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Traffic Value: $453.62586 United States
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27/04/2017 06:00
Monitor Listing:

Welcome to the World's Simplest Easiest Fastest Cryptocurrency Crowd Funding Community!

CryptoFundRaiser is the Only Crowdfunding Platform that allows you turn a ONE-TIME-ONLY Out-of-pocket $50 in Bitcoin or ETH into $641,362.50 (or more!) Business or Charity Funding!

Our sole focus at CryptoFundRaiser is on providing our valued Members with a seamless, simple, safe and completely transparent cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform. As well as a remarkable educational platform where you can discover all the possibilities and opportunities in this new and exciting cryptocurrency/blockchain space. A space where such reknown business people such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson both declare it to be the biggest thing to hit the world since the Internet.

You will also earn 20% referral commission on all of your personal referrals in each round.
Round 1 Referral Bonus = $10
Round 2 Referral Bonus = $20
Round 3 Referral Bonus = $80
Round 4 Referral Bonus = $300
Round 5 Referral Bonus = $600

First thing to understand about our CrowdFunding platform is there are 5 rounds total. You are welcome to join higher rounds before you complete a lower round but you don't have to. You can join the higher rounds from funds you receive in the lower rounds.

You are also welcome to donate and activate more than one position in any and all rounds.

Here is a breakdown of how all the donations are allocated:

20% of all donations go directly to the member who personally refers (personally sponsors) a new member.

75% of all donations go directly to the person directly above the new member in the Round (whether they personally referred them or not – this is a Team CrowdFunding Concept in Action) in Bitcoin.

5% of all donations go toward administration, customer service, technical support, and site maintenance.

It is possible to generate crowd funding for any legitimate business, charitable or other cause of up to $640K worth of Bitcoins (potentially more). It's all in our dynamically designed Crypto Fund Raiser Rounds. IMPORTANT: Please read our disclaimer and terms of service before funding anyone. There are absolutely no income guarantees implied.

If you don't use Bitcoin yet don't worry. Join us for free and we'll not only give you 200 FREE Crypto Coins (our own "Tada Coin" ) we'll show you step by step how to get set up. We'll show you exactly how to turn almost any fiat currency into Bitcoin almost instantly.

Built on the exciting Ethereum Blockchain, our very own One-Time-Only Minted Ethereum Token is the Tada Coin. Tada is designed to be used as a currency exchange within the media and entertainment as well as educational spaces.

Tada is a Limited One-Time-Minting (21 Million Total Tadas will ever be in circulation) Ethereum Token that we're giving away for a VERY LIMITED TIME as free bonuses to members using our crowdfunding platform as well as guests who register for a free account.

For a VERY LIMITED TIME, all members even FREE MEMBERS receive 200 FREE Tada's upon joining.

Monitor Listing:
Traffic Value: $453.62586 United States
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27/04/2017 06:42
As a SPECIAL ADDED BONUS offer to MTV/Paidverts members that join via the monitor listing link and upgrade their account to PRO (by purchasing a Round 1 upgrade $50); you will also be given a free 6 month upgrade at the bitcoin matrix program that will be launching in early May.

Benefits of this
Free PRO membership upgrade for 6 months
UNLIMITED earning potential with 8 levels of referral commissions in an unlimited width matrix!
Advertising: 25,000 Banner Ad credits (468x60), 25,000 Banner Ad credits (125x125), 25,000 Text Ad Credits, and 1,000 Login Ad credits!
Downline Builder for your favorite programs!
A HUGE PLUS: You will be the first members in the program and have earliest access to promote it!

After signing up and going PRO at CryptoFundRaiser; post the username used below, so we can determine the e-mail address that we need to send the new program details.
Traffic Value: $453.62586 United States
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30/04/2017 06:06
First row filled, Round 2 purchased, and withdrew $42.50!

