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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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28/12/2016 13:54
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Today i'm writing up my initial idea's for a new Paidverts layout with the 2-way log in.
I am showing the advertisers-side first.

Now the reason i'm posting this is to get feedback from you.
As much as possible.
What do you like/what don't you like, what would you add?

Not even Slosumo has seen this yet, but as he's very busy with other projects at the moment it would be helpful to get feedback from you as well.

The idea for the new paidverts..

First and foremost we should strive for a very important thing.
Our entire process should exist of 3 steps, especially on the advertiser's side.
The magic number nowadays is 3.
Any more steps and the odds of your customer leaving without buying expands.
The magic number used to be 7, but in today's society peoples' attention span and the time they have to spend on your website is short.


Paidverts' advertisers part of the website, 3 steps.

1 log in/pick advertisers route without logging in 2 choose 3 pay


I think people should be able to check our advertising products before signing up/logging in as well.
The sign up process could be dealt with differently in this case.
We would NOT give them a notification which tells them to sign up before buying the product but simply build the log in/sign up process in the process of buying itself.
This would look something like:

The main page for people that are not logged in:

Homepage for advertisers:

Please note that none of these designs are final, these are blueprints which I made myself. (And as you can see I have amazing paint-skills cool smirk )
Traffic Value: $4,969.3683 Spain
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28/12/2016 14:10
I haven't used PV to advertise anything so I don't know how did it work before, but the idea of sign in at the moment it's a nice point. In addition, I didn't realised it till now, but we have a super fast sign in process and it's a  strong point we have. Also came back to PV after few months and the improvements done are quite nice.
Sorry for not being too helpful, but better than nothing.

On the other, I thought it would be a nice idea to work on a grafic or stadistics for the advertisers, that shows them who did see their ads, gender, age... I think it would be helpful smile
Traffic Value: $14,823.02214 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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28/12/2016 14:36
Many times when I do an advertising campaign, I skip advertising on PTCs where I can't find out prices before I register and many of them work that way so this is definitely a good move.
vecors - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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28/12/2016 14:50
It is a VERY important change. PaidVerts has to be seen as both for EARNS as for ADVERTISERS.

An advertiser must have a simplified UI that will make it easy to create their ad, pay and keep track on it. This move will make PV a much more professional platform and with time, advertisers will experience its potential.
Traffic Value: $13,804.15918 Singapore
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28/12/2016 16:02
Actually we should appreciate every single page in Paidverts. Thus that "Green" part ( LEFT and RIGHT page of Paidverts ) should not be wasted. As you can add much more things and make the website much professional.

If you're looking some ideas, i suggest our management can  take a look at some hyip program design, some of their design and content position is really awesome. Just take a looks at some hyip design like from razzleton and tradeex pro etc. , their design are pretty cool and our management can take these design as a reference.

Also i hope that our admin should implement Facebook and Google Login button as a alternative option when they sign up a Paidverts account.
Traffic Value: $1,274.48527 Romania
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28/12/2016 17:15
Can we make the login work for pv forum pls?I feel like a lot of people do not use it because they dont want to keep logging in and out.Or solve this somehow,anyone....
Traffic Value: $730.92288 Pakistan
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28/12/2016 18:00
I read your news on MTV forum.You are looking to improve the members activity on PV on weekends.
I have some ideas If you look into these
Improving AdGrid:
Currently Adgrid deduces 1 BAP for every click and member is not sure if he wins or not, being a member i am not loosing my BAP at Adgrid. My idea is If you could implement 

Step 0 /Default
For every 2 Bap user earn 0.0005$ x 100 Clicks -----------> (Reduces 100 BAP )
Step 1
Unlock Exta 100 clicks with 300 BAP earning 0.0005$ each click -----------> (Reduces 200 BAP )
Step 2
Unlock Exta 100 clicks with 400 BAP earning 0.001$ each click -----------> (Reduces 200 BAP )
Step 3
Unlock Exta 100 clicks with 500 BAP earning 0.001$ each click -----------> (Reduces 300 BAP )
Step 4
Unlock Exta 100 clicks with 600 BAP earning 0.001$ each click -----------> (Reduces 400 BAP )
Step 5
Unlock Exta 100 clicks with 700 BAP earning 0.001$ each click -----------> (Reduces 500 BAP )
After completing these Five steps
Step 6
To Qualify for Tournament 
Unlock a spot 1000 BAP ------> (Reduces 1000 BAP)

