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3rd December - News

Free spins for PPMG and PBG can be found in your email!

We have just sent you an email to give you a number of free spins on 2 of our external sites: and

There are no strings attached and we are offering free spins for the first 1000 people who use the promo code.

Not using the code is equal to saying "NO" to free money.

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slosumo - Administrator
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03/12/2017 16:49
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WarClicks rework is live!

On Friday we have deployed the massive WarClicks rework - biggest update to date!

The rework pushes the quality and extent of the game far beyond where the old version was, opening us to bigger markets and much bigger potential! Some of the main changes also bring our vision to life, making it the first game in its genre where active and idle play interconnect and affect each other tons more than in other games that touch the same note.
It brings something new to the fast-growing genre, and something we plan to focus a lot of our marketing efforts on. It is one of the main appeals of the game, as well as a "mechanic" in itself, that allows for not only extended gameplay time, but also makes it far more interesting as a multiplayer game as it opens the game up to tons more strategies!

Before we get to the details I'd like to take the opportunity to ask you all to take a few minutes, and vote for us on IndieDB, as it has a voting event, which can help us bring more publicity and help us market the game.

Every vote counts so please take a few minutes and vote for us at:

Vote for War Clicks in the 2017 Indie of the Year Awards

The rework is a huge upgrade to the game, here is a quick recap of the extent and the main changes:

- Full rework of WarZone code, as well as massive improvements to its core mechanics
-Full User Interface and Design overhaul, that not just increase its overall quality and makes it more modern, but also improves the usability a lot
- Massive frontend optimizations, making the game run smoother on all devices. It also introduces us for some minor adjustments needed for the game to be neatly playable on mobile, as well as ports better into various online platforms
- Massive backend optimizations, making the game more scalable and reliable (better sync of progress - minus initial live issues we have been sorting)
- Massive improvements to how progression works, making the game playable for longer periods and more enjoyable/less repetitive
- Introduction of a "second prestige" to BootCamp, which makes BootCamp playable and interesting on the long-term. On top of it serving as one of the major connections to WarZone as it reenables you to be able to deploy tons of troops to WarZone
- Far more interesting gameplay on WarZone - Boss Battles, several types of upgrades and where you specialize in and unique simulations of PvP battles, that introduces the multiplayer aspect to the player and makes it that much more interesting. It also serves as a great "pause" between all that clicking and something to just enjoy watching!
- We've also reworked the concept of getting into the game to increase conversion and enhance guest/player experience. Instead of simply loading the game on first visit, the homepage for non-players is now a landing page, that shows the main appeals of the game - and with a single click of a button you can get to play it! This makes the game much more sharable and easier to promote in any type of channel.

Although the first few days have a been a bit rocky, as we were dealing with some major uncaught bugs and issues we're happy to say that we've been working hard to clean them up over the weekend. A few issues are to sort out still, which we'll be sorting in the following days. So if by any chance you were "scared off" by the initial few issues , we invite you to come back in the following for a cleaned up experience!

As the changes were major, the transition was a bit confusing to some members, but as things are ironed out the gameplay experience is simply not comparable to the old version - the quality bar has simply been raised so much overall!

During December we have major marketing plans to expand the playerbase and game's potential far beyond what it has been performing to date.
There are also several updates planned where we will focus on improving things we have had to neglect during our focus on the rework - progression improvements, mobile improvement, social parts improvements, Country Invasion improvements, community and help improvements, potential leftover bugs/issues, and lastly monetization improvements.

If you haven't had the chance to play the game yet, make sure to give it a go at

Helps us grow the game and its potential by sharing the game with your friends grin
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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03/12/2017 16:53
Possible dumb question here...

So in Warclicks and CFE there is no way to win any money from them right?  Its just purely a game for fun and users can buy gems or whatever and progress faster and that is where we make money off of it. 

Have there been good earnings from people actually spending money to play these games?
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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03/12/2017 17:24
In WarClicks no, there's no way to win Money. In CFE you can win BAP rewards though(We will fix the competition issue first thing tomorrow morning there).

Free To Play market in general is one of the biggest gaming markets in the past years, even the biggest studios started turning to it over "pay for a copy". But that's a bit too broad I suppose...

The top games in the genre that WarClicks is in (idle/clicker games) are making several 10K/day, at the peak the main ones even made 30k+/day consistently (mainly on mobile versions though). So the potential is there, and the genre is growing and growing and growing the past 2 years.

WC's biggest month was November crossing $2k, and with the reworked version the quality of the game increases immensely, and with it we also expect ARPU (Average revenue per user) to increase. Not to mention that we will be promoting and expanding the userbase as never before. Due to lack of quality we couldn't get as much as exposure as easily, now it will be much easier, and most importantly any exposure we generate will also be a lot more effective. So we're going all in with PR and marketing (more than ever before), and as ARPU increases we will also finally be able to begin with effective paid marketing campaigns to expand the userbase and its revenues further.
Traffic Value: $833.96024 Spain
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03/12/2017 18:53
Hi Slosumo, Marc and everyone!

Is there any bug or any problem with Paidverts register?

I have received some messages from people who haven't been able to create an account. And the error message is always the same: "* too long (max Username chars)"

Here you are a screen cap:

Do you know anything about this?

Thanks in advance wink
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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03/12/2017 19:41
I wonder if this is why registrations are down?

Also, will you be making payments today?
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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03/12/2017 22:27

I just cancelled my own cashout by mistake.

Not a problem. I was able to submit another one
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