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25th Feb - News

MTV wagering competition from the 20th until the 26th!

My Traffic Value is running a competition, in which we reward a few of you with extra money for wagering the most on our games!

From the 20th until the 26th you can get a nice bonus by playing a select few of our games, which you can find in the list below.

The link will also show you the competition table.

Go and get your cut!



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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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25/02/2018 21:26
** Security Tip **
Secure your account with 2 Factor Authentication: Go here!

Lock any payment option you don't use: Click here - Read what it does carefully!

We will reply to this thread throughout the day with any news and any other information!

Click the "Show only administrator posts" button above this post, to see today's news notifications. That'll hide all the user comments and chit-chat. (You can press "Show All Posts" if you want to read through all that).
PIN security feature has been added. You can set it up here!

When set you will need to enter it once per session when making actions/accessing areas of our websites that deal with money, shares, BAP, account settings or investments.

If you lose your PIN/enter it incorrectly 3 times, the only way to reset it, is by contacting our support, who may require additional identity verification.

Marc de Koning, CEO - Facebook
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My Traffic Value - Facebook
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Warclicks - Facebook
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PlayPerfectMoneyGames - Facebook

During the next 2 weeks we will release a number of updates, upgrades and new features.

One of them is the much desired "instant ads" for new users joining Paidverts.
Furthermore we will be working on a few other Paidverts related updates, wagering competitions on our external casino´s and various small changes on our sites to start building emailing lists on our various platforms.

Within Warclicks we will be working on a brand new shop which will offer customized skins, holiday related items and more.

We have ambitious goals for Warclicks in March, but we like to keep the figures to ourselves for now.
We prefer to over perform instead of over promise.

And last but not least: We are still on track to start paying the FTQ early Q2, likely rolling out the first payments as early as April.
We are currently investing a bit more cash in programming to roll out the next batch of features which we believe all to be worth the time and money and will positively influence our revenue.

P.S: PlayBitcoinGames got more volume than ever before this month, it´s picking up pace.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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25/02/2018 22:05
Not that it matters, (save for taking FTQ off ppl's hands) something is better than nothing, and I'm sure it's more based on profit than anything, but;

With FTQ:

Do you plan on regular payments at a low enough number that you feel you can get on a rolling basis (aka something like PV, where the weekly Ad Issue amount is the same, unless it needs changing) or will it be varying payment amounts and if there was a huge programming demand, possibly none?
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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25/02/2018 22:10
Do the games sites charge you for being on their platforms?
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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25/02/2018 22:29
Ftq payments will be once a month, in case there are profits.


ArmorGames keeps 50% of the profits generated through their portal, but more than 50% of the new traffic is from other websites which implemented Warclicks on their website due to our partnership with ArmorGames.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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25/02/2018 23:30
I think this is quite encouraging, given how new we are to the site:

WC has 196K plays (currently page 94/133...actually pages are blank)
The Top 2 games of ALL TIME have ~70MIL each, and it drops quite fast.
Traffic Value: $489.01092 Netherlands
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26/02/2018 03:39
good news about the upcoming changes, i am looking forward to it!

I would like to mention that the email i got from warclicks was not showing any link to a help video
Traffic Value: $1,654.17 Spain
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26/02/2018 08:54
Hey Marc, 

There's another site like armor games, it's a German company, here is the link:

There also very huge.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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26/02/2018 15:18
@redigaffi Looks interesting, but from first look their integration is a bit specific compared to other games, not just "iframe". So something to consider after Kong possibly smile

Anyway, we'll definitely be looking at going to more gaming platforms. But right now we have to make the best of the traffic we've been getting organically since we launched on AG - ensure we get rid of any remaining bugs, do some game improvements, improve monetization etc. before we make any new big moves. As it would be a shame if we'd "supersize" without first making sure we've got the most qualitative product that is monetized as best as possible.

With a bit of analysis and improvements made to existing game, before reaching to new markets/users , we can capitalize on that future growth potential so much more, and it would be a shame to tread forwards a bit too fast and lose on what more we can make, if we ensure we have the best game we can offer.

So we'll be focusing on bugfixes and improvements the next few weeks before proceeding with further expansion. Especially with Kongregate the initial impression (rating) you make, is extremely important to overall success/traffic/monetization of the game.

Exciting times ahead for sure though smile
Traffic Value: $489.01092 Netherlands
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26/02/2018 19:55
it wont take long before we hit 200K users in warclicks grin
Traffic Value: $4,297.92067 Israel
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26/02/2018 20:25
Not sure if you are familiar with all of them so here are some more sites like AG:

Edit: Some more sites:
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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26/02/2018 20:29
Thank you, much appreciated.
We will have a look.
Traffic Value: $4,297.92067 Israel
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26/02/2018 21:05
@MarcdeKoning edited with some more sites. In case you copied the list.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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26/02/2018 22:48
You may need to hire someone full time just to manage warclicks. I know SS is doing it now but this would help relieve some pressure from him

From the list above shockwave should be huge.

What about getting into microsoft games?
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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26/02/2018 23:03
We have 4 people working on warclicks tongue
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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26/02/2018 23:56

Plz don't take this as a complaint, but how's support through the site?

Is it the same at MTV 99% reasonable time frame, and I am someone who aks the hard questions and falls in the 1%?
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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27/02/2018 00:26
Likely LOL
That's how it usually goes.
You have regular support and you have special cases.
Regular support covers 99% and complicated things require either Andraz or his programmer.
Traffic Value: $283.24108 Philippines
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27/02/2018 04:10
I think dguy meant WarClicks should have a project manager or team leader aside from slosumo. Maybe promote someone from the 4 to be team leader.

slosumo then can tap on other projects.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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27/02/2018 07:22
@druth No offense, but as I've told you before your emails are often "essays" that require a lot of my time and most of the time they are about very specific issues related to your account and require some manual fixing from me. Therefore, with all my other work it is limited time, I'd be devoting to "1 single player", instead of using it to affect experience of thousands of users - either on WC or MTV/PV.

Having said that, I DO appreciate your emails and deep insight into things (you've helped with a lot of things- thank you for that!), but quite frankly it's usually about such little details that I simply can't dig into too much, or have time to properly reply or do "ping pong" replies. (i.e. Take this reply for example)

We reply to WC emails within days, so if yours was an exception I likely skipped it as I just skimmed over it and for some reason didn't seem it as urgent/priority over other things I should be doing at that time. And if I do that, I can sometimes miss/Forget about a reply occasionally.I don't quite remember what your last email was about, but if I didn't reply to it, these forums are no place to remind me of that. If say I don't reply after a week, just bump the email.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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27/02/2018 21:44
Warclicks passed 200.000 players today!
Tomorrow we are having a big sale on warclicks.. double the gold for the same price!
This will be across all of the platforms where warclicks is running as of now.
Traffic Value: $5,893.23193 Slovenia
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02/03/2018 13:16
Slosumo, I don't know how much work it is, but it would be a good thing if we could see which of our users are the one past 100 ads and the date from wich those 7 days are counted.

Because I can confirm that something is not right with the system. For instance, this morning I had 4 users past 100 ads. I was monitoring my users and one of them just passed 100 ads this afternoon. But instead of 5 users, I still have 4 users past 100 ads.
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