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Paidverts error

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30/06/2019 01:42
Got a couple of times this notice loading on top of normal page

General Error
SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Temporary failure in name resolution [2002]

An sql error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact an administrator if this problem persists.
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30/06/2019 06:51
Helo guys. I'm wondering if any of you had this problem.
All of a sudden, I can't view my ads on my mobile phone. Until last week everything was fine, but since then, I just can't view any of the ads.

In visual captcha, I always get the message 'incorrect captcha', despite the fact I click the correct one.
In google captcha, the captcha goes through, the countdown starts but when it gets to the end, instead of getting paid for the viewed ad, I get the message 'wrong captcha'.

Do you have any idea what to do?
I have tried to switch ad, switch captcha, reset my phone, clear my browser data, used different browsers (opera, google, firefox).
I have no more ideas.

The funny thing is, that I can view ads at PTCShare just fine.
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14/07/2019 07:19
Hello! Yesterday I completed a cash offer on Paidverts (register on Gamehud and collect 500 SoulGems) but still not receive any reward. How long I have to wait for it and where can I see my active cash tasks list?
orlan12fish - Forum moderator
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16/07/2019 02:48
It may take up to 48 hours until the offerwall provider verifies your activity and release the reward. 

The only way to track the cash offers you do before receiving the credits is through them. You would have to contact the offerwall itself.
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