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What is your current strategy and outlook?

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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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16/07/2019 11:01
I think it would be an interesting and fun topic to see what people consider the best strategy to make money within the MTV-system and whether or not they have a negative, a dull (nothing exciting) or a positive outlook for mtv´s future.

If you would like to take part in this, please answer both questions:

-In your opinion, what is the best money making strategy here at the moment?
-What is your current point of view about mtv´s future
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16/07/2019 11:08
Best strategy to make money is buy low price shares and sell it high it can be an easy best method to earn money or just buy BAPS and get to a high LV for higher ads price.(Casino it can be a hit or miss situation mostly).This is of course my opinion and strategy.

Is it even possible to sell BAPS for cash?ermm
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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16/07/2019 11:49
The questions are preety straightforward, so I won't go with any multi-pager talk smile Ergo...

I'm a passive(ish) earner and am finding Ptcshare the best (actually only) at the moment. It will still need more instruments for pure money generation and debt reduction though, for the long (long) run.

As for MTV (MTV or MTV system) I'm future-continuously but neutrally inclined. Meaning, you guys won't go anywhere but there's still a long (long) way to go to make this while thing work adequatly for a "modern internet" investor. A lot of old debt still to clear and then making a product/project that will be able to yield a reasonable-ish profit in a legitimate and morally acceptable way (gambling is good for short-term funding, but I really wouldn't like us going into that direction too much).

Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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16/07/2019 13:07
I've outlined my PV strategy on the RP thread. Getting a 300% ROI on my BAPs is a more than acceptable strategy for me. So the cash I earn weekly ($40 - $50) can be turned into ~ $150 worth of BAP.

I'm only passively promoting PV at the moment but am making an effort to promote PTCS. I'm mulling over buying network ad banners at Adhitz. I might do that when I hit level 11.

I'm also using my advertising credits gained through bulk ad purchases at PTCS to promote 5 programs. This provides another level of cash and credits that allows me to promote PTCS elsewhere.

The 5 sites are :
Donkeymails PTP point and cash promo pages
Rotate4all PTP page
TrafficG credit page (1 ad credit for every two page views)
Downline Farm home page (running a referral contest that pays $10 twice monthly)

At level 11 I should be able to generate about 10K hits per week not including BAP sales to these sites. Converting the cash and credits to banner impressions will bring back referrals at PTCS

The sites aren't high paying but they generate cash flow and get referrals. The value of my BAP has grown 25% since the site opened in less than a month so I'm getting paid to display these sites anyway.

I'll also be cashing out some of the money into BTC which is another angle that can be played

I think I have now received over 100,000 page views since PTCS opened and it hasn't cost me a thing. Yes, I needed to store cash on the site in the form of BAP but we are earning ~1%-2% per ad issue and if the site starts consuming BAP that could rise
Traffic Value: $729.96203 Hungary
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16/07/2019 13:34
There is not much talk about Warclicks income nowadays. it should be a great part of the Company's future. By now if i remember correctly warclicks should make 30-50k/month. That was the plan at least.
Traffic Value: $127.6995 Switzerland
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16/07/2019 20:16
I have been here for a long time, I joined where there was a big hype created and started doing well with FTQ. As back in the days the system was not sustainable I lost a lot through the swaps and other games the previous admin let us through. Currently I’m just clicking my ads every day and growing my BAPs. Not the best strategy I know, but I’m making my way through.

Honestly I’m not ready to invest more as I want to see way out of this situation Marc was thrown into. So I’m really hoping the future will be bright, but I don’t see it coming very soon. I would love to see more news post related to MTV and how you plan to move this forward.

I wouldn’t be around if I don’t believe in it, so I keep clicking my ads.
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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16/07/2019 20:53
sorry marc i was writing and there is just to many different feelings about MTV.
I am possitive and i have trust but there is room for much improvements as well.

Since we have the forum on PV (which i never use at all) MTV forum is near dead.
If you want to make MTV more alife concider to change on this forum and create a MTV, PV and PTCshare forum here . (maybe even for our other products as well)
MTV needs more activity , we have millions of accounts so i wonder why it cant be more active. Hype up the crowd again 
Traffic Value: $56,564.16117 Germany
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18/07/2019 11:56
I haven't been posting in a while and I will keep it short.

I think Marc and the team are doing a great job to run this business and I think they have done everything they can to save this company and turn into a profitable business. I will say one thing though that I don't like and it is the main reason why I have sold my RP's in the past and that is that we are carrying too much old problems around. Sure, Marc feels responsible to pay of the FTQ and so on but I honestly think that most of the users that have invested money in the past won't even visit the site anymore to withdraw their earnings that they will receive at some point. I also believe that the RP market is overfold with too many RP's and I believe it would be helpful to also reduce RP's from users that haven't logged in in a while and do a reversal share split. 

Marc has clearly shown that most of the new projects that have been developed have been making money very quickly and the investors were repaid in a fast matter. This shows that he knows what he is doing from a business aspect. 

I like the BAP debt reduction strategies that he has mentioned in his recent post and I think something similar could be applied to the FTQ. I also believe that there could be other industries that we could get into quite easily (like e-commerce). Especially in Spain, Italy and France it would be pretty simple to run an Amazon store with a few private label items to generate some extra cash and build a brand that way. 
Traffic Value: $1,581.80953 Spain
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18/07/2019 14:05
It seems to me that this is precisely the value of Marc and his team, trying to take forward the old problems of this company. They have not had it easy until now, and I think they are doing a very good job. It is clear that the FTQ is our biggest problem, but when it is solved maybe we can start dreaming about something better ... What I would ask Marc is to tell us an update of the current situation, way forward, expectations. ...
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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19/07/2019 08:26
When FTQ-payouts start again, MTV should payout evenly devided amongst all investments instead of following the order of the queue.

This way, more people receive payments at once. Since the amounts per person paid at once are smaller, they will have less intention to cash out and a bigger intention to buy RP's or play games.

In the end, everyone will still receive what they are entitled to.

After the first payout, the taxes will take care of the people who are inactive.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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19/07/2019 14:41
That's not the deal they signed on for
orlan12fish - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $5,500.61933 Guatemala
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19/07/2019 16:45
1) I think PtcShare is the best bet at the moment! Specially with Cash Offers. I always had trouble because these offerwalls NEVER gave me the chance to complete any survey due to my country. But I figured out that by contacting them, I could ask them what are the best offers that I could do and get credited for and it helped smile

2) The future is bright! Big project running great, new taxing measures, new memberbase...
#Let'sMakeMTVGreatAgain they said
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