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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
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22/07/2017 00:17
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PaidVerts rework summary

After a lot of thinking and tinkering, we have narrowed down the idea of the PaidVerts rework to the point where it will have the most effect, for the least amount of work required.
The main idea behind the PV rework is to increase sustainability of the model by increasing user retention and involvement, reduce BAP debt, limit the amount of free BAP that is given out (as it is the main source of the growing BAP). At the same time we want to give more value to long-term, loyal and active members in the way they most want it – how much they earn via ads.

Referring to PV has now long been deemed “not worth it” for many, which is something we also want to change – especially with the PTC market giants NeoBux and Clixsense recently “taking a hit”, we want to tap into that opportunity and attract as many PTCers out there. For that reason we also want to make PV attractive to new (free) members, as they make the bulk of traffic, and by increasing that we will also become more attractive to advertisers. Improvements to advertiser experience are another set of changes that will be incorporated in this rework, as a lot of segments of it have been(are) poorly optimized, and not attracting advertisers as much as we can with all the great advertising options PV has to offer.

While a lot of the final numbers, details, exact design changes of this rework are still ongoing and subject to change/optimization during development, we still want to give you a rough draft of the idea (we will follow up with final details as they come In future news updates).
Please take note that while coming up with rework specifications we took many more ideas into account (yes, we do read the forums!), but as we are aiming for this to be a relatively quick and low cost update, we had to strip out a lot of potential improvements and focus on things that are relatively easy to build/implement but will have the biggest impact/carry the most value.


We want to make it as simple as possible for advertisers to come to the website, find the advertising options which suit them, without being „dragged into“ the earning part of the website. Get advertisers' attention, show them the products, get them to buy something and then allow them to follow some basic useful stats of their campaigns.

This will involve a home page change, allow access to “guests” to the “buy ad sections” (which will be revamped/optimized with a seamless login/registration experience) and an advertiser dashboard. Advertisers will NOT be shown any of the parts a regular earner has, while on the contrary a regular earner will be able to see both, but different.
Advertisers will also be offered various promo codes, discounts and dedicated support to help them in their decisions of purchasing advertising. Along with a MUCH better priority support (including live chat) regarding advertising/campaign related queries.
This should take care of many of the support tickets that are now being dealt with by Andraz and can therefore often take far too long, resulting in a loss of interest/returning customers!


The main thing we want to change for earners, is to reward loyalty, long-term dedication, site-wide activity – simply put, as (free) users stay with PaidVerts longer, they will be able to increase their earnings, beyond just the scope of BAP groups, in some new unique ways. We also want to make it a pleasant experience where users can aim for goals and clearly see if there is something they can still improve/do that will increase their potential earnings. At the same time we want to halt the “Increasing BAP debt” via too much free BAP given out, BUT with a loyalty program for active users which will be MORE profitable than it is right now over a longer period of time.
This will also help reduce multi-accounts even further as running a large number of accounts will be more labor intensive.

We will achieve the above with the following changes:

3-way Daily ad issue distribution

While BAP group ad issues will remain, a portion of that money (current estimation is 85% of overall ad issue money) will be used to send out ad issues to people who have been with the site for a longer period of time and have proven their worth by being active in various different ways on the site.

“Achievement ad issue”

We will be adding achievements for users to strive for as it will not only be really fun and exciting to always have something to aim for – They will also earn “achievement points” via completing various activities/reaching certain milestones (achievements) from basically any activity on the site! Be it your total number of ad views, buying advertising, regularly logging in, referring friends, playing games..
All of it will have a ton of achievement levels, which when reached will award you with a certain amount of achievement points, based on the “toughness/difficulty” of that achievement.

There will always be something to strive for and increase your achievement points by just being active (and even just exploring some parts/functions of the site) in as many ways as possible, which will indirectly increase your cash earnings via gathering achievement points.

A portion of ad issue money (current estimation is 10% of overall ad issue money) will be used to send ads to users based on their achievement points (relative to all achievement points for active users), based on some “achievement tiers” - i.e. top 1%,10%,50%,100% users based on achievement points would each get a certain portion of that money distributed via extra ads.

