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Play and share WarClicks - help MTV grow faster!

MTV's second freemium game WarClicks is out and showing tons of potential.

Make sure to check it out as just by playing it regularly yourself and sharing it to a few of your friends you are helping MTV grow faster!


Same goes with CoinFlip evolved game - play it regularly and share it with a few friends to increase its revenues.

That's all it takes - have fun playing one of our games every day, share it a bit, and you're helping MTV grow faster and doing so increasing the value of your investments here!

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Traffic Value: $1,654.17 Spain
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12/01/2017 07:45

how's it that neobux has yet PayPal Working ...

I mean PayPal shutdown most ptc's/hyips, why not neobux?

Traffic Value: $4,969.3683 Spain
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12/01/2017 10:19
Well, looks like Neobux is stable (8 years now I guess) and Paypal might be getting tons of money from there.

By the way, I'm selling my account: Golden for 9 more months, 500 RR extended to 240 days (about days 150 left), if anybody is interested (don't know if it breaks the rules, if it does, then just remove this second part of the thread and sorry)
Traffic Value: $55.43483 Romania
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12/01/2017 10:20
Hy, I know that,  i wonder why myself, and it's instant !
Traffic Value: $97.48573 Mexico
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13/01/2017 07:00
can you send me information to my email? or let me know yours
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