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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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11/04/2017 23:37
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We are starting up a new project, which we have decided to crowd fund.
It will probably not come as a surprise to you and it has been requested by many of you.

We are building, ourselves.
Even though the failed project has left us with a bad taste in the mouth, there have been plenty of signs that the project would have benefited many of us if we had built it ourselves.
The community has shown its true colors, it has proven to have a very solid base of honest people.

I will keep this topic short, there will be specifications and more on the crowdfunding page itself.

It will be built by 1 of our programmers, the build will take 2 months.
It will be finished on the 12th of June and it will launch on the 25th, leaving 13 days of testing.
We have agreed upon a solid ETA which has to be met, no matter what. We will deliver.
This gives us all 2,5 months to properly promote it and make it the biggest member to member matrix in history.
It will have the best and most reliable code out there and run on a very solid server, limiting potential downtime to nearly zero.

We have already seen what about 10 days of promoting brought us.. Over 7500 people joined our facebook group and there were 100s of people who joined in the first 20 minutes before we had to close the website.
Those 7500 will surely join again but this time it will be extremely easy to add at least 30.000 people more.
We want this to become the biggest thing out there and we are very serious about this.
We all know why we are doing this.. We want to pay off the fast track queue and our current debt, which are preventing us from taking the next step with our business.

The costs.

1 programmer, 2 months at $5000/month. (Sounds like a lot to many, but it really is not, quality comes expensive)
1 server admin to set everything up, test and monitor everything so we are 100% good to go, $2000.
The design will remain the same. (No additional cost)

Required investment: $12000,-

We allow overfunding, any overfunding will be used to market the matrix.

From this moment you have 14 days to fund the project.
The minimum amount to invest is $10, this is the price of "1 share".
You can earn 20% ROI within 6 months after the launch, or get repaid in full with Royalty Positions equal to a value of the full amount.(Investment+20% profit)
First revenue share will be on the 15th of July, the 2nd will be on the 30th.
This pace of revenue sharing (twice a month) will remain until we pay off the backers in full.

Income sources:

-Top banner
-Side banners
-Log in ads
-Donations to admin account(s)

We stick to the same values as before.
Upon donating to the upline, the user gets advertising credits he can spend on a number of banner spots on MyMatrix.
If a user doesn't break even on the initial donation he made (0.027 btc) after his 30 day period, he will receive an additional package of advertising credits which he/she can spend on "Paidverts".

Read more about the project from when it was first announced to get the full story:

Link to the news of January 22nd

Feel free to comment down below with any concerns/remarks/feedback.
vecors - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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11/04/2017 23:45
Now this is what I call EXCITING NEWS!!!!

Lets fund it!!! grin

My part is done! 
Traffic Value: $520.60691 United States
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12/04/2017 01:35
Clap clap clap i am glad to see you did not give up on this project and did what you should have done the first time. 10,000 dollars for something that actual is promised to work. sound like a bargain  to me. Compared to what we wasted on the other program.
Let me see how my funds are between in the next month i might throw some funding into this project. I think it would be a good investment. grin
vecors - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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12/04/2017 01:53
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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12/04/2017 04:17
I'm in!

And seriously on the fence about putting 1k worth of BTC into this!


I'm thinking that if people put BTC into PF could you also use some of that to buy positions after it is overfunded?
Traffic Value: $7,212.45963 Malaysia
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12/04/2017 05:03
where is sumoroll funding page? ..

i will invest in that project
Traffic Value: $13,804.15918 Singapore
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12/04/2017 05:50
Sometimes i think you're too optimistic in the situation,   "Over 7500 people joined our facebook group and there were 100s of people who joined in the first 20 minutes".

In my opinion, I think 7500 just a number. Are you sure all 7500 from Facebook will join Mymatrix? Some of them are invited by their friend s to Facebook Mymatrix group without their knowledge which eventually have 7500 people in Mymatrix Matrix Group.  Best is to try different way to market your program to different sources instead of just Facebook.

Also do update every detail in Project Funding Page.
Take a look a "Marketing Campaign for PBG and PPMG",
no "Project Update" although we have some movement in our marketing campaign. You should update regularly to keep members informed with latest news/update in "Project updates" section

Lack in details in Project Funding page,
Only Specification section have some details, the rest like Project update, Premises, Benefits and Risk no info at all.

