see progress and new updates pick up there again. It's a huge game, with crazy mechanics behind it so I'm devoting a fair share of my time getting him up to speed so I can focus on other things as soon as possible.

We've also found a great fill for our old designer, who's worked on part of the recent Sumo Roll additions (The game's just been updated today!) - Panic button, Shop, upgrades and next to be added achievements, making highscores and claim rewards page clearer.

With bulk of the support work moved over to Agency, we will now be shifting focus on marketing MTV and its various products to speed up promotion and increase product revenues. There's plans being prepared for PPMG, PBG, PV, SumoRoll and lastly, WarClicks.

Here, with everything happening in April (bugs, server issues upon WC experience is highly dependant upon, and lack of updates & handling them) promotion was not yet fully focused on, as it would not be as effective as it can be now that most things have been sorted. Despite some issues still remaining and tons of things can always still be improved for better gameplay experience – User retention has increased and is very solid and on top of that we've now got a good idea of ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) and will also start making major plans for paid marketing.
As free traffic sources can only take us so far and not resulting in any explosive growth, but with very satisfactory retention and ARPU we can move into smart paid marketing and compound with every campaign's results.

AutoResponder & mass email feature has been done already for MTV/PV, and where I just need to check a few things with Kamil and we can finally also get that out of the way. This overdue feature will improve user communication, retention and help us engage more of our userbase and monetize all of our products better.

We've had a few brainstorm sessions with Marc regarding the PV rework, which has several important aims:
- make the website more friendly, clear and attractive to (pure)advertisers
- improve user retention
- improve monetization of users by making regular engagement and all-round activity REWARDING while also working out a progression system that will reward long-term commitment to the site, instead of „hit and run“. Simply put – think of pretty much everything you can do on PaidVerts – we want to make it reflect in where it matters most to users – ad issue earnings.
- better management of „BAP debt“

Shortly put we want to make PaidVerts attractive again and vastly improve its profitability.

Also I wanted to give a quick update on what has changed on SumoRoll with the newest update that is already available on Google Store (
- Panic button was added, which when used turns the sumo into a ball of fire, flying through any obstacles. By default players get one use per game, but can upgrade it to 2/3 uses.
- In App Purchases were added, where users can buy huge stacks of coins, with which they can buy various upgrades. They also allow you to conveniently get rid of advertisements (banners and interstitials)
- A series of upgrades were added, which reduce the chance of enemies appearing in-game. These upgrades allow you to get further in the game and earn more coins, so are a good long term investment into the game as they maximize your potential earnings
- Important additions to monetization were also added. First one in the form of an increased coin gain bonus by watching a video. It starts at 10%, but can be increased to 20% and 30% by watching additional videos. This bonus lasts for 1 hour, and can be reused several times each day.
- Interstitial ads were added to the game, which may appear right after crashing in-game. These are limited per user to not be too intrusive, and should will help monetize the game additionally.

The programmers are currently working on a referral structure for the game, where by referring friends to play the game you will be able to earn additionally:
1.) Get a fixed amount of coins as a reward for each referral after they make X plays
2.) Get 5% of the coins your referrals earn playing

You will be able to share the game link via various methods (not all yet confirmed, but most should be possible in final version):
Inviting friends directly from facebook, messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Email, Contacts, Twitter...

Due to huge fluctuations and recent increases in Bitcoin prices, we will also potentially have to make changes to the claim packages/rewards, to ensure the product remains profitable regardless of the bitcoin price. But as we gain more users and have the game monetized better, we will also be able to pay out more on claims. The best way to increase not only the game's profitability but also what you as a player can earn, is to promote the game as much as you can, as it will benefit everyone involved!


We have been very busy lately.
After a terrible first week in May we are doing whatever we can to make the rest of the month a whole lot better!

Poloniex and kraken have had ddos-attacks during which they didn't close their markets or revert trades.
This has led to all the alts taking a big dive (temporarily).
This has had its impact on the crypto fund, but as we weren't on margin, nothing is lost other than temporary value.

Fingers crossed!
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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15/05/2017 20:31
An autoresponder with a lead capture page sounds great. Now you can not only get more shots at the new potential sign ups but you can lead them step by step through a training program to get them started. This should increase sales and activity levels. In the past the stated number was around 400% increase in sales so this should be hugely beneficial

