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Just for Fun

PaidVerts rework is live!

We are glad to announce that PaidVerts rework is finally live!

These are exciting times ahead - mainly what is in it for you is that by being active and a longterm member of PaidVerts you will now be getting bigger ad issues.
PROVE YOUR VALUE in many ways!

For more info on the main changes we suggest you to read through:

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Traffic Value: $6,957.94646 Australia
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23/02/2017 01:00
It's quite clear that this business has been going in the right direction for many months now, but with the launch of the new products (and promise of more to come) we can now see that starting to reflect in the results, particularly in the value of RPs. So - just for fun - how's about we make some predictions about where we'll be come the end of 2017. Here's mine:

RP Value: 0.02
FTQ Debt: Fully paid and closed down (currently $223.995)
Dividends: Restarted in October
Most Successful Product: Play Bitcoin Games
Legalisation: Not yet
BAP Debt: Stabilised at 700,000,000

Ambitious? Maybe/maybe not. What do you think? Feel free to add others.
Traffic Value: $28.3459 Brazil
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23/02/2017 01:12
RP Value: 0.015.
FTQ Debt: 120k$ paid.
Dividends: ---------
Most Successful Product: WarClicks Mobile App with a 20-30k daily memberbase.
Legalisation: Not yet
BAP Debt: at 800,000,000 but going down due to PV rework.

- I expect my 2.7k shares to rise enough to buy a few mouses I will break playing WC grin
vecors - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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23/02/2017 01:17
RP Value: 0.05
FTQ Debt: Fully Paid
Dividends: (hopefully) None
Most Successful Product: Warclicks & Sumo Roll
Legalisation: Done.
BAP Debt: A balance between debt created and debt removed. Sustainability assured.

Not too ambitious considering all the work that has been done and other things I can`t mention grin
Traffic Value: $29,464.72207 Slovenia
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23/02/2017 02:14
RP Value: 0.05
FTQ Debt: Paid 20.000$/monthly
Dividends: 20.000$/monthly
Most Successful Product: Paidverts - With some real advertisers.
Legalisation: Not yet - that kind of things take A LOT of time.
BAP Debt:  2.500,000,000 increasing, because of highly increased active memberbase

Lets see if I have right cards in my hands smile
felibaudino - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $770.95545 Argentina
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23/02/2017 02:17
RP Value: 0.03
FTQ Debt: All paid
Dividends: Not yet
Most Successful Product: Sumo Roll
Done or last steps
BAP Debt: Same vecors said
Traffic Value: $174.66838 Bangladesh
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23/02/2017 02:50
RP Value: 0.035
FTQ Debt: Fully paid
Dividends: Paying (20000$/month)
Most Successful Product: PaidVerts and MyMatrix
Legalization: Processing
BAP Debt: 3 times more than now but stable
Ad Issue: Around 50-60k per month

I hope so many real advertisers will come to this platform and they will buy a lot of pure advertising. I am always optimistic about this company.
DomingoX6 - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $2,272.07399 Venezuela
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23/02/2017 03:05
RP Value: 0.04
FTQ Debt: Fully paid / Almost paid
Dividends: Not yet
Most Successful Product: Warclicks
Legalisation: Done / Important steps
BAP Debt: Stabilized
Traffic Value: $1,618.40694 Guatemala
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23/02/2017 04:17
Royalty Position: $0.0077
Fast Track Queue: $41,673.3086 paid
Dividends: $5000 monthly
Most Successful Product: MyMatrix
Legalization: waiting for all documentation to be approved
BAP Debt: 2,644,141,078
Ad Issue: $3,500 daily

I want 50 million RP as a reward for accuracy on the first day of 2018 please smile 
gugakip - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $739.34329 Belgium
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23/02/2017 08:46
RP Value: 0.0076
FTQ Debt: $150.000 left, but removing debt daily (currently $223.995)
Dividends: a one time dividend will have happened, but not yet weekly/monthly.
Most Successful Product: Warclicks or maybe SumoRoll
Legalisation: Not yet
BAP Debt: Stabilised at 900,000,000.

