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MTV Payment proofs

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casio8978 - Forum moderator
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05/03/2017 21:49
This new topic will be available for you to post payment proofs.
We will refer to this topic with our social media pages, we believe this will be beneficial for both our users and us, since it will be a space for users to find and refer to proof and will also help to boost  our credibility even more.

What should you post?

The best would be a screenshot of an email from your payment processor or screenshot from your payment processor.
Payment proofs of all the processors are welcome, even Bitcoins ones, which we will add a screen from the share panel to confirm it was a cashout from MTV.

We highly recommend to black-out any personal information such as mail, name, address, mainly for security reasons.

Here is an example:

To make it easier for everybody to post images, this is a short tutorial:

Make a screenshot of your payment processor/email from payment processor
Black-out any personal information
Go to
Upload your screenshout by clicking on "Choose images"
Copy the link from the category "hot link for forums" (third from bottom) and paste it in this topic.
Post it!


In case you didn´t know, we have a similar topic for posting Paidverts payment proofs on our PV forum. You can find your way to that topic through the following link:

Please feel free to start posting your payment proofs here!
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05/03/2017 22:12
Also, make sure to post it here:

For your trouble, you will get 200 BAP, per cashout, if posted there.
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05/03/2017 22:36
felibaudino - Forum moderator
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10/03/2017 16:41
Don´t forget to post your payment proofs here!
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