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24th March - News

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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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24/03/2018 22:22
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I am very limited on time as of now so I am keeping my part of the post short and then I am copy/pasting what Andraz wrote about warclicks.
It has some errors which I would normally correct, but due to a lack of time and wanting to release the update now, you will find a few of them. Sorry for that.

First of all: Payza.

Payza has been sued by the US government.
Whenever the US government sues, it means they go all out, often well beyond their jurisdictional lines/limits.
The US suing is often the final nail in the coffin for any business, unless they potentially win the case, which takes years.

Payza has decided to transfer their domain from .com (US jurisdiction) to .eu and stop serving US customers.
I am not sure if this will solve the issue, I don't feel too comfortable.

But.. Since Payza is very important for Paidverts, I will re-enable its services soon.
I am spending 80% of its balances on bills before I do, I am currently waiting for Carlos to answer my emails so I can "release some of our funds" to pay his office.
After that I intend to keep the balance under $5k to limit the downside of Payza disappearing.


Yesterday we have sent emails with PBG and PPMG promo codes.
These promo codes give you a number of free spins, enjoy!


The programmers are working on a ton of small upgrades, once we finish them we will update you about it and explain their purpose.


Support/Warclicks update:
Some of the non-regular tickets haven't received a reply in the past few weeks due to Andraz being a week on vacation and having to focus on other priorities. He will get to respond and sort them out within the week. Apologies for any delays in responding there!
War Clicks shooting to the sky - first report & plans
The release of WarClicks on ArmorGames was ought to be one of the first bigger moves in expanding the game, but as we all witnessed the growth it would caused has been beyond any of our expectations! It has not only been the most played new game in February on AG, it was also picked up by many other similar game platforms and the player base spread like wildfire. Since launching on AG we've now gained over 200k new players (in 35 days) and are on the brink of reaching 300k total to date!
During these 35 days, we peaked at 14k daily users (average for months has been at ~500), and are still averaging 2000+ new players trying the game out daily (average for months has been 100-200 daily). Unexpected and crazy growth really, that goes to show that we have a great game on our hands, capable of competing with the top of similar games out there!
These numbers are spectacular on their own, and they resulted in us having to adapt, quickly. The events of other platforms suddenly adding us presented us with several challenges we had to be resolving over the course of the past month, to make sure we capitalize on the growth as much as possible. And also exposed us to some unexpected issues we had to urgently resolve. A very busy, fun and educational month is behind us for sure smile
Before getting to any numbers, we'd like to go over several of the challenges & issues we were facing, and how they put these numbers in a more realistic perspective. And how it can also be considered a "soft launch" to hit more bigger stages like these and make sure we are prepare as much as possible!
We'll be pointing out the main things quickly, as well as some explain some general things for better understanding of the overall report - but I'll happily reply to any additional questions whenever I can - there's so many things that were involved here that it's simply too much for a news' post to cover:
1) The game's "player" stat is counted as any account that starts the game - or in some cases of implementation/integration when first game update is saved. So this stat is a bit misleading on its own, as it also covers some initial issues or specific cases on AG, where a single user had 2+ accounts created, or where some "false" accounts were created. It's a figure we can't exactly determine easily, but estimate it's around 20-30k of such accounts been created, that shouldn't really be considered "players".
2) We also have to consider origin of traffic and that majority of these new players come from 3rd party gaming sites, where players are used to playing/trying tons of games and not being committed to a single game. They are also not used to spending money on these sites (which is otherwise the main income of War Clicks), so we also can't straight compare/expect a player from these sites to have a similar retention or monetization rate compared to our "regular players" which we've been gaining directly to before this. For example, comparing retention of players from these sites is about half of that we'd expect from our players coming directly to
3) Having the game hosted on 3rd party sites caused us HUGE issues with ad availability and eCPM rates, as in layman terms, having ads work on doesn't make them work if they're requested from a different domain. It was a slow and meticulous process over weeks where we worked with our ad providers to get ad fill and revenue levels to a decent level. We were hosted on 30+ gaming sites and had to wait for our ad partner to get ad fill prepared to work on all/most of these sites. Actually only a few days ago we managed to get ad fill to close to 100% on all of the main platforms we are hosted on. Before this, unfortunately ad revenue from 3rd party sites was close to nil, but we're really happy to where it's at now, and we're working with our ad providers to improve it further.
It's something we could not have prepared for before, as ad partners simply don't put the time/effort into it until you can generate a significant amount of traffic. So this is one of the biggest takeaways from this huge growth, as it allowed us to finally get better ad providers that can help us guarantee quality and higher eCPM revenue from ads from this point on! We are also now familiar with better practices of ensuring a better ad fill across 3rd party sites. This will be of huge value from this point onwards!
4) Most of the sites that "picked us up from ArmorGames" were unfortunately using a wrong "iframe link" that was tailored for implementation on ArmorGames. They simply copied it from there with no prior confirmation/request of how to get the game properly integrated. From players messages/notes, to most importantly disabled shop for non AG users, which resulted in about 100k of the first users that joined via 3rd party sites, did not only not have access to the shop, they also had an experience tailored to users on AG, which had to be deterring/confusing, resulting in far far far worse retention and monetization of these users.
As soon as we realized of how so many sites improperly integrated us we put some override in place that made the game work as the "correct iframe link", even if they used the one prepared for AG. We've also contacted sites to get it changed. So this was a huge loss of players/monetization that we were shocked by, and goes to show that a snowball effect is not always ideal!
5) If you're a regular player, you surely noticed this yourself - but this huge and unexpected growth has caused us quite some scaling issues we were not prepared for. We had to make hotfixes, improve and rewrite several parts of the code, crons and data handling, as suddenly over night, it surpassed certain thresholds that made it impractical, costly and unstable. So on top of having to use ample time of having to deal with resolving these issues we could otherwise ideally put towards quick retention & monetization improvements, these server/performance issues resulted in deterring players, receiving worse ratings than the game otherwise deserved - just overall reduced what we could've "raked" from this sudden growth. We're happy to say that we've dealt with most of these issues in a timely manner and now have them in-check, and we also have plans to improve things further and prepare for much bigger scaling - because it will come smile