“Referrer ad issue”

Many users currently are having a hard time to see how to earn directly from referrals or why they should keep doing it as they might not be getting good results. Well, we want to change that and incentivize constant referring, by giving you a constant “competition” that will result in direct cash via extra ads – on top of any commissions that you would get in the first place!
Worth to mention that via all of the rework changes, PV should by itself become a lot more attractive again for new members, and referring could become a big thing again!

A portion of ad issue money (current estimation is 5% of overall ad issue money) will be used to send extra ads to users who have referred someone during the past 7 days (there might be a certain requirement like “referral has viewed at least 100 ads”, for them to count to avoid exploitation of multi accounts).
Similarly as in the achievement ad issue, users eligible for these ads will receive ads based on some “tiers”, i.e. top 5%, top 15%, top 100%. (we might also limit it to a certain numbers of max users i.e. 100, to keep it attractive – based on participation)

Just as a rough example of how powerful/valuable this can be, let's assume this example:
Current average ad issues are ~$800 – 5% of that is $40.
Let's say top 5% are send $24 of that, top 5-15% $8, top 15-100% $8.
And let's say in past 7 days 100 people have referred someone.

The first 5 would each get $4.8 worth of extra ads
The next 10 would each get $0.8 worth of extra ads
The next 85 would each get $0.095worth of extra ads

EVERY DAY (note your position can change, but for 1 week you'd be eligible for this ad issue just by referring 1 person) for 1 week you'd get that amount of extra ads, REGARDLESS of your BAP group. How cool/valuable is that?

** All ads still require/consume BAP when received. If you do not have BAP/don't have an activated account, you will not be able to receive an ad, and it will be forwarded to another random active user.

Free BAP distribution changes

Very important are also the changes of free BAP distribution, that will not only limit the overall free BAP given out, but do it in such a way that doesn't hurt neither new members, neither old ones. This will be achieved via an activity BAP reward system, that will hand out a minimal amount of BAP via Daily activation ads as a starting point, but give everyone an option to grow that with commitment and activity. In fact, it will be possible to earn even more free BAP than currently – but fear not, it's via activities that pay for that extra BAP themselves, and some of them even “make you earn more” in the process.

So, the distribution via activation ads will remain, but with reduced value (Current estimations are at 15BAP/ad).

Then via reaching various “milestones” and loyalty/activity thresholds you would “Build up” your extra BAP reward, that you will be able to collect the next day (on top of any activation ads).
Some of these milestones are “static” - meaning that once you reach them, they will be automatically added to your daily BAP reward (like amount of total ad views, time since registration).
Others are dynamic – you have to complete them on a daily/weekly basis or even “build them up in advance”, to be eligible for their extra reward.

Here is the current approximate list of these daily reward tasks, and first number estimations:

-Total amount of ad views (at 100 you get +8 BAP, at 500 +8BAP, at 1000 +8BAP, at 10k +8BAP – 32BAP total)
-Time since registration (days – 7+ days +8 BAP, 30+ days +8 BAP, 50+ days +8BAP, 100+days +8BAP – 32 BAP total)
-Having Active PV membership (+10 BAP)
-Number of offerwalls completed in the past 7 days (+10 BAP) i.e. For every 5 offerwalls completed you activate this bonus for 7 days, and for every 5 extra you do you get another 7 days buildup, that goes up to 21 days max.
-Earn at least $1 in offers total duringthe past 7 days (+10 BAP) - bonus builds up by an extra 7 days for earning $5, and another 7 for earning $10 – bonus builds up to 21 days max.
-Play CoinFlip Evolved at least 5 times in a day (8 BAP reward)– gives you 1 day buildup, you can get another day for 100 plays, and another one for 1000 plays, max to a 3 day buildup.
-Potentially even a similar one for playing games if the implementation of such a thing will be easy

So in above example, one could get from the base 140 BAP/day, to i.e. 204 BAP/day with just the static ones. Which is pretty much what you get now, but it would only apply to a small portion of the memberbase. (further calculations will be done to determine the final numbers of thresholds AND rewards to ensure we cut into the debt sufficiently AND keep the rewards attractive/fair)

And up to another 38 BAP for being active in various ways – although it seems as extra „debt“ based on current numbers, they are offset by the profits that sort of activity creates. I.e. Completing $1 in offers, creates us ~$0.2 in profits, meaning that we could reward up to 400 BAP for it to still be profitable. But we do far less (i.e. 7X10BAP = 70 BAP). But to users it will still incentivize activity, be entertaining and they'll feel rewarded – both from BAP as well as making sure to earn more often from offerwalls.

Tracking your progress, activity & achievements

To make sure users are constantly aware of these things and how to make the most from PaidVerts, there will be some widgets constantly reminding your progress of achievements and rewards, on top of pages with additional clear representation and more information.

Furthermore, the members' home page will receive a revamp with very useful things within your reach, such as estimated average/past earnings of individual BAP groups, achievement and referral ad issues. Along with a clear incentive/goal to the next “group” to incentivize users to reach for them and make it really clear what and in what ways one can earn.

Last but not least, we will implement a simple tutorial system, that will show new members around the site, its main functions and how to get started.

The above rework is intended to be a 1-2 month build, as in designing it we wanted to make sure it does not interfere with any critical/core code changes in order to keep the development time as short as possible, while the change would still have a major effect on sustainability AND keep the ability for active users to earn more as well as making PaidVerts VERY attractive for referring again!

As soon as we have all the final details fully wrapped we will also make sure to make these changes into a big PR boom with a launch date, and make sure we can provide you all with new marketing materials dedicated specifically to this rework.


I will leave it at that for now, as too long news topics about multiple topics aren't that effective.
More news updates will show up in the following days.
Traffic Value: $520.60691 United States
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22/07/2017 01:21
Sound great Marc. A lot of this sound like changes people have been saying need to be done for awhile. Love the idea of site to where you can just be a advertiser on the site. This has always been one of the big issues with Paidverts. People did not want to get into the money earning side of it. But there was no option to just buy advertising.

Also like that you addressed the earning issue and figured out ways to make it more attractive to people that want to earn from it. Cant wait to see this all in action think it might restart the pv clone craze again. 
Traffic Value: $489.01092 Netherlands
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22/07/2017 06:31
All great ideas.

i still think its much better to create a new website from scratch and for now just lower the free bap given to 8 x 15/20 baps for now.
Its not easy to refer people to an old ptc , while on a new site there will be a lot of oportunities for everybody again.
Why spend money and time to polish an old product once again.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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22/07/2017 08:33
@jordy186 Why? Because spending about a month (~$5k) to improve an existing product that brings profits of ~10/15$k per month, and via this small/focused rework on the main flaws could be increased significantly makes the most business sense, not just in short term, but can also increase its profits considerably on long term with this relatively low cost rework.

A full rework of Paidverts/from scratch would for ideal effect have to be reworked considerably more than improving the existing one in the current financial situation.
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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22/07/2017 09:21
Looking forward to this smile

Another suggestion though: Have you maybe considered changing/removing how the account maintenance and BAP taxation works? They don't matter to the medium & large users, but it affects the will of the small to join & work on the website - even more so because the system takes from the "untouchable" money/BAP that they themselves made on the website (looks an odd one for new users).

IMO, it would look better if maintenance/TAX only came in effect when it would be clear that a user is no longer participating in the website (maybe a rework of the current 14 day account activity).
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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22/07/2017 09:39
BAP tax Is something we still will discuss some options, but to simply void it without any other changes i.e. for new/active users is a no go, as that's where most free BAP is given away, which would mean 100 more BAP/user.