By the way, if you want to start Mymatrix with clean slate, minor changes in design is necessary. You don't want people say:" Ohhh, i remember this design, is "Brian-made project" which failed 2 times." Right?

I believe this project will overfunded in 14 days. You can fully utilize this fund to market it and make some changes in web design.
Traffic Value: $264.40909 Turkey
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12/04/2017 06:30
Can't find sumo roll on the funding page. Has it been removed?
Traffic Value: $56,564.16117 Germany
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12/04/2017 06:52
The launch date will be my birthday, that's awesome! Hopefully this will make us some serious money smile
Traffic Value: $9,606.72522 Portugal
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12/04/2017 07:30
Last time you launched MM i tought it was worthless for me but with such positive feedback and honesty from our members now i see the potencial. Gonna start building my team. Keep up the good work Marc and all the team im in!
Traffic Value: $1,337.58071 India
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12/04/2017 07:35
i im new in investing this type of business but i want to know that divident on mm for backer only till 6 month? once recover investment of backers there will be no divident?
Traffic Value: $7,212.45963 Malaysia
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12/04/2017 07:52
@rehmaan after you get 20% profit..then no more...
Traffic Value: $12,015.20829 Slovenia
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12/04/2017 08:16
I just want to tell you ... Do not fail with this one. wink Neither with technical preparation nor launch time.
Traffic Value: $13,804.15918 Singapore
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12/04/2017 09:04
so i got "disliked" from Marc from my previous post again lol

i just don't understand why my post always "liked" by MTV members, but usually or always get "dislike" from MTV administrators and moderators.

When i point out something which is relevant and something need to be improve, you always treat my post as stupidest post ever.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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12/04/2017 09:13

I really do believe that you are trying to give constructive criticism, but after some of the responses that you made last time in which you called Warclicks boring (while it's our most successful game and 95% of all the reviews have been good) and came up with the idea to totally change the game at such a scale that it would take a fortune..
Or when you called Sumo Roll way too simple and overpriced, while it is supposed to be short as it is a mobile game and on top of that it's a faucet before being a freemium game (Sumo Roll 2 would be a freemium game if people show interest in the first version).
And a few other things on top of that have shown me that we are simply not on the same page or in the same book even.

You have to understand that i'm a marketer at heart and I will use every statistic I can use to hype up a project and by doing so, turn it into a reality.. That is marketing!
You should also realize that there are a lot of people working their own teams outside the main facebook group and that it's just a small part of the actual volume.
I remember when I was organizing parties and we were afraid that noone would show up as only 80 people had put themselves "present" on our Facebook page.
In the end we had a door sale of over 600 and we sold out.
Facebook really doesn't mean that much, but it is a good tool to reach a part of your audience, very rapidly.


Regarding the project on the funding page, we had some visual errors last night which wiped out all of my texts.
I did write them, I am not doing any part of my job at 50% if I can help it.
The programmers will implement a fix today and I will do it over! smile

The last launch we would have easily made if we actually had access to the code.
We spent so much time and effort, but without access to the code it was like throwing darts in a dark room.
Traffic Value: $62,710.15909 United States
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12/04/2017 09:56
Good news. Once the FTQ is paid off we can kick it up a notch. As soon as I heard Brian was involved, I had zero interest in the matrix. This time, I'm in.
Traffic Value: $159.22316 India
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12/04/2017 10:27
marc i really like this never give up attitude, same like me, i lost big downline for that sabotage but from today i will start again building big downline and will only promote this matrix till launch as i said never give up,coolcooland ooh forgot to tell i will invest in this project to no matter how small money but i will be a part of this project
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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12/04/2017 10:38
ORIGINAL article, written by one of the biggest news websites out there:

Bitcoinist article about PlayBitcoinGames
Traffic Value: $3,781.28667 Argentina
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12/04/2017 11:27
I cannot login in PV forum, when I click on "login" button, it tell me "You have to be login to perform this action"
gugakip - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $739.34329 Belgium
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12/04/2017 12:07
Does loging out from PV and loging back in work? That worked for me in the past smile
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