While most of the above might sound negative, they were actually a result of an overly successful launch, and growth/issues we couldn't foresee. It opened us up to a completely new set of issues, challenges, markets, user habits/playerbase, forced us to react fast, adapt, improve and give us the chance to get a taste of what such launches can mean if you have a good game. It showed us things we were not prepared for as it was a completely new territory that you have to give a taste first to know how to adapt to it!
Most importantly we were able to resolve most of the issues already, and are diving deep into data that will help us prepare for future similar launches on such sites much much better. A simple takeaway from the huge numbers increase is "A 30x players increase doesn't suddenly mean 30x bigger revenues". We have to adapt progression, monetization, things that matter more on such sites than they do on say a "single domain gameplay". It is also opening us providing us with data of how should we handle certain things from now on - is "open integration" the way to go or should we consider site-locking, should we consider licensing, adapting the game to specific publishers' platform experience, etc. etc. There is so much invaluable data this launch has given us that we will use for steering the game forward.

One of the main takeaways here is that we want to ensure the following are sorted as good as possible before we make the next big step:
- stability/quality of the game appearing on 3rd party sites, and massive scaling considerations (cost and performance)
- squashing any remaining bugs and issues as they can be a key factor in determining the success of a launch. (this is especially important for Kongregate, where game rating is one of the key metrics that directly not only governs the free exposure we get, but also revenue sharing rates)
- Ensuring we can deliver quality ads on 3rd party sites, adjust shopping experience, or if that can't be done on specific sites, consider blacklisting/inviting players to play on directly
- Improve progression, game balance, gold giveaway and just in general optimize experience, retention and monetization of users. There's only one chance at earning from a user, and it is better to wait before we work on getting new 100s of Ks (or millions) of new users to make sure we can deliver a quality experience and monetize them properly
- Add & improve features that would overall improve gameplay experience and make it stand out from other games
- Ensure we have better tools to deal with any user issues quickly, and spot any issues even before users might report them. Quick and quality reaction to any potential issues is crucial during massive growth
- We are also looking into future options of site-locking, licensing, custom releases for specific publishers that could skyrocket the potential of the game with relatively small changes/adaptations

As this report is getting ridiculously long for a news post, I will have to end it here. We are working on all of the above and what exactly the things/updates are we are focusing on deserves a separate post to come next week. I'm happy to follow up on any questions or other additional explanations as soon as I can get to answering.
In short, this launch has been phenomenal and exposed us to so many things we have/are improving and how to better prepare for next big steps we will be taking. Once a game starts being best of new games in a month, one of best scored, best feedbacks as well as being contacted by advertisers and publishers for specific/better deals is something that is a big reassurance of the quality of our product and that it has tons plenty of unexploited potential. And we're going for that smile
To end it with, we're posting some of the main (approximate) stats, performance and comparisons.
* Please note that when it comes to revenues these are gross approximate revenues, that are still subject to deduction of any partnership shares (in case of AG a 50% split on purchases/ads after taxes), where we still have to collect some data for exact final numbers.
** When it comes to stats about players, they are also an approximation and subject to several factors that makes it hard to "draw a line" over them. As mentioned in the beginning, all of the issues, different source/player quality, make it not only hard to "take an average" but also to segregate these averages into different groups, as we did not/don't have all the proper mechanics/tracking in place yet to properly differentiate/compare them vs our "old averages".
*** AGL stands for "before AG Launch - 16th February 2018"

