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24th January - What To Expect In February?

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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
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24/01/2018 23:42
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We will reply to this thread throughout the day with any news and any other information!

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February, what to expect?

-In February we will start off with a wagering competition, lasting for 1 week

-Then we will send our entire memberbase a number of free spins for PlayPerfectMoneyGames

-On February 14th we will have a Valentine sale on Paidverts

-Mid/late February we will send free spins to the entire memberbase for PlayBitcoinGames (Bitcoin balances are currently working on the test server, we are currently adjusting betting values before pushing it live)

-We will offer a number of discounts on BarterMyFunds to get people to use it more often for crypto-related transactions

-We will be tweaking and adding a number of features and improvements on Paidverts

-We will further improve Warclicks and expand its network by releasing the game on a number of gaming websites/networks

-We will be adding a number of extra cryptocurrencies as payment and cashout methods to serve a bigger crowd and deal better with their volatile nature


I realise that lately we haven't been giving many updates, but that is perfectly understandable under the current conditions.

We are currently running on a small team, working through the last bit of debt before we can start paying fast track queue transfers.
Meanwhile we are improving a number of our key products which are currently churning stable profits without too much interference.

Paidverts is able to pay bigger ad issues while producing better results for the business, meanwhile keeping its Bulk Ad pool at a stable level.
Users are referring 100s of new users per day, we will try to assist in turning them into active users as much as we can.

When I took over in June 2015 I was faced with a near impossible scenario.
A massive mess, $1.3m in illiquidity/debt, no structure, overheads which were way too big, no accounting.. Nothing.

And that's exactly why I decided to do it.
Young, hungry, foolish.. If I could conquer this, I could conquer everything, that was the idea/motivation.

We've built the foundation, cut costs, gave you as much transparency as we considered appropriate/possible, often giving you the entire roadmap and details of our biggest projects like targeted advertising, barter my funds etc.

During summer 2017 we were very close to becoming profitable, but then we had to deal with a long streak of hacks, abuses, bugs and then it was followed up with a major cut in monthly income which led to a cut in the team.

Now we are improving and upgrading small parts here and there and at the end of Q1/Start of Q2 we should be able to roll out the first fast track payments.
At that point in time I will also be able to start cashing in some of the salaries that I've never received, the personal investments I made to keep the company from sinking on multiple occasions etc.

Let's really contribute to My Traffic Value and get the profitability we waited and worked for for so long.

I would like to finish this post by making the announcement that I am personally donating $250 to Dguy for his initiative for Paidverts, I really appreciate your efforts.
You can spend it however you like, whether you want to spend it on further advertising Paidverts (with your own referral link) or you want to go for a nice dinner, it's up to you.
It's the least I can do, thank you.
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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25/01/2018 03:52

Am I reading it correctly that you're trying to push the Bitcoin balances live before sending out the free spins e-mail for PBG?  i.e. PBG will be bitcoin balances before mid-Feb?

That's is another major box ticked for me if so.

Nice gesture for dguy too.  Well deserved.  

@dguy  Would you consider administering an ad co-op for PBG once the balances are converted?
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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25/01/2018 06:16
That was a nice surprise Marc. Thanks.

I was going to say the Valentines paidverts sale would be a perfect compliment to the February co-op blitz and hopefully, it will be a nice fast start bonus for our new members.

The extra cash will be used to compound the co-op. That will benefit us all in the long run

@fraser My skill is in PTC advertising right now. I wouldn't even know where to begin advertising for PBG and I'm not really comfortable with the gambling side of things anyway, so I'll respectfully say no to that
Traffic Value: $22,303.8091 Netherlands
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25/01/2018 10:59
Thanks for the summary, & thanks for all the hard work Marc & team. It's quite a feat to pull off FTQ-payments after all. When all that money comes loose I'm sure a lot will flow into RP's, Paidverts and games so I'm tentatively foreseeing good times for MTV.
Traffic Value: $520.60691 United States
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25/01/2018 15:11
Good to see things are finally improving around here. Thanks for the update Marc.
Traffic Value: $1,016.72433 Barbados
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25/01/2018 17:45
Very good, looking forward for more improvement.
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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25/01/2018 18:33
I didnt expect to come in this same forum after 2015 and some things that happened in the past. Must say company is in much better shape, and some new and original moves are made indeed. I approve things you guys do, much more of them is on sustainable and profitable way, not only focused on gambling and investments as before.

