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Unlimited Offers vs Electricty Cost?

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28/04/2018 19:28
Apparently, you don't even need anything to setup anymore.

I see lots of ads for CryptoTab (haven't joined), and today there is a cashoffer (from rewardmine) of $0.008 aka 8/10th a cent for 800K hashes.

I can adjust the number of threads (default 8 I brought it up to 100+ b4 giving up and instead of 45-50/s it was ~75/s. I also can adjust speed (default 100%, max, increments of 10%).

I already run Engageme and Smores (both same price, time it takes varies, not sure if those are worth it either. As well as OfforTorro (1.4c).

Electricity isn't free by any means (~10cper KWH), nor is my computer parts if I have to rebuy due to overusuage.

Does anyone have anyway to know if I can make a profit?
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28/04/2018 21:44
Well, EngageMe and Smores were giving me credit but ever since I turned on this new thing nothing and Just now I've gotten halfway there (400K) and it has slowed down to 35-45/s.

Has this offer been vetted? Seems not worth it at all. 
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29/04/2018 00:11
don't try to profit in getcryptotab via referrals because they are all dead and i had 145 but just got $2 in 1 month
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29/04/2018 03:20
Thanks for that, but not asking about that.

The Crypto thing that I'm talking about is a cash offer found in adscendmedia (on PV at least for me) and they partnered with rewardmine. They use my computer to mine crypto and in exchange for 800,000 hashes I get 0.8c.

Adscendmedia also for months/years has partnered with video companies that show various videos (and ads) and I get 0.8c for each 3 of those.

Right now, I screenshot my progress sunce the start and I'm at just over 1.5 of 0.8c....way way too low and on top of that engageme and smores aren't crediting like they should be at this time of day.

So, no matter the cost on electrcity for mining this way, it's a bust compensation vs normal methods of letting a tab run in part of my screen to earn some money via cash offers.

I'm still wondering if say I make 5c per hour via these video offers (basically think of it as youtube playlist), will the cost of electricity of 10c/KWH make me in the positive?

BTW, here's the screenshot of the mining offer:
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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20/05/2018 06:10
Came across a site that gave me a formula (among other things) and I think I need to avg ~$0.36/day from "auto surf" cash ofers (If running 24/7 with decent energy efficent computer at $0.10 per KWH cost from the Electric Company.)

Here is the formula with examples, so someone else can check my work for me (If they would, that would be nice of you).

WATTS (150) x (24) / 1000 x $0.1 = $0.36

Which also means that for every 50 WATTS difference, the amount changes by $0.12
(100 WATTS = $0.24 200 WATTS = $0.48)
Also means that if I shut it down (though sleep is also very low), each hour saves me the need of $0.015 to earn during the time it actually is on.

All of this is break even math.
Which is to say, if my PV account grows by $0.5 while running 24/7 per day, and I use 150 watts, after paying the electric bill I'm only at a profit of $0.14 for the day, or $4.20 for the month, as I paid for $10.8. Granted, I may as well run them while I'm sitting at the computer or when I won't be gone for long, as I'm already paying that bill. But, if I'm not actively using the computer at current rates of usage and cost vs reward, better to shut it down (or at least put to sleep) than run the cash offers while I'm away (better for the advertisers as well, I'd assume), if all I get is ~$0.015 per hour.

How much it costs to run your computer
To calculate your costs use this formula:

Watts  x  Hours Used

   x  Cost per kilowatt-hour = Total Cost



For example, let's say you have a big high-end computer with a gaming-level graphics card and an old CRT monitor, and you leave them on 24/7.  That's about 200 watts x 24 hours x 365 days/yr = 1,752,000 watt-hours, or 1752 kilowatt-hours. If you're paying $0.36 per kWh, you're paying $631 a year to run your computer.  (In California, PG&E's highest tier is $0.33/kWh, and the average in Hawaii is $0.36/kWh. source)

Let's try a different example:  You have a computer that's less of an energy hog, like in iMac G5 20", which uses about 105 watts, and you're smart enough to turn it off or sleep it when you're not using it.  You use it for two hours a day, five days a week.  That's 105 watts x 10 hours/week x 52 weeks/year = 54,600 watt-hours, or 54.6 kWh.  If you're paying 10¢ per kilowatt-hour, then you're paying about $5.50 a year to run your computer.
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