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This is the very last day during which you get 25% extra BAP when buying bulk ads, no matter what payment method you´re using!

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Traffic Value: $413.15321 Germany
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31/08/2019 11:43
Haven´t added a program to the Monitor for a long time.

It is hard to find good programs that are not listed here already, but I think we have a good one again:

Sanze Profit

Sanze Profit is one of those unique Revenue Shares, who share actual Revenue(!), similar to Diversity Fund and BetterBitsClub.

Better Bits Club

Diversity Fund

The Program is still pretty new (launched 15th July), but they have already made some bigger investments.

Some of their investments:
Diversity Fund
Better Bits Club

The Team consists of several Admins which are "experienced in trading, mining, dropshipping and sports arbitrage".

They are very open and responsive, so you can ask them anything you want on their facebook group:
Facebook Group

Or ask your questions here and I will forward them to the Team, if I don´t know the answer yet.

Costs: $20
ROI 110%
Maximum active Packs: 30

Costs: $50
ROI 120%
Maximum active Packs: 50

Costs: $100
ROI 130%
Maximum active Packs: 80

Referral Commissions:

5% on profit pack purchase





Daily Earnings:
As I said, the earnings depend solely on real Profit made, so it is variable.
For the last few days, it is paying 1.1% daily.
Traffic Value: $30,993.31104 United States
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04/09/2019 15:51
I am in this one as well. 

Earnings are not too high or too low, 
perfect for Passive Earners lol
Traffic Value: $413.15321 Germany
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08/09/2019 09:31
I have asked, if they can send emails, when you change your payment details or request a payment. (For Security Reasons). I got this answer within less than 24 hours:

"Security is our top priority.
For this reason, we reactivated (forever, this time) confirmation codes for all the withdraw request, e-mail change and payment address change. And also an activation link for all the new members.
This is necessary due the fact that often users are unaware about choosing a strong password for their account. Also, they don't activate 2FA and don't keep the password in a safe place.
We have a professional mail server, so we are 100% sure all the e-mail we send are delivered to the users. Every single e-mail. If you don't find in your incoming folder, please check your spam folder and you will find it there.
It is better to lose two minute of time, but being more secure about the access to our website.
Maybe it could sound strange to someone, but we even prefer to have less investors, but a better security for your funds and your accounts.
Final reminder (again): please activate 2FA in your dashboard. You can do clicking on your nickname, on the top right, going to settings, authentication. You can also change your password there. In the payment section instead, you can change your payment addresses. These instructions will be also posted in the "How it works?" sections in our website.
Thanks for your cooperation.
If you need help, we are always happy to help you.
Sanze Profit"

Great Support and Security plus Earnings are stable at 1.1% daily
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