User can click as many ads on the grid as he wants at this stage, and no BAP is deduced,
Top 25 users with clicks receive some sort of reward /cash /BAP on every Monday.
Benefit for advertisers unlimited clicks every Saturday and Sunday
You can improve the idea depending on the financial issues.
One more suggestion if you change double confirm captcha on viewing grid ads to single confirm or completely removing like in clixsense
Hope you like the idea.Looking forward for you and PV's team review
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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28/12/2016 18:01
I think that looks great. Getting people involved in the buying process from the first or second page is important. Capturing their emails as quick as possible is important too so that we can follow up the abandoned shopping carts and work them into the site, offer one time offers and special introductory deals
Traffic Value: $773.5176 Portugal
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28/12/2016 19:57
There should definitely be an advertiser login section. As a matter of fact, that should be the standard home page, fully directed to advertisers, and a smaller spot for ad viewers. In our current home page we have the top winners, and that is cool to get more users and investors, but doesn't seem much inviting for pure advertisers. The way we display the different advertisement options to them, if in 3 or 7 steps, doesn't influence as much as the product itself, what people want is results. The problem here that I have previously mentioned is that almost all the ads we have in here are for PTC's, Revshares, Matrixes and whatever, and 99% of those sites end up turning sc@ms. I think we really brainstorm in a way that brings here the real advertisers, not the common Joe who has 50$ to spend to get some refs for his new, I am talking about the marketing departments of brands who are able to hand us a couple thousand bucks to show ads. The only way to do it is to compete directly with the advertisement giants but I reckon that is a big leap. Again, I insist on a middle step, not so big as competing against Google, Youtube and Facebook, but starting to leave the ponzies behind. We could be surveying the quality of ads before they ever show up on those giants. I have explained it in the "New way to see ads" topic and I am only bringing it back up again not for anything personal, but because it is an idea that many people in the forum gave a good feedback and so far no one from the management has said a word about it.

On another note, what about those 5000 RP's to the top 20 comments on the 24th December news?
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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28/12/2016 20:47

We removed Micro Ad Pack (for non upgraded members) so we could direct those funds to everyone via Group Ads. That was Reduce 50-200 BAP and turn it into 2.5-10c. This was costing us $250-$500 / day. (I can't remember the exact avg's but it was at least this much.)

Where would the funds come from to support your idea?

The Ad Grid payouts is dynamic in that if Andraz sees more sales he is willing to adjust the prize table. As you can see, the background picture Ad is highly underused, and that is inexpensive, even the sponsored clicks are not that many total any given day and are inexpensive as well.

As far as avg wins on the AdGrid, we need to stress that just 1 AA click and you've paid for it. Also, on avg, the small 10 BAP/$0.005 wins do add up to close to breaking even, and if you ever win any of the bigger prizes, you will be set for a long long time in profit. Everyone probably knows that I'm stingy with fractions of pennies and even I play it everyday.



Along with reach, make sure to include expected recent average.

As for examples, those could easily be another actual product. You can sell those spots for a day/week/month/year/even lifetime, if it's a long term company.

There is so much info about what type of audience the products that the advertiser just bought that we have available but is so hard to collate. For instance, even TV (which maybe should have been reset as of July) is not even sortable, let alone page after page. More info is under each individual username, which a summary would be appreciated.

On top of that, I'd really love it if you could include "Contact This Advertiser" in the Ad View/Timer part of the display. As well as create the "short survey to make people pay attention more" type of ad.

Don't forget to include Banners via Cash, but not even needing to buy 1 Ad Pack.

Meaning, it's not just the ease of login and ease to get to the Ad buying Options that needs an overhaul.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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28/12/2016 20:54
I'm wondering if we could offer a one time BAP offer to new members when they sign up. Maybe some deal that gives them double BAP on a $20 purchase or something along that line. Not only will that bring in new cash but it will also make the member active and involved right away. If they don't stick then that will be a net profit in the long run

Edit: Or better yet maybe more impressions in a one time offer. This will cost us a lot less since we usually over deliver impressions anyway so it will come out of our own inventory. That is one solution but maybe we could have a one time offer brainstorming session
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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28/12/2016 21:06

We do need to work harder to retain at the very least clickers.
A Forum Topic devoted to that would be a good idea.