I know I'm not the most optimistic one, but I think this is possible to achieve. I hope I'm proved wrong in a positive way smile 
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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23/02/2017 12:28
RP Value: 0.05+
FTQ Debt: Fully paid
Dividends: Every now and then to show proof of concept, but main focus will be on growth, resulting in far more value.
Most Successful Product: WarClicks/Play Bitcoin Games
Legalization: Done/Documents pending
BAP Debt: Sustainable
Traffic Value: $651.18165 Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of)
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24/02/2017 18:23
missing druth ideas here
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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24/02/2017 18:37
I'm missing a whole lot more people, I think this is a really cool topic and an effective way to see what the overall expectations are!
Traffic Value: $7,982.98431 Germany
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24/02/2017 19:02
RP Value: 0.02
FTQ Debt: Fully paid
Dividends: bonus 1 time per year
Most Successful Product: Paidverts & External Casinos
Legalization: 2018 - 2020
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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24/02/2017 19:08
I'm in between opinions. We could do well or we could really take off. I think we are on the compound growth curve now where earnings will start to create growth leverage now that we have the basics covered so it is hard to say where this can go but we are definitely on that upward curve

I hope that is jinx proof tongue
Traffic Value: $6,023.4734 Spain
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24/02/2017 19:34
RP Value: 0.03 but dont really know just to say something
FTQ Debt: paid some debt to show we are making beneficts
Dividends: each 2 months for the same reason as FTQ
Most Successful Product: paidverts and casinos
Legalisation: steps taken
BAP Debt: with the rework Stabilized or gaining less per month

I really think we should go on investing in new projects and promoting/updating the ones we already have, but we should pay some of the FTQ and give some dividends from time to time to show our sistem works.
By the way good job Marc and the team i really like where this is going, and as i have noticed old disappeared members too wink
Traffic Value: $520.60691 United States
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24/02/2017 19:58
Well i think we fixing to go places now that we got a business man in charge and not a young kid that is more worried about how things look than making money for the site.
I am going to say i figure most of the people that been here for a long time will finally see a recovery of their loses from the swaps of former management.

I still would love to see where this company would be if Marc had started it. I am sure the past year would not have happen cause he would have been reasonable in everything that was done.

RP Value: 0.25 Yeah i am going to dream big here.

I would like to see quarterly Dividends on RP. 
FTQ Debt start paying on it once a month.

Most Successful Product: I am going to say new products.

Legalisation: Been hearing this on for so long i doubt it will ever happen.

BAP Debt: will be controlled to the point it not a issue.
Traffic Value: $395.36239 Netherlands
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24/02/2017 20:26
Rp 0.05
Ftq paid off
Every 1st of the month 1k dividends
Best product is paidverts and the casinos
Fully legal
Bap debt higher then now but higher value per member because of bigger crowd

1 thing I like to mention.  No more swaps permanently
Traffic Value: $989.4526 Romania
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24/02/2017 20:43
Ftq-paid (hopefully)
Most succesful product:Bmf with all added procesors (payza,stp payeer etc etc)
Second best:CE 1 k/week income from ads
Not legal yet
PV???to the moon!!!
Traffic Value: $17,578.9192 Mexico
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27/02/2017 01:58
My best thoughts about this site are that as long as we stick together anything is possible. After all mtv is the most profitable website on the web and the CEO has done a amazing job with all his hard work to keep the ship a flot.all we need I'ds positive members and trust in the upper mamagment that as a whole the members and the upper management can make this company huge beyond all or are wildisest dreams. I know I'm in this for the long run been here almost three years and I'm not going no where I love mtv and hope the rest of you will follow with me even if you start small it could make a difference
felibaudino - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $770.95545 Argentina
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27/02/2017 02:32
That's the spirit Jason! We are here to stay and with Marc's amazing job anything is possible!
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