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24th April - News

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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
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24/04/2018 22:18
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Details of the Warclicks Country Invasion rework

Country Invasion has been a part of WarClicks since the start, but we were never fully happy with the experience it conveyed – we always wanted it to be a cool addition to the game and require some teamwork to achieve common goals. We already had huge reasons to rework it (and how) but about 2 weeks ago we asked for your opinions as well, to get a broader picture of not what just we want – but also that it's aligned with thoughts and desires of our community – and we are happy to say that we all see similar issues and see similar solutions and ideas to make it way better!

The main issues of the existing Country Invasion:

lack of teamwork feeling (majority of the damage done by only a few, awful new user experience)
lack of properly balanced rewards, especially in late game
fights become not interesting/boring/impossible to progress at certain stages
inactive country leader problem – no option to skip bosses if leader is inactive, lack of other commanding options/decisions
treasury has little to no meaning currently. No user benefits from donating
More users should have a say in decisions, but to keep sense of „knowing what to do“, the decisions should be at least partly centralized to the top/most experienced players
No teamwork or “country” feeling. There should be fights/battles between countries.
very limited chat, that makes it hard to converse and is annoying to use only within CI

After taking all of that in we had discussed tons of ideas and made an important conclusion – to resolve all of the above and make CI awesome and fun to play for everyone, we had to do it right. We decided that we rather take proper time to rework it than just “do something quickly”. So now, after several weeks of meetings and narrowing things down we have the core of the rework changes prepared. Our designer has started preparing the design, so we will have first images to share soon! But for now, we would like to briefly list the main changes we will be introducing via the rework:

We will be keeping “attacking bases” as the core progression mechanism as it creates that teamwork experience & goal to strive for. However to make it fun at all points, for all countries and amounts of active players Clicking Force (read CF) will be calculated differently. We will “relatively cap” the maximum difference between the most and least powerful player within a country to ensure EVERYONE has a fun experience attacking. Progression of base health increase will be adjusted much more accurately to ensure a constant progression is available, as CF will NOT scale as much anymore (as it does now with DPC). We will also be limiting each attacking attempt to finishing off one base. Finishing off more bases in one attempt feels weird, plus with the rework it shouldn't be possible in most situations anyway as it will require a group effort/more attempts. We are also considering changing some mechanics to make it more fun/engaging while attacking.

Spoils will not be battle stars anymore, but “spoil points”, which will simply be shared to attacking players based on damage inflicted. Players will be able to convert them at any time to Battle Stars (and also potential other rewards later) based on their rank/current WarZone progress. This means that the reward from CI will ALWAYS be significant, depending on where in game you are. Gold spoils will work similarly as they do now. This will also allow you to “store” spoil points and convert them for more BS at a later stage in game to get more BS for them. This will also ensure that if a country is “not as strong” or has few players, it might take them longer/days to finish a battle, but they will also be getting a bigger split, so relative player benefit will be similar regardless of country size.

Boss battles will remain as they are a crucial mechanic for creating obstacles in progression and make it challenging. However we will cap their “healing” to either a max X times, or make healing progressively smaller each day. This way a country will never get fully stuck on a boss battle without using an air strike. Using an air strike will also grant the full spoils of a boss battle.

We will be introducing various “country upgrades” that countries will be able to vote on. These will be permanent and there will be various types (increased CF for all country members, increased spoil reward, x% less boss health...). This will allow countries to work and build their power collectively.
Every certain period (1/3/7 days) an automatic vote will be initiated for all countries, where countrymen will be able to vote on which type of upgrade to buy during that period (same for all countries, but level of upgrades will vary based on which one a country already has). There will be a free option, and 2 slightly stronger options, that country will be able to buy with gold from their treasury. This will allow for various strategies. And don't worry about “noobs messing up voting” – more on that later! Countries will be able to get gold from boss battles, donations and Country Vs Country fights.

To stimulate donations that help country progress better, they will give extra benefit to each user. Every X (Say 100) gold donated, user will get a slight increase in CF as well as an increase in voting power – This will give users who donate more slightly bigger spoil shares and more decision and status power within their country.

In each country there will be various important decisions to vote on: When to skip a boss fight, which upgrade to buy and which country to attack in CvC battles.
To ensure a good experience all votes will be started automatically – CvC and upgrades at the start of the day/voting period, and Boss Skips automatically when a Boss Battle is reached. Votes will be accepted either at the end of the voting period (the higher % wins), or in case of Boss Battles once a certain threshold/majority is reached.