Not so sure how our retention of advertisers is as that is harder to track, on the user end.

Anything that is OTO, will require the Admin to have to be careful not to allow cheaters to abandon accounts and create new ones. Otherwise, even if the cost is minimal, it would not be worth it. In the future we are still working on Product Splash Pages to redirect all those extra clicks.
Traffic Value: $28.3459 Brazil
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28/12/2016 23:12
Looks like coinflip is not popular on PBG. Just my plays on the last 10 since yesterday xD
Traffic Value: $28,874.86613 Viet Nam
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29/12/2016 04:10
Not sure this idea  can help, but we will have a long landing page that can show all our products in different sections that can help users (advertisers/ earners) understand how we can help them.

Homepage: fullsize

1.The first section of homepage.  User opens paidvert page will see a layout page like this with full user screen: full size

- Top header with Marc's idea (Logo on the left and 2 link menus on the right + languages selection control)
- Highlight the main concept of PV with sologan, not sure whethere we need to  change our sologan to "so you can ...." instead of "So I can..." !!!
- From this page we want to know how user want to be? Advertiser or earner
- If user want to be an Advertise/ Earner, he/she can click and see detail what we have for each
- Or they can click to scrolldown icon to see detail of our concepts
- The background is just a sample one, we can create new one to match with our concepts

2. Advertiser section, this section will be appear when user clicks Advertser/ scrolldown icon from steps 1, the layout will be similar with current main page, fullsize

- But when user moves mouse over each products, it will be gray out and user can click on this, our system will know user selected product. Target ads is an example of this like above.
- we provide "Start your campaigns now!" button for users don't have any selection
- After selecting/ click button users will be redirect with Login/Signup page as Marc mentioned with 3 steps. If there is a product is selected, this product detail will be shown in the right of 3 steps page, otherwise, we need to have a nice listbox to allow user select a product.

3. Earner section, not sure how Marc want to show earn's information? I just give an example with Last 48h top earns

- it is better to have a header title for earner section to separate with advertiser one. I don't know yet.
- This section will be shown when user selects Earner.
- I want to keep "Last 48h top earner", this is an attractive thing for users to join paidverts. The earner will focus about earning, so this is important information grin
- user clicks to "Start earning now!" button, the login/signup will be shown for earners with 3 steps like Marc mentioned

4. Should be a beautiful footer, what ever we want to have for it.
Traffic Value: $28,874.86613 Viet Nam
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29/12/2016 04:32
BTW, beside supporting UX design it needs to include responsive design as well.
I am using window phone. It is better if I can click my daily ads with a better design on my mobile phone.
 The following as an example:

orlan12fish - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $1,618.40694 Guatemala
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29/12/2016 05:53
The two login options (earner/advertiser) is great

For the Advertiser, I would add:

- No sign up required (at least if they're going to make direct purchases)
- We should offer monthly/yearly plans with automatic payment programs 
- "Best Selling Ads" or so where buyers can check what advertisers buy the most

For the Earners, I would add:

- A table comparing the benefits from being "Free User", "Faithful", "Bronze", etc.. This might motivate earners to upgrade to one of our membership and get the best out of PV
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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29/12/2016 12:07
@thuyltt105: Thank you for your efforts.
But i'm afraid that with your idea we would barely change anything on the front page other than removing our green color and transforming into a website that looks a lot like Paypal.

Your example shows not that much different at all.
It's simply re-positioning parts of our current front page and turn it into an advertiser's and earners page with the exact same design.

Furthermore we don't have to focus on making it mobile-friendly as we built 2 Paidverts apps to serve the mobile community.
Apps which cost you way less bandwidth and get constant updates.
Traffic Value: $1,274.48527 Romania
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29/12/2016 12:42
What about splash pages?To this date we have 0 splash pages.
Traffic Value: $3,781.28667 Argentina
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29/12/2016 12:42
Marc, I really like your idea, the actual PV, is not that visible what we offer.

I like it with well defined columns (or rectangles like the other user showed) with a synthetic but clear explanation of the product, and at the bottom of the column "Buy now"

Q: This step is after they click on the "Buy now" at the main page? And it show the detailed information of the product they choose?
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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29/12/2016 12:57
Yes @Piro.
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