But Paidverts improvement (active members reward) is serious nice step, original move. I dont hide I like it a lot. Most important thing, forum seems to be more friendly again. I see some people are obviously placed where is their place and tolerance is again up. I am again interested to be here. Watched you guys since end of 2017, I see many good things. Keep up good work, one more time congrats on WarClicks, and PV rewards for active people. Not bad at all.

Traffic Value: $810.06503 Netherlands
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25/01/2018 18:35
we also went over 90.000 users on warclicks
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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25/01/2018 20:18
I just want to drop this quickly here, as it's been asked here and there:
We'll prepare a proper reply/report about WarClicks and how it's currently fairing sometime end of next week. It's a broad picture to understand properly and some important things are currently being wrapped up with it that will make a big difference. It's a product that a lot of money and time has been invested into, so it deserves a proper report of not just revenues made, but also plans with it - development, marketing and monetization wise.
So apologies for the delays in providing more info, but it's something that had a few important things delayed that are now pending/being completed, and will be best shared when we can prepare a proper overall report. Busy days/weeks smile
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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25/01/2018 21:53
A very nice news-report again.

Good news about the FTQ, debt almost gone, people getting paid there salaries, compliments on user-initiative.

With the chance of being called too optimistic, I want to suggest something. When it is time to start dividends, I want to suggest using part of it to rebuy RP's, thru accounts like future and portfolio (why is portfolio banned anyway?).

There are 500 million RP's outstanding, so you would think it wouldn't matter much, but remember there are a lot of inactive RP-holders, which would make the impact much higher.

Ofcourse it would be more interesting if we have a new project for MTV. 
If I had the choice, then I would look into making a trading-platform, user-to-user. I am convinced that that market is a big grow-market. Would be nice for MTV to take a piece of the pie.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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25/01/2018 22:35
"(why is portfolio banned anyway?)."

I believe, the ousted former Admin had access to it, and used it briefly b4 the ban was placed.
It's not like current Admin can't use the accounts balances/RP as they please.

Probably be a good idea to rebuy RP that was used to refund projects, if not more to lower the break even price (wasn't it like 2-3c last time we got that report?). But, I guess if debt is going to effecitvely 0 soonish, then the RP are a bonus and not needing to be 2-3c or higher anymore?)
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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26/01/2018 08:05
How about a fast start click contest with prizes for top clickers. Open to anyone newer than 60 days
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26/01/2018 08:20
Seems Group Ad Issue is sent twice.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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26/01/2018 08:32
I only got one.

For the contest, you could use the clickgrid. We make a net profit on the clicks right? So there shouldn't be a problem opening them up to unlimited clicks for new members. As a matter of fact, is there anything stopping us from making it unlimited for all members?
Traffic Value: $294.60488 Philippines
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26/01/2018 09:01
I click 99.99% adsgrin.
gugakip - Forum moderator
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26/01/2018 11:02
@Dguy, pretty sure we make a loss on it. The 1 BAP doesn't cover the prices paid out, as you have like 1/10 chance to win something I believe. Often $0.001 or 10BAP of course, but I think it's a bit negative for us, not counting the impressions of the ads shown of course.
Traffic Value: $50,903.64953 Brazil
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26/01/2018 14:40
[left]Thanks Marc, you're doing a great job. I'm considering buying shares again.[/left]
Traffic Value: $390.71129 Germany
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26/01/2018 22:33
At the Dashboard at the bottom where you have the Questions:


Could you please add the links to the Information as it was in the old version? I don´t know why you removed it, it was so easy to access all important information.
Traffic Value: $283.24108 Philippines
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29/01/2018 08:27

My dashboard says I am in group 1%. But I received $0.0365, which is for 5% group.
Traffic Value: $294.60488 Philippines
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29/01/2018 10:49
Transfer from$ PV to MTV or MTV to PV not working. 
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