Everyone will be able to vote, but each user will have a different voting power. This will be based off player's rank, donations made, as well as possibly past CI activity. The top 20 players will also form “a council” whose voting power will be multiplied additionally to represent a certain percent of overall voting power. For example, council could have a 60% overall power, which ensures that most experienced players can make quick decisions (especially important in case of Boss Battles), but the rest of the countrymen can help tip the scale if the council is not uniform in their decision. Note that we might also want to adjust the voting % power more into favor of the council in cases like Boss Battles which are time-sensitive.

To ensure users vote actively and a country is not held back by inactive users, overall voting power will be based off only active CI players/voters – the same applies to the council. If a council member is not active in voting he/she will lose the position and someone else will take the place – at least until this member decides to become active again.

Country vs Country battles
This is a part we are still finalizing many details on, but as a quick preview here is the general idea (numbers are NOT final) of what we want to do:
Each country will every day be given a vote of which country to attack the next day. 3 random choices from a pool of 10 closest countries in strength (based from 3 countries under them and 7 above them, as this ensures that stronger countries are more likely to be attacked by several countries) – strength will be calculated each day based on overall damage done by a country in attacking battles). This means that a country could be attacked by several other countries each day (we will consider adding a cap/limit based on vote options). Each member from the country will have to decide on which front to participate that day, meaning that countries forces will have to be split. This ensures that even a superior country can lose to a weaker country on a front, if it's attacked by several countries.
If a country is attacked and loses the front, the attacking country will steal a percent of (unprotected) gold from their treasury, which will go to their treasury and some of it will be shared to all members fighting. We are considering adding an upgrade to the country with which they can protect more of their gold – but most importantly we want to make it so that countries are not discouraged to stockpile gold (i.e. for higher upgrades). We might also be adding other perks for winning a front and participating (i.e. a slight increase of CF, small gold reward or other bonuses).

CvC battles themselves we want to design to not be time-zone or user hour-activity dependent, but simply a “24 hour thing”, and the winner is determined at the end of the server day. Plainly put, each user would contribute to “dealing damage” (based on his/her CF) during that battle, and the winner of the CvC would be the country that dealt more damage. It's tricky to explain without pictures, so just imagine it as a sort of a “rope pulling” competition smile
We also don't want to make another clicking minigame, so we'd like to make the CvC battles either as a simply strategy or timed-events type of play. And we want it to look/feel cool as well!

Due to the added teamwork elements we want to make sure you guys have proper chat available, so we will be reworking our chat, to a more sophisticated solution. Firstly we want it to be accessible from anywhere within the game, have cool display options, filtering, spam protection etc. You know, a proper chat! We are also considering adding a public room, that anyone from any country can talk in!

We will finally also be adding a change country feature – details of which are yet undecided. It will definitely be a limited option, but we're considering if we should extend it to sort of a “marketplace” where countries can recruit other players. It's something we want to do, but most likely not with this update yet.

All in all we now have an overall plan in place of what we want Country Invasion to become! Some mechanics of it will stay the same, but vastly improved, and other cool features will be added! The rework will be done in 2 stages – first without CvC to ensure a smooth transition and not complicate things, then shortly after CvC will be added to it. We want the user experience and interface to be clear and smooth – it will come with a simple tutorial and information to get everyone up to speed!

Furthermore due to the extent of changes and overall change in numbers/progression/damage split, it will require a reset of the CI. We will definitely be keeping the details of country treasury gold, but the rest will become non-important with the rework. Don't worry though, as the rewards and the clicking force of a user will become a much better & constant experience, any “progress gained” within a country will not have an effect within the new version and thus will provide a great experience (and rewards!) from the start.

We hope to share some first pictures next week as well as more details of the functions and other specifics. Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions or first feedback regarding the rework – there's many little details for each of the change that we couldn't include in an already long post smile
Traffic Value: $182.39171 Bosnia and Herzegowina
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25/04/2018 05:47
No news about MTV/PV at all?
Traffic Value: $53,683.67577 Germany
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25/04/2018 09:32
I agree. All of us want to get paid. We are already waiting for such a long time.
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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25/04/2018 10:04
Well what, you think we're having Warclicks news because it's Marc's and ss's hobby?
Traffic Value: $16,299.55436 Slovenia
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25/04/2018 11:43
Yes the only important thing is warclick (honestly, the game is interesting whole 5 min)
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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25/04/2018 12:29
Whether you like the game or not, it is gaining traction.
Warclicks is part of our business.
News about Warclicks, is news about MTV.

