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Dividend Monday Mar 3rd

Apologies for the downtime/issues

We sincerely apologize for any downtime and issues we are currently experiencing.
Fact of the matter is that we only have 1 person who can get us back online and he has been on the road without an option to help us out.
Our BAP sales will be extended by 2 days and any ad issues you might have missed will be refunded, with monday´s ad issue being twice the size as usual.

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Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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03/03/2014 10:59
Todays fast tracks have been sent.

PaidVerts Launch Countdown:
15-25days (17days until the $2000 speed bonus expires)

I believe the domain name stuff for PaidVerts is sorted now. It's all going down the DDOS protection pipe, but still landing at our same server... So that's good!

And fingers crossed we'll start to see some previews soon. As the project is due 2 weeks on Thursday.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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03/03/2014 11:01
Shareholders earn weekly cash dividends, paid every Monday, based on the volume of new investment into our Fast Track Queue plans that week.

Turnover This Week: $2,744.00
Shareholder Cut (19%): $521.36
Dividend Per Share: $0.0001372

Dividends have now been paid on all turnover up to $19,795.00

Buy/Sell shares on our marketplace:
Traffic Value: $40,205.23673 United States
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03/03/2014 17:55
Pistas rápidas de hoy se han enviado.

PaidVerts cuenta regresiva:
15-25 días (17 días hasta que caduque el bonus de velocidad de 2.000 dólares)

Creo que el nombre de dominio de la materia PaidVerts se ordena ahora. Todo se va por el tubo de protección DDOS, pero todavía aterrizar en nuestro mismo servidor ... Así que eso es bueno!

Y cruzando los dedos vamos a empezar a ver algunas vistas previas pronto. A medida que el proyecto se debe 2 semanas el jueves.

Los accionistas obtienen dividendos en efectivo semanales, pagados todos los lunes, con base en el volumen de inversión nueva en nuestra Vía Rápida Cola planea esa semana.

Facturación de la semana: $ 2,744.00
Cut accionista (19%): $ 521.36
Dividendo por acción: $ 0.0001372

Los dividendos han sido pagados en todo el volumen de negocios de hasta $ 19,795.00

Compra / venta de acciones en nuestro mercado:
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