We will be able to post any more detailed & accurate stats once we can gather all of them properly, as we just recently managed to get out of the "focus is on keeping things ticking/optimized phase."
REVENUES (gross)
Months before AGL - ~$500-1,000 monthly overall
February (mostly post AGL) - ~$2700 overall sales + ~$300 ads/offerwalls
March - as month is still running we'll give a report here in April, one of the main improvements here in revenues will be in ads, as they've been vastly optimized.
Daily Active Users before AGL - ~500
Daily Active Users post AGL - Peaked at 14,000, now stabilizing around 3500-4000
Daily New users before AGL - ~100-200
Daily New users post AGL - Peaked at ~13k, now stabilizing at ~2000
User Retention Day 1 before AGL - ~20%
User Retention Day1 post AGL - ~9% (HIGHLY skewed because of majority of 3rd party users)
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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25/03/2018 03:18
So just as important as the revenue you earned is the experience you gained...And most gamer sites are pirates
Traffic Value: $2,609.79967 Netherlands
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25/03/2018 11:34
I'm not receiving any mails from MTV, I wonder why... It is gmail btw
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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25/03/2018 11:54
When was the last time you opened an email?

If "you" seem to not "want" emails, they have removed "you" from the lists, to cut down on delivery costs.

BTW, I just noticed the latest email is in my spam, dated the 23rd.
Traffic Value: $2,609.79967 Netherlands
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25/03/2018 12:48
Oh I see. Well, it's been a while, so that must be the case! Thanks for explanation
Traffic Value: $729.96203 Hungary
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25/03/2018 15:10
I opened every mail i got from MTV, but the last 2-3 did not get to me. sad
Traffic Value: $6,068.9465 India
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25/03/2018 16:03

give your email id i will forward mine to you i didn't use this casino promotiontongue
Traffic Value: $729.96203 Hungary
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25/03/2018 17:58
I'm not interested in casino but in mtv's newsletters. Thanks anyway.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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25/03/2018 20:36
I honestly can't remember how, but I think if you email support, telling them you want to be put back on the mailing list, at some point after that you will be. Not sure if support can do so or you have to wait until Admin manually put you back on. You may miss a few more but that should be a way to get back on.
Traffic Value: $354.01015 Serbia
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27/03/2018 14:12
Payza still not added back to Cashier...
Any further info on that?
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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27/03/2018 17:51
Payza will be re-enabled later tonight.
Traffic Value: $62,710.15909 United States
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27/03/2018 18:53
Marc did you take out/use to pay bills the majority of Payza $ as mentioned above?

Hopefully Payza non-USA isnt gone but who knows when US govt is involved.
Traffic Value: $13,804.15918 Singapore
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29/03/2018 10:28

will we get FTQ payment as planned?
Traffic Value: $141.80329 Aruba
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29/03/2018 22:40
I'm asking here cause I can't open my own topic.

But I would like to kindly ask,if there's anyone here in MTV.That is willing or would be so kind to exchange $35.51 from Skrill to BTC amount: 0.005/5mBTC.

I only want a honest and a trusted person for this and I would greatly appreciate this help.
Traffic Value: $174.1098 United States
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30/03/2018 01:48
@Revoltchka you can go to r/cash4cash on Reddit. they can help you out.
Traffic Value: $141.80329 Aruba
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30/03/2018 02:30
Thanks i'll try that out
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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30/03/2018 02:38
Interesting topic there. Never knew it existed, ofc makes sense it would.

Maybe Revoltchka can fill this request?

Most everyone H PP and W Crypto (ofc)
Traffic Value: $141.80329 Aruba
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30/03/2018 03:18
@druth8x thanks i'll try that out
Traffic Value: $388.9039 Nigeria
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30/03/2018 06:04
 Please be patient as FTQ payment will be paid if profit is being realise in this month of March after paying bills,  As promised early next month if it will be paid. 
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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30/03/2018 09:30
It was in no way ever a promise, technically not even a plan, it was an estimation... but it was based on December's results, which we're no way even close at now.
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