Are you working on a tracking feature? All it really needs to show is where the signup comes from. Currently it says paidverts. If we could get that then we can do the math ourselves on how lucrative/active referrals are from X, Y or Z site
Traffic Value: $7,212.45963 Malaysia
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16/05/2017 05:56
this month ppmg revenue is so promising...and we also got PBG revenue after a long time.
gugakip - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $739.34329 Belgium
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16/05/2017 08:32
Indeed! Let's hope it continues like this, then we have a solid fundation... let's see what the second half of May brings smile
Traffic Value: $564.96146 Venezuela
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16/05/2017 15:07
With these news is an excellent time to invest in RP insurance will break the roof of $ 0.004!grin
Traffic Value: $3.53549 Pakistan
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16/05/2017 17:16
where is daily ad issues list ? 
long time there is no daily ad issue list posted ?
Traffic Value: $390.16936 Bulgaria
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16/05/2017 17:20
16th May Daily Ad Issue
Traffic Value: $773.5176 Portugal
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17/05/2017 08:03
With the pending investigation on Kraken and Poloniex for inside trading, is it possible to dream with an MTV product, crowd-funded, that is an alt-coin trading platform or am I dreaming too big?
Traffic Value: $8.37862 India
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17/05/2017 08:11
I too agree with you jpla1991. Crtptocurrency trading platform is a good idea according to me too.
Traffic Value: $8,897.67057 Italy
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17/05/2017 10:33
is kraken and\or other trading sites under attack? i cannot buy since this morning
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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17/05/2017 10:36
Way too big for now.
We have been having this thought for weeks now, but it's a huge project and there are 100s of exchanges out there which end up to be a ghost town.

In the past we built Poker and other products because we expected our crowd to make it a clear winner (It's the thing that makes us different from other businesses) but it simply didn't end up to be that way.

A new poloniex, of such a size, with reliable servers etc etc costs millions.

I really like the challenge and if we further down the road have a real opportunity to give it a shot, we probably will, but for now it's out of our league.

I got heavily burned by them, even today.. So I know where the idea comes from, i'm "not pleased" to say the very least smile
Traffic Value: $9,518.95615 European Union
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17/05/2017 12:05
How about payment FTQ?
felibaudino - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $770.95545 Argentina
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17/05/2017 12:28

It is our current objective to pay the entire FTQ as soon as possible, since this is something that is currently a setback and not allowing us to have growth we should be having.
This is all public info and I am happy to share it with you again, but it was already shared several times on news topic, which you can also read too!

We are currently developing MyMatrix and we have setted a CryptoFund for trading purposes, which were funded by the users and will allow us to pay the backers and also the FTQ with their profits.

You can also do your part and help us and make things go faster, and of course you would be making money yourself, so it is a win-win situation. If you wonder how you can help us, it is pretty simple, you can refer friends to the platform, start building a team for MyMatrix, or spread the world of some of our other business, like PBG, PPMG, Sumo Roll, Warclicks

Hope that this info will clear your doubts! Feel free to ask for any further help, we are here for you!
Traffic Value: $41.2813 Canada
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18/05/2017 05:48
how did my ID and email get on the CHAT for the coin flip game??????
 I close it every time it comes up. CHAT reappears every time it recycles.
I do not want my email on there, how do I delete it????

I sent a support ticket
Traffic Value: $6,978.02838 Pakistan
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18/05/2017 09:24
Hello I have 3million BAPS. I am getting the required amount of ads which is posted. Can anyone tell me that how much AD Filter I should set for this amount of BAPS
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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18/05/2017 10:17
Hi @khurram1980

The most recent ad issue gave the 3m group:

1 x $3.669 (big)
1 x $0.334 (small)
20 x $0.0085 (mini)

It's really up to you where you set your filter, but I'd suggest at least keeping it below the $0.334 level so you get your big and small ads, and below $0.0085 if you want to get the mini as well.

You can check the daily ad values for each group here:

Hope that helps.
Traffic Value: $6,978.02838 Pakistan
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18/05/2017 14:50
@fraser Thank you. It surely helped me
Traffic Value: $4,069.99578 Germany
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19/05/2017 10:26
I just realized that all my banner campaigns on paidverts have completely stopped receiving impressions/clicks since 4 days. 

I can't open a support ticket about it because I already have one pending for a reply to an issue that should take no longer than 5 minutes to resolve. That ticket has been pending for 1 month now and all that because a basic feature (the update campaign option) simply doesn't work. For a month now it's telling me that an admin will look over my campaign edits shortly and approve them, this feature just straight up does not function. 

I like the advertising results on paidverts, I really do, but damn this site needs to improve quite a bit from a technical standpoint. I have no idea why all my banner campaigns with thousands of clicks left just stopped out of nowhere and it's not just a visual bug either, since I can track visits on one of my websites. 

And I've completely given up on my support ticket, I've replied to it after two weeks pending and yes, I realize that pushes it back to the end of the queue, but now it's been pending for another 2 weeks, so I doubt anyone is actually gonna address it. So far I have had only good experiences with support, but this one is really dissapointing.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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19/05/2017 12:52
@DanTheMan your issue should now be fixed and campaign delivering again. We're still looking into what exactly happened.
Traffic Value: $10,924.06731 Germany
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19/05/2017 12:53
@ DanTheMan

i am sorry for you. Its a pity that the forum is soo dead sad Many months ago a post like yours had caused a discussion in the forum. Nowadays only a few members look at the forum. It would be soo nice if we could regain more activity...

@ khurram1980

what happenend to your BAPs?
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