An option would be if the tax was removed to also reduce BAP via activation ads by 100, and i.e. reinstate it for group 1+ onwards. But that way you are no longer being fair to "bigger users". Also an option is to introduce tax after X days, and reduce the initial days BAP given out (i.e. extra BAP ads). but that way it again feels as being "punished" after X days, opposed to simply being introduced to it at the get go.

There's several other options as well, but none so far has been ideal. Every single idea that has been suggested regarding BAP tax to this date is not "ideal", and has drawbacks. So it's something we will still go over and see if we can come up with an acceptable hybrid/idea. I am mainly of the opinion, that the main problem lies in the introduction/explanation of the tax itself to users, and if we can change that and make it as a part of experience in a way that will make absolute sense to users, that is the ideal way.

Simply changing some numbers regarding it will always have some undesired effects and not be a complete solution.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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22/07/2017 10:01
Actually - if we're bringing this topic up here, we'll be happy to read any new/fresh suggestions about this topic, and see if we can come up with something "ideal" smile
Traffic Value: $4,969.3683 Spain
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22/07/2017 15:36
It's more than 2 years I don't use PV but these changes look so good, it clearly shows that you guys have sitted down and been brainstorming for a while. I really love the "achievement's points" and the different pools. Well done even tho I won't likely use PV (lack of time).
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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22/07/2017 15:47
only 60+ registrations away from 50,000 in warclicks cool
Traffic Value: $778.90677 Portugal
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22/07/2017 18:10
Did I missed it or there is no brainstorm about the the real PTC part for members: clicking ads?

Because right now I feel that having to click:

- each ad on "Paid Ads" section;
- 3 lines of text plus "view ad";
- captcha;
- close ad;
- close 3 lines of text to return to Paid Ads;
- restart...

It's 8 clicks each ad (not counting the extra ones we do when captcha decides to complicate). And that is a record for any PTC site!

People avoid this "hard work" for a few cents (new members), plus the complexity of the BAP system that now will have more and more phases for long members vs new members... :\
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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22/07/2017 18:23
We could probably drop the 3 lines thing and put a next ad button in instead of a close button. That would make us more like a traditional PTC
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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22/07/2017 18:59
A new topic will show up tonight about some scheduled MyMatrix-changes, don't renew your upgrade yet.
Traffic Value: $28.3459 Brazil
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22/07/2017 21:19
I agree with Dev7 about that many clicks. For example, do anyone here really pay attention to those lines? When i used to click PV it was just a time waste xD
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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22/07/2017 22:21
My eyes briefly do see them, but often it tells me nothing about the advertisement worth knowing and often it's just garbage lines.

I personally do try and use those lines as an advertiser....and make it worth the readers effort to do so, but either my incentive isn't enough or they don't read it.

Maybe, just remove it for default and charge 1c per ad pack for it for advertisers who think it works. Also with scarcity of the lines and b/c it's paid (just like 15sec/forced view) the effectiveness should increase.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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23/07/2017 00:17
I will write the news in the morning, something got in between. I apologize.
Traffic Value: $437.32954 Portugal
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23/07/2017 07:24
These changes surely sound really good! It's fair that active members feel rewarded by their loyalty and effort and new members are presented with goals and ways to evolve.

As a side suggestion, not really related to BAP reduction, but more to quality, I suggest you to also change the ad interaction page a bit. For example, remove the need to click on the the copy-paste buttons, make the 3 text lines to automatically and sequentially appear to the user and change it's look to something more featured/enhanced. This one would not scare new users as much as it scares now and would probably be a lot more effective. As someone who already clicked tens of thousands of ads, I can say this thing simply doesn't work - I can't pay attention to the text if I'm busy clicking the buttons. As you will be working on PaidVerts, please consider to change that, as it is certainly making more harm than good and it would not require much work to do.
Traffic Value: $437.32954 Portugal
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23/07/2017 07:27
Now, that I have read all the comments, I see that I'm not the only one frustrated with those 3 text lines. silly
Traffic Value: $778.90677 Portugal
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23/07/2017 17:35
Yes you are not the only one but I don't see Marc talking about it :\
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