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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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23/07/2017 10:29
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We will reply to this thread throughout the day with any news and any other information!

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When set you will need to enter it once per session when making actions/accessing areas of our websites that deal with money, shares, BAP, account settings or investments.

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We have decided to change MyMatrix' fee structure.

Currently the fee for level 1 has 2 downsides:

1: It's too high for some
2: It's high enough to be satisfied with a full level 1 for many

We have decided to lower the fee to 0.005 BTC, which at current prices is around $14.
All the other upgrade costs will be divided by 5.4x as well, a final price structure will be posted in the next few days.

Who ever did not break even on their level 1 upgrade will get their upgrade extended.

We will add 5 whole months to your upgrade if you did not break even on level 1.
The same applies to those buying level 2, 3 etc without getting a single payment for that level.

You do have the option to opt out for this extension and get credits to advertise on Paidverts instead.
If you wish to use the second option, please send us a support ticket and we will act accordingly.

Now.. With the segwit upcoming there are a lot of unknowns.
We don't know for sure yet how we will deal with it, but most likely we will halt any and all cryptocurrency-related transactions from the 30th of July until the 3rd of August.
This includes any and all of our projects, MyMatrix included.

A final statement regarding such a thing will be posted on Wednesday.


We hope you like our change and our compensation for those that didn't get to break even on their upgrades and we hope this will make it a lot easier for you to build yourself a network.
Please let us know what you think about the new structure.

Traffic Value: $2,427.3754 Belgium
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23/07/2017 11:32


DONATIONS SENT(2)0.07200000
Traffic Value: $520.60691 United States
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23/07/2017 11:42
Great changes Marc. I think this will show positive results as soon as everyone figure out what segwit going to.
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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23/07/2017 12:02
Plan to adding Perfect Money in MyMatrix with Company Account (Middle Man) by auto instant upgrading for sender and Daily  automatic Payment/instant withdraw  for Receiver with some additional 2% fees.  

1.5% fees is income for company...  
Traffic Value: $335.98079 Bangladesh
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23/07/2017 12:32
Hello Marc,
really a very good and fair plan from the management. I hope that this time it will be a very successful one.

I have a suggestion, a question and an idea. It will be appreciated if any one from the team review it.

Suggestion: Suppose I am A and I have only one referral till now who is B and B has no referral. So according to the update, I have to upgrade to level 1 for receiving from my level 1 referral and I won't receive anything from B for 5 months. So, if I upgrade with 0.005+fee and I get a referral named C, then I will receive 0.005 from him and I won't breakeven. Even after getting one payment of 0.027 from my referral, I didn't practically breakeven as I needed to send some fee with the upgrading cost. So in my opinion I won't be upgrading to level 1 this time.
As people who haven't breakeven, they are getting a 5 month extended membership, so my suggestion is that please extend all the level 1 membership even for them who have received from their 2 level 1 referrals. Because I know that if someone doesn't think about it and get upgraded to level 1 again and doesn't breakeven he will try to spoil our reputation. As others level haven't this type of problem, so members won't get 5 month extended membership who has breakeven. Only all level 1 membership will be extended to 5 months.

Question: Suppose the team has discovered some problem with my suggestion and you don't accept it. As I have problem with my level 1, so I won't upgrade to level 1 this time. but I want to continue with other level when I will think that I may receive from that level.
My question is if I don't upgrade to level 1 again, will my position be there where I am now and will I have the access to my matrix structure which I can see now?

Idea: I don't have that much knowledge about coding/web developing. So, I don't know how much tough it will be but I have something in mind and I want to share it.
Can we turn this matrix into a cycler? I have seen some matrix marketer are only promoting cycler matrices now and cycleres are getting popular.
This won't be a company forced cycler. It will be team forced like our spillover system. Even people will receive instant payment when they will cycle a level. They won't receive the payment like they will be receiving from the matrix structure. After every level of cycle, company will take some of their fund for upgrading them to next level, for giving them some re-entry position so that cycler lasts long, something for the company and the rest will go the member's account after that. This is just a rough idea. I know you will only consider this if the coding won't be that much tough. If the idea is taken, then I believe you will be able to adjust that how much will be good for upgrade, re-entry, company commission and member's earning.

Thanks for reading this post. It will be much appreciated if I get any reply from the team about my suggestion, idea and specially my question. Thanks a lot.
Traffic Value: $1,020.25923 Serbia
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23/07/2017 13:45
When we will see this 5 months extension?

Cause on my My Matrix dashboard it says 'Your upgrade will expire in 2 days' in red letters smile
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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23/07/2017 14:04
I think the price change should help. Making it more affordable for more people and lowering the risk they are taking also
Traffic Value: $1,736.13358 Morocco
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23/07/2017 14:17
Sorry, where can I find the warclicks bug topic. I have lost a lot of PP without claiming but I'm pist off now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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23/07/2017 15:27
War clicks bug reports

They also have a support button at the site
Traffic Value: $1,736.13358 Morocco
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23/07/2017 15:39

Thanks smile
Traffic Value: $784.09406 Chile
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23/07/2017 17:12
Hi about MM i get my lvl 1 full, but my level 2 i still dont receibe a single payment, so my lvl 2 will be extended for 5 months.

if i dont renew lvl 1 upgrade, but my lvl 2 will work next 5 months, i will lose my position?
Traffic Value: $56,564.16117 Germany
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23/07/2017 18:03
Awesome that we get the upgrade extended! Thank you so much smile
Traffic Value: $520.60691 United States
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23/07/2017 19:11
This is from the official mymatrix board. So yes claudinho777 i think you have to renew your lvl 1 upgrade to keep your position.

felibaudino - Forum moderator

23/07/2017 18:22
Sorry I got you confused, the 5 days extension is for all the upgrades that are currently on, this is because tomorrow the upgrades would start to expire and in order to keep the position you would have to upgrade again, so we extended them 5 days for nobody to lose their position while the changes are made.
The 5 months extension will be applied to everybody who didn´t break even on the level.
Traffic Value: $1,020.25923 Serbia
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23/07/2017 20:10
No man, that doesn't make sense to me.

I think a member should renew only his highest level to keep the position. If he/she wishes to do so.

Why would someone who is level 3 for example, have to renew levels 1 and 2 and 3?

Only having to renew level 3 is logical, the others are within it.

At least that how I think.
Traffic Value: $54,219.84749 United States
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24/07/2017 02:35
Thanks so much for the payment. Payza has been no problem for me.  I have withdrawn approx 3 k in the last month and half. My trust in mtv is greater than ever smile go MTV !
Traffic Value: $9,606.72522 Portugal
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25/07/2017 05:06


Can you check this 2 users? suspicious activity on the Rp Market>User Bids>Starts on Page 50
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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26/07/2017 04:26

Good catch.  You would think all these people making dual accounts to scam the market might at least use different names haha
Traffic Value: $155.81928 Bosnia and Herzegowina
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26/07/2017 09:01


how the hell is that same names? firsrt two letters are the same . educate ur self
Traffic Value: $294.60488 Philippines
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26/07/2017 09:40
abdellah02 Country DZ
His Referrer
aboubakr02      Country ESgrin
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