Get In and get Your TADA coins, only have until May 14th
Traffic Value: $453.62586 United States
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30/04/2017 19:23
This is exploding and I don't want my fellow MTV/PV members missing out. At the very least get in for the FREE coins. They have big plans for them.
Traffic Value: $453.62586 United States
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02/05/2017 04:59
The free tokens may be a great bonus... The real opportunity is the ability to turn a $50 one time payment into over $640,000.
Traffic Value: $453.62586 United States
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02/05/2017 16:39
Why become a Pro Member of CFR?  Where else can you invest only $50 in Bitcoin or Ethereum one-time-out-of-pocket and potentially earn $646,762.50 or more (depending on how many positions you hold)?

Where else can you invest only $50 in Bitcoin or Ethereum one-time-out-of-pocket and have access to some of the BEST weekly training and coaching on having success in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology (the FUTURE of MONEY)?

The concept is very similar to (MTVs future program) except that it is a ONE-TIME-PAYMENT. You could easily make your money back by the time that launches!
Traffic Value: $453.62586 United States
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03/05/2017 05:24
Just wanted to let everyone know that the free TADA coin promotion has now ended.

Thanks to all that joined, hope you decide to take a good look at the opportunity so you can potentially earn over $640,000.

Remember, if you upgrade to a PRO account you will still receive a 6 month membership at the site my partner and I will be launching soon. Please see above details.

Best wishes to our Success in Business and Life!
Traffic Value: $366.58508 Netherlands
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03/05/2017 07:47
I joined under
Username: sybrent

I'm not investing any money, but will see how much the free coins will be worth.
Traffic Value: $453.62586 United States
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03/05/2017 16:47
Welcome Sybren cool

I initially joined for just the coins too, lol. Hope they will be worth something someday too. There was no risk as they were free.

Traffic Value: $453.62586 United States
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11/06/2017 22:35

As mentioned before, the free Tada coins promotion has ended. However, NOW you can get 100 RAISR coins for FREE just by signing up!

PLUS, with each upgrade you will get more and more RAISR Coins!

Here's how they are now being issued:
>>> 100 RAISRs for New Free Members.
>>> 500 RAISRs for activating Round 1
>>> 1000 RAISRs for activating Round 2
>>> 4000 RAISRs for activating Round 3
>>> 15,000 RAISRs for activating Round 4
>>> 30,000 RAISRs for activating Round 5

Join Today, grab your FREE coins and see what this is all about!
Traffic Value: $15,174.80528 Netherlands
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15/06/2017 19:46
Hi Cashdrgn,

i think i signed up under you. Is it bratcat?

I asked a question to support but they haven't answered me. I hate that, support should be responsive. But maybe you can help me out. In order to earn from CFR do you have to refer other people? And this RAISR coin do you know the value of it compared to LTC or BTC?

thx for answering my questions

kind regards

Traffic Value: $18.78983 Pakistan
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15/06/2017 20:41
Benrijk you need refs to get paid!
Traffic Value: $7,212.45963 Malaysia
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16/06/2017 01:01
the flow of project same as zarfund and our own mymatrix...donation..simply matrix
Traffic Value: $453.62586 United States
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16/06/2017 05:00
Hi Michel, yes I do see you as a referral cool Welcome to CFR grin

Thanks to Malik7 and donsoulz who are both correct. You will need to refer members that upgrade each round to make money with the matrix/crowdfunding portion.

Actually going through one of the recent e-mails:
"Do I have to recruit?

Answer: No, we don't recruit. We just invite people to check out our crowd fund and also let them know they can get 100 FREE RAISR Coins just for registering for free. That's it!"

You also need to be upgraded in each round to get paid for those rounds. Start with round 1, then upgrade each round as you are able (usually after you fill the next row with paid referrals). That way it is only the one-time $50 out of pocket.

As for support, I usually get a fairly quick response, however as they grow it is probably becoming more difficult. They do have a FB page that you can ask questions at as well.

Currently the RAISR coin is brand new and has not even been released yet: "RAISRs will be available for transfer to your wallet after 6/18/17". See the RAISR Wallet section in your back office for additional details. So in essence at the current time you could say they are priceless wink No current value but may be worth lots at some point grin
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