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Traffic Value: $1,311.728 India
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26/03/2016 08:11
Hello All,

Myself Remedcu, I am the SEO hired by MTV. I worked for Play Perfect Money Games (PPMG) , and now starting my work for Play Bitcoin Games (PBG).

(I know no one knows me much, but there are some who does)

Last time, I wanted to use the forum when I worked for PPMG, but due to some reason, I was not able to use it. But this time, I will rectify that error. And utilise the forum as much as possible.

The purpose of this thread will be to spread the word about Play Bitcoin Games in almost every site in internet which is related to money earning site, casino, gaming, bitcoin, gambling, etc.

First of all, I need your support in sharing our website in social media and other networks.

The below are our links for both PPMG and PBG



Please show your support by liking the fan page, sharing it with your friends, commenting on the links and much more.

Also, we have added a video of Play Bitcoin Games in here:

Share this link as to those who don't like to read.

(Soon will be added to the mytrafficvalue youtube channel too)

I have already send a list of things which needed to be changed in PBG site (On Page Optimisation) Which will be implemented very soon.

Now, it is time for the Off Page Optimisation.

But this time, I was more like thinking you too can help in this. Yes you only!

So, make a thread about PBG with your own words in any niche related sites, wordpress, facebook, and other websites and post it here. Don't worry, it is not for free, I will reward those whose articles are the best.

1. All the links you make, may/maynot have a reff link in the article. But do not post reff links in this thread, or the mods will delete it.

2. All the articles which are on those links should be manually written by you, should not be a copy paste from others.

3. Language is not a barrier in this. You can write in English, Russian, Spanish or any language. If you can write in your native language as well as a translation to English in the end of the same thread will be great.

4. Regarding reward, I will either reward you in shares or directly to your payment processor. Rewards can vary from person to person depending on the work.

5. The articles should be written by you, should not be taken from someone else.

6. You give the MTV team the rights to republish it anywhere in the internet.

Writing articles and sending the links are not the only competition going to happen.

We will soon see some video making ones, highest active referral ones, and much more depending on the time limit I have.

Also banner making (vecors, maybe you can give me a helping hand in this grin )

Anything except Play Bitcoin Games in this thread will not be accepted, and will be soon deleted by Mods. (Request to all mods to do so)

Also, those who knows about SEO, can help me in this, we are a great community, and working together is what makes us a success. I am open to suggestions and always ready to learn new things.

Hope together we can make PBG a grand success.
Traffic Value: $1,311.728 India
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26/03/2016 23:37
Happy Easter to all smile

And as an Easter egg, I will be giving out $1 in BTC to 3 lucky users

Rules to win:

1. Like our PBG Facebook Page
2. Then message the page with your username and BTC address where you want to receive the money
3. After you do so, leave a comment here too

Just three steps and you can win $1

Anyone can participate except slosumo and Marc Sir (Sorry grin )

So, calling out all the members, mods, etc to take part in this event.

This is the first giveaway, and if this one will be successful, I will do more such giveaways.

The rewards will be send on 29th March (It is sent by me, so please don't ask in news or send support ticket. If you have any doubt, please let me know in here)

This giveaway entry stops on 00:00:00 29th March ( server time of MTV )

( I hope atleast now there will be some activity in this thread )
Traffic Value: $1,311.728 India
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27/03/2016 08:52
Is there a storm gonna come? Coz I hear a silence like this only in that situation.

I see there has been a small upward force recently with the amount of likes, but no one left a message there, neither a comment here.

Do you have a better idea? C'mon, lets speak up guys smile
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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27/03/2016 09:22
Surely there's a storm coming, though there are holidays atm... smile

I am collecting advertising credits on MellowAds to promote the Casino on faucets and other BTC stuff. Was thinking of writing some posts on some tech forums too, but haven't done it yet (holidays again).

BTW, I am a long liker but sent a message on FB, so there'll be at least one participator smile
Traffic Value: $1,311.728 India
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27/03/2016 10:16
Hey, thank you to break the silence smile

I guess the holidays playing against me grin

Anyways, if no one joins this competiton till the specified time, I will award you $3 in the BTC address you sent in the page smile
Traffic Value: $6,068.9465 India
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27/03/2016 10:46
I have also liked this page and sent the message about btc address and my username in mtv. My name in facebook id is: Ajay Anand
Traffic Value: $65,453.30658 Sweden
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27/03/2016 10:51
Good job remedcu

I have liked all pages but i want no rewards i think i am not alone to share this for free as this helps the community more than my own pocket...

only want you to know that
Traffic Value: $1,311.728 India
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27/03/2016 10:56
That is not on me to be honest, to make it fair, on 29th, I will be assigning numbers to each one of you and will be checking through a random number generator. Those who win, I will award it. So, everyone have an equal chance smile

But I respect your help too for this community, we need more people like you to make this happen smile I really believe that you people are the cause of the success of any website smile

Happy Easter smile
Traffic Value: $11,007.43755 Albania
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27/03/2016 12:45
Promote it on, they have the largest Bitcoin userbase almost 800.000 k members who are only interested in BTC and many of them have a passion or hobby for Gambling in special.
Traffic Value: $1,311.728 India
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27/03/2016 12:56

Thank you for the tip smile


Please send a message in facebook page, with your username and BTC address, as I will be taking the names from there when I make a list. Also to check whether you have liked or not.

Thank You smile
Traffic Value: $9,921.54799 India
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27/03/2016 15:05
Liked PBG Facebook page and sent message with my username and BTC address.
Traffic Value: $249.68549 South Africa
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27/03/2016 15:55
Liked and sent. 
Traffic Value: $729.96203 Hungary
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27/03/2016 16:20
I liked the page and sent the adress and username.
Traffic Value: $1,685.37887 Lithuania
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27/03/2016 16:42
Hi Dear. Thanks for competition smile  Liked the page and my Facebook ussername: mydreamvoyage

I appreciate your work and efforts for promoting MTV products smile
Traffic Value: $1,311.728 India
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27/03/2016 17:25
Just doing my job sir smile
Traffic Value: $573.1605 India
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27/03/2016 17:48
Which state are you from question
Traffic Value: $1,311.728 India
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27/03/2016 17:59
Hey smile
I am not an Indian here, I am a proud member of MTV grin
Just kidding, I just don't feel to share my location. Hope you understand. No offence.
Traffic Value: $573.1605 India
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27/03/2016 18:37
Its ok Remedcu I understand. Goodnight. Sleep tight. wink
Traffic Value: $462.99066 Venezuela
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27/03/2016 21:41
I already did it, i waiting for that 1$ for playing in itgrin my FB username is: Mario Perez
Traffic Value: $3,590.48053 United Kingdom
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27/03/2016 23:28
page liked and my FB user name oliviablundell
finger crossed
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