I notice it's always the same people who are either positive or negative.
And no matter how many times I explain myself, their stance remains the same and the negative crowd remains impatient.
Last time I'll say this and the next time I won't even bother:

These updates clearly show we're working hard and there is absolutely nothing for me to gain from giving you "hopium", since I am not raising any new money as of now.

Word of advice:
Remain patient and contribute to the cause with the same energy you're using to spread negative feedback.
Traffic Value: $6,068.9465 India
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25/04/2018 13:28
we have spent over 2 years developing war clicks, is it really that much big game and is it much special than similar online games out there imo it seems tiny and simple like other games and we are spending time and money as if we are building GTA 5 of pc tongue rolleye  or perhaps our staff is small 
Traffic Value: $4,297.92067 Israel
5 like this post 1 people
25/04/2018 13:53
I have downloaded a free PS4 game called AdVenture Capitalist. I started playing it and it is very similar to War Clicks. It has no active part like the shooting thing of War Clicks, just 3 different planets with passive part for each.

From Google:

"AdVenture Capitalist
Video game
AdVenture Capitalist is a free-to-play incremental video game developed and published by Hyper Hippo Productions. Wikipedia
Initial release date: May 30, 2014
Developer: Hyper Hippo Productions
Genre: Incremental game
Engine: Unity
Platforms: Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems"

You can see that the game is about 4 years old. It also has over 10 Million downloads with 4.6 average rating on Android (same rating as Clash o Clans).

The potential for War Clicks is there and if it gets different platform versions (Especially PS4, Android and iOS) it could be a great earning product.
Traffic Value: $6,068.9465 India
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25/04/2018 14:29
forget ps4, android and ios online is also enough as there is a shop and adsense also and when there is so big headache in just the online which doesn't seem to get over in years then where does the other platforms come angry
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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25/04/2018 14:31
Adventure Capitalist started as a Web Game.
So did Clicker Heroes.
gugakip - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $739.34329 Belgium
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25/04/2018 15:12
@Ajay, I'd advise you to learn programming yourself if you can't yet, so you learn how long it takes to actually build products like Warclicks, PV, MTV etc. The fact you think we spent almost as much as GTA makes me wonder whether you have any idea about how many people those game studios are employing... That's a HUGE amount. Costs to make those games are enormous, nothing near the amount of money it took to build Warclicks. 


Maybe something to remember for all of us: it doesn't matter at all whether you as an individual like Warclicks or not, if you like our other products or not. It's not about those people who don't like it, it's about those who do. And those who do are clearly with many as well, so it makes sense to continue building these products for sure. If it earns money, why not try to earn even more?

If you go to a shop to buy clothes, you probably don't like 95% of the clothes at all. Does that mean that those clothes are a bad investment for the manufacturer? NO! If there are enough people that do buy the clothes, that's a very good investment for sure!
Traffic Value: $347.04788 Sri Lanka
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25/04/2018 16:00
I like to add this too.. In Country Invasion, why do we have wait that much time to play ? Players will be more active if it has less time to wait more than now.
Traffic Value: $1,843.08727 Romania
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25/04/2018 23:43
Hmm, yesterday (25th) I got the achievement ad issue for 5% instead of 1% as usual despite the fact that I'm still at 1%.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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26/04/2018 00:14

Is it possible you are right on the edge?

For instance, did you gain some APS today or maybe there are fewer active members and so the edge is higher?
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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26/04/2018 00:53
@war57  How many APS do you have?
Traffic Value: $283.24108 Philippines
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26/04/2018 01:00
Regarding Warclicks, I think it would be smart to lure those playing Warclicks in platforms (Armor Games, etc.) to check out the main website ( and play there instead.

That way they we can communicate to them better, we keep the whole purchase (?), we have more control.

Maybe you are already doing something about this. Just putting it out there.
Traffic Value: $1,843.08727 Romania
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26/04/2018 02:49
@druth8x Yeah, I'm on the edge, I didn't gain any APS so it must be the lower number of active members.

@fraser 8379
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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26/04/2018 03:46
Could also have been others surpassing you, such as they gained APS via Buying ads during the sale.

BTW, in 3 weeks (+ for some) another 3,500 will be rewarded to login in X(180) Days in a row.
Has anyone kept track of the APS rewards for each/total Login X days levels?

I would have thought 8K+ would still be enough for 1%...lower end or at least a lot of the 1%'s are bunched near that, but still.
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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26/04/2018 06:09
I'm 8072 and in the 5%
Traffic Value: $1,079.62867 Hungary
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26/04/2018 06:39
I'm in 1% with 9626 APS. When i droped to 5%,than i'm out. 1% level is too high now. Sooner or later the 1% will unreachable.
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