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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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13/07/2017 10:30
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The bitcoin segwit is upcoming and we have to act to get through this period without too much damage.

This means that we will be doing the following:

From July 30th until (at least) August 3rd we do not accept or send any bitcoin payments.

This means no bitcoin activity on:

We have to take this measure as during August 1st, none of the transactions will actually be accepted.
It will show as if the transaction was sent, but after the segwit all transactions are reverted.

On top of that there will be a potential chain split, leading to 2 different bitcoin chains and massive panic/confusion among bitcoin owners.


The wagering competition still lasts until tomorrow evening and gives you the opportunity to win a part of the 10% prize pool that we are about to give away!

To participate, simply go to this page for more information and to start off!


We have decided to extend the period to invest in our crowdfunded crypto trading fund to the 1st of August.
As we won't be trading at all until early August most likely.

This doesn't change anything at all to the duration of the fund, it will still be repaid on October 31st, it simply allows you to invest for a longer period of time.
During the next few weeks, the crypto market will go to a fraction of what it is today (I believe) and bitcoin will be a risky asset to have.

MTV will act like a "safe haven" and offers a good investment option on top of that.

You can invest right here: Click

We will handle your funds with care.
Traffic Value: $729.96203 Hungary
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13/07/2017 11:24
Huge wins on PBG today:
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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13/07/2017 12:51
Yes and they are legitimate.

A gambler made a $300 deposit and won 4 jackpots in a matter of 600 plays.
3x $2500, 1x $6250.
He won $13.000,-

This is why we have been asking you to help us out marketing our casino's.
As currently our casino's have such low volume that they can't simply absorb these types of losses.
So far PlayBitcoinGames has been the casino with the worst possible luck.
It has extremely small volume and whenever there is big volume, someone wins a huge jackpot.

2 weeks ago someone won a $6000 jackpot, now 2 weeks after we were able to recoup about $3500 of that money and we lose another $13.000,-

Money slots is a very volatile game and needs lots of players for the house edge to pan out in our favor.

Recently we've asked the crowd to take part in a skype chat in which we would help them market the businesses, so far 3 of them got started.
We need all the help we can get as we are on a tight budget.
Traffic Value: $100.39598 India
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13/07/2017 13:35
Mark any solid product coming in future any plan to change the fortune of the company....we are still struggling after all this hard work and  7 months of this year....sad
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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13/07/2017 14:29
I'd jump into the crypto2 fund myself but I've started trading myself and I will need the funds for a cushion grin
Traffic Value: $489.01092 Netherlands
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13/07/2017 19:48
just a question, if i use my coinbase and convert my BTC to my euro balance , will the euro balance be safe  ?
Traffic Value: $520.60691 United States
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13/07/2017 21:16
I would say once you converted to Euros yes. As there is no reason for the balance of them to change as coinbase does not trade them. Only place you might gain or lose Euros is waiting on the transfer to take place.
Traffic Value: $159.22316 India
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14/07/2017 05:59
Marc i seriously think that you have to change those games mechanismermm,2 year no dividends over 2 year rp price below 1 cent, i think personally we will get legal status within this year so -11k is not a good result for a legal company,casino's won't save us, make a topic "future product plans" where can people share their thought about future product which only can bring revenue not any debt,if you have to grow the business you have to focus on rp market ,bcz rp estimates a companies valuation,so i hope we will get get over from this poor condition and we trust you
Traffic Value: $1,392.1938 China
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14/07/2017 06:06
-11K   LOST
OHHHH, That is terrible!
Traffic Value: $283.24108 Philippines
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14/07/2017 06:40
I don't think MTV need MORE PRODUCT IDEAS.

Ideas don't make money by themselves.

What this company needs is MORE ACTION from members.

Not from the admin and the team, they are already doing the BEST they can.

If we really believe in this company, can we say that we are doing the BEST that we can for this company?

Are we here just to see if there is something good going to happen? Or are we going to be the good thing that will happen for this company?

[P.S. Cash, as always, is also very helpful.]
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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14/07/2017 09:01
But that's the whole point of casinos! Stop complaining about losses and advertise them instead. A casino that's "making money" won't be exactly the most popular thing around.
It would however be of interest to people, if it's a casino that paid out $12k just like that.

Think about it.
Traffic Value: $730.92288 Pakistan
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14/07/2017 09:35
Can any one provide all mtv products name links and one liner description i am interested in promoting.grin
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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14/07/2017 09:36
@Vixthra: Yes, later today I will definitely throw some advertising money to advertise this $13k win.

@Richiem: Thank you for your contribution to this topic!
Traffic Value: $317.72779 Bulgaria
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14/07/2017 11:39
@ Mark

I have 1 question - Do you trade CFD or only invest on cash/spot markets?